GH Update Wednesday 6/3/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/3/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH Nikolas and Rebecca flirt at the nurse’s station, while Elizabeth worriedly looks on. Alexis comes over to Elizabeth and tells her she’s still looking in on Rebecca.

Michael and a physical therapist work on his ability to walk. His head bandages are finally off, and his hair color is blonde (not red like the old Michael). Monica looks on from the doorway.

Back in Michael’s room Jason walks in on Carly (with a shorter hair cut) unloading junk food for Michael.

At the mansion Claudia is taking down curtains and moving things when Sonny comes in and tells her to stop. Claudia says this is her house too and tells Sonny that he’s punishing her because Michael likes her and remembers her. Sonny wants to know what Michael remembers about her.

Michael yells at the therapist for telling him he’s had enough. Michael says he will call his dad and his dad will understand that the therapist is supposed to do what Michael tells him to. Monica steps in and send s the therapist away. Monica explains to Michael that he has to take things slowly or he will undo all the hard work they have done.

Carly tells Jason that she ran into Claudia and that she knows Michael is only coming home because of Morgan. She doesn’t want Claudia to take advantage of Michael.

Claudia says Michael remembers that she was the enemy and she can’t believe how open he’s being about her being his step mom. Claudia thinks Sonny sees her redecorating as a betrayal of Carly, since she decorated it. Sonny stands up for Carly and her connection to Michael, he also says he won’t get in the middle of Michael and Carly.

On the Haunted Star Luke and Ethan look at an at-home DNA test. Ethan seems to have some reservations.

Nikolas apologizes for his family and friends ruining their day of sailing and dinner. He also says it was stupid for them to agree to abstain from sex, which Rebecca agrees with. He then kisses her until Epiphany interrupts and calls Rebecca back to work. Elizabeth and Alexis look on. Elizabeth points out that today Rebecca is wearing dark blue instead of light blue. They discuss how Rebecca has adapted light blue as a color and stopped wearing so much eye make-up, and now she looks much more like Emily.

Luke says he thinks of Ethan as his son but they need to know for sure. They both agree that they have pasts that aren’t so great and agree not to judge each other.

At GH Patrick talks to Epiphany about Michael’s test results. Robin comes by with Emma, she wants to keep Emma with her for the moment and doesn’t think she will get in the way.

Rebecca comes up to Elizabeth and Alexis and says she knows they are looking at her. She tells them that it’s bizarre that they want Nikolas to stay faithful to a dead woman.

Monica tells Michael to sit down, he needs to rest. Michael wants to get out of the hospital as fast as he can and wants to push through. Monica tries to explain why he shouldn’t push too hard, he needs to take it one session at a time, and calm down. Michael agrees. Sonny comes in and is so happy to see him standing. Michael makes Sonny promise that if he tries really hard he can come home in one week, instead of the two weeks Patrick gave him.

Carly suspects Jason has information on Claudia and wants to help him. She needs a distraction to take her mind off of Michael. Jason says he will deal with Claudia.

At the MetroCourt bar Olivia runs into Johnny. She sees Claudia getting out of the elevator so she kisses Johnny, which prompts Claudia to come right over and call Olivia a whore.

Elizabeth comments to Rebecca about wearing less eye make-up. She then accuses Rebecca of using all the comparisons to Emily as research, a way to adapt to being more like Emily. Rebecca must be feelings safe right now because she’s trying to turn herself into Emily. Rebecca whispers, “what if I was.”

At Wyndemere Nikolas scolds Alfred. Alfred suggests that Rebecca should either stop coming by or stay the night because their dinner dates seem to put Nikolas in a bad mood.

Carly pushes Jason to let her help him dig up stuff on Claudia. She says if he doesn’t agree she may have to snoop around on her own. Jason tells her not to. Michael then comes in with a big smile on his face that he was able to walk.

Claudia tells Olivia to stay away or else. Johnny steps in and tells Claudia that if anything happens to Olivia he will bury her.

Sonny helps Michael into bed and Michael says he wants a different therapist who will push him harder. Sonny says they can do that and that they all want him out of the hospital as soon as possible. Jason asks to see Sonny in the hall. When they leave Michael accuses Carly of wanting Jason to talk Sonny into keeping him in the hospital longer. Carly explains to Michael that Sonny can’t force the doctor’s to do anything. Michael then says that if Carly doesn’t want him to come home he can go live with Sonny. Outside Jason tells Sonny that Michael needs to take time. Sonny wants to give Michael what he wants and understands that Michael wants out of the hospital. Jason is worried that Michael could scare Morgan and Carly if he gets out too soon. Jason doesn’t want Sonny to act out of guilt. But Sonny is so happy that Michael is standing and wants Michael to know he’s on his side.

Claudia can’t believe Johnny would threaten her in front of trash. Olivia tells Claudia she can come and get her any time and then walks away. Claudia wants to know what Johnny plans to do. Johnny says he can’t live like this anymore and thinks they need to come clean. Claudia says they can’t and she’s trusting him to help her.

At the MetroCourt restaurant Agent Shaw comes in to meet Alexis with information about Rebecca. He’ll give it to Alexis depending on how their date goes.

Elizabeth is surprised that Rebecca isn’t denying anything anymore but Rebecca says it’s not worth it since Elizabeth will believe what she wants. Elizabeth says she’s not going to let her hurt Nikolas. Rebecca says Elizabeth should be happy Nikolas is happy, she’s going to help Nikolas move on and no one is going to stop her.

Ethan doesn’t want Luke to be disappointed by the results. Luke knows Ethan will probably want to hit the road when the results come in. Tracey enters and they both stop talking and hide the DNA test so Tracey doesn’t know they are doing it. Tracey knows they are hiding something. Ethan says he liked it better when Tracey like him and then leaves. Tracey thinks Ethan is up to something. Tracey wants to know if the next time Luke decides to leave he’ll be taking Ethan with him, or leaving him behind for her to take care of.

In the barn at Wyndemere Rebecca appears at the door in a flowing white dress bathed in sunlight.

Agent Raynor wants this to be a real date and asks Alexis about herself. Alexis tells him she has horrible taste in men, 3 children by three different men, and he should run away from her if he has any interest in not becoming a crazy person.

Johnny wants to stop destroying children’s lives. Claudia says she likes Michael and that her, Sonny, Michael and the baby can be a family. They just need to get rid of Carly.

At the mansion Carly is waiting in Sonny’s living room when he enters. Carly says they need to trust the doctor’s and not let Michael do whatever he wants to do. Carly says he’s playing her and Sonny against each other but this time they need to be united.

Patrick and Robin comes in to see Michael and then Patrick leaves Robin there to check how his PT is going. Robin moves Michael’s leg and sees how pained he looks but he says it doesn’t hurt. Robin says she’s going to talk to his physical therapist about slowing things down a bit and Michael yells at her.

Sonny doesn’t want to be too strict with Michael but Carly thinks sometimes parents need to lay down the law. They continue to argue over how to proceed. Sonny says he’s concerned about Michael going home with her but Carly thinks it will be fine and the boys can visit anytime they want. They agree to be united and hug it out. Claudia looks on from the doorway.

Robin understands Michael’s frustration but says he needs to give himself some time. Michael starts screaming and throwing things and grabs Robin’s arm. Jason comes in and tries to stop Michael.

Agent Raynor tells Alexis that Rebecca was not legally adopted, she was a black market baby.

Nikolas tells her she should leave if she really wants to abstain from sex. Rebecca says she doesn’t care and goes to him. They kiss and undress each other and make love on the floor of the barn.

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