GH Update Monday 6/8/09

General Hospital Update Monday 6/8/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Metro Court, Alexis tells Nikolas that Rebecca is Emily’s twin sister. Alexis explains that while looking over Rebecca’s file, it appears that Emily had no knowledge of her twin.

In her room, Ethan kisses Rebecca. Rebecca pulls away. Ethan asks her what is wrong.

Kristina tries to distract Jason when he shows up outside her bedroom. Kristina opens the door wearing a bra and panties.

At the hospital, Carly and Claudia argue. Carly and Claudia accidentally fall down the stairs. Jax runs to Carly, who appears to be unconscious.

Outside of her bedroom, Kristina insists that she hasn’t seen Michael all night. Jason doesn’t believe Kristina’s story. Jason calls out to Michael. Michael appears from behind some bedroom furniture. Jason maintains that he needs to bring Michael back to the hospital.

At the hospital, Carly is put on a stretcher by Liz. Jax asks Epiphany if his wife is going to recover. Claudia wants Sonny to stay by her side.

Back at the Metro Court, Alexis explains that Agent Rayner did a background search on Rebecca. Nikolas has a hard time believing the facts.

In her room, Rebecca tries to change the subject. Ethan brings up her visit to the casino. Rebecca insists that they need to stick to their original plan, the one they made before they landed in Port Charles.

Alexis and Nik continue to speak about Rebecca Shaw’s past. Nikolas divulges that the information doesn’t change his feelings about Rebecca. Alexis is outraged that Nikolas isn’t looking into the matter. Nikolas emphasizes that Alexis has no evidence to prove that Rebecca and Emily are sisters.

Ethan tells Rebecca that it was fate that they ran into each other at the airport. In a flashback, Ethan and Rebecca meet for the first time. At first, Rebecca isn’t impressed by Ethan’s charms. Ethan brings up Port Charles, which interests Rebecca. Rebecca admits that she has family in Port Charles. Ethan listens as Rebecca speaks about her long-lost twin sister.

Claudia is admitted to the hospital. Sonny wants to know why Carly was fighting with her. Claudia admits that Carly overheard her conversation with Johnny. Claudia thinks that Carly detests her, especially since she is carrying Sonny’s baby.

Carly wakes up in her hospital bed. Carly calls out for Michael. Kelly informs Carly that they are running tests on the baby. Kelly thinks that the baby will be okay. Carly tells Jax that Claudia was talking about Michael. Carly is worried about Michael’s whereabouts.

Sam shows up at Kristina’s bedroom. Michael doesn’t think that Jason is on his side. Jason is worried about Michael’s recovery. Jason is adamant that Michael needs to go back to the hospital. Michael doesn’t want to listen to Jason’s reasoning. Jason warns that Michael could have a setback if he doesn’t take it easy.

At the Metro Court, Alexis and Nik discuss Rebecca’s past. Nikolas isn’t convinced that Emily had a sister. Alexis thinks that Nikolas is blind when it comes to Rebecca’s true motives.

Ethan and Rebecca continue to remember the first time they met. In a flashback, Rebecca tells Ethan about her scheme. Ethan explains that Rebecca could charm the Quartermaines into handing her a fortune. Ethan says that Rebecca’s plan could work.

Jason calls Carly. Jason reassures her that he found Michael. Carly informs Jason that she had a fall at the hospital. Carly says that she is okay. Jason asks about the baby. Kelly walks in with the test results.

Jason tells Michael that Carly was in an accident.

In Carly’s hospital room, Kelly announces that the baby is just fine. Carly and Jax are relieved. Sonny checks in on Carly. Carly says that Jason called about Michael. Sonny brings up Claudia. Sonny wants to know why Carly confronted Claudia.

Claudia calls Johnny from the hospital. Claudia leaves a voicemail message. Ric shows up and inquires about Claudia’s health. Claudia asks for Ric to leave, but he insists that he is worried about the baby. Claudia is leaving the hospital room when she suddenly begins to experience stomach pains. Claudia thinks that something might be wrong with the baby.

In Kristina’s room, Jason explains to Michael that Carly had a fall at the hospital. Michael still refuses to go with Jason. Jason doesn’t want to argue with Michael. Kristina sticks up for Michael. Sam pipes in that Jason and Michael need to work it out themselves. Jason and Michael leave. Sam thinks that Kristina is acting strangely.

In the hospital room, Carly confides that she heard Claudia and Johnny talking about Michael. Sonny asks Carly if she thinks that Claudia might be responsible for Michael’s shooting. Liz informs Sonny that Claudia collapsed and the baby could be at risk.

Claudia is panicking about the baby. Kelly stresses that they need to run tests on the baby. Claudia begins to cry in front of Ric. Claudia begs Ric to get Sonny. Ric isn’t going to be manipulated by Claudia, so he walks out of the hospital room.

In Rebecca’s room, Ethan brings up the first time that he and Rebecca slept together. In a flashback, Rebecca and Ethan are in bed. Rebecca lists all of Emily’s family relatives. Ethan mentions that Rebecca needs to know all the pivotal players in her scheme. Rebecca is worried that she will be caught. Ethan says that Rebecca needs to play it right.

Back at the Metro Court, Nikolas thinks that Alexis didn’t prove anything about Rebecca. Alexis thinks that Nikolas is a fool when it comes to Rebecca. Alexis leaves the file with Nikolas.

In her bedroom, Kristina admits to Sam that she didn’t do the right thing regarding Michael. Kristina feels embarrassed about her encounter with Jason. Kristina blurts out that Michael was waiting in her bedroom when she returned home.

Michael and Jason return to the hospital. Jason talks to Elizabeth for an update on Carly. Michael thinks that Carly is trying to control him. Jason understands what Michael is going through, but insists that Carly is looking out for her son.

In her hospital room, Jax is mad that Michael put Carly through hell by leaving the hospital. Carly is worried that Claudia will blame her if Claudia loses the baby.

Sonny appears at Claudia’s bedside. Sonny asks Claudia what happened. Claudia explains that she tried to leave her room when she began having cramps. Claudia is hysterical and thinks that something is wrong. Sonny comments that Claudia needs to relax.

In her room, Rebecca brings up Helena. Rebecca admits that she overestimated Helena. Ethan thinks that the Quartermaines are beginning to accept Rebecca. Rebecca is feeling guilty about playing the Quartermaines. Ethan reminds Rebecca that she can’t lose sight of the prize. In a flashback, Ethan and Rebecca talk about their scheme. Ethan is adamant that Rebecca can’t get emotionally connected to the Quartermaines in any way.

Back in the present, Rebecca confides to Ethan that Nikolas is a true gentleman. Ethan wants to know if Rebecca has changed her mind about conning Nik. Suddenly, Nik shows up at Rebecca’s door.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Michael that he needs to see his mom. Michael enters Carly’s hospital room. Carly is happy to see her son. Michael says that he is glad that the baby is alright. Michael explains that he was feeling suffocated by being in the hospital. Michael apologizes for his behavior.

Ric returns to Claudia’s hospital room. Ric informs Claudia that Kelly will be arriving shortly with the test results. Sonny questions why Ric is so interested in Claudia and the baby.

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