GH Update Tuesday 6/2/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/2/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.


On the Haunted Star Lucky continues to yell at Luke and tell him he won’t be more of a father to Ethan than he was to him. Holly sticks up for Luke and says Lucky doesn’t know him at all.

Ethan and Lulu talk on the docks. Ethan can’t believe that Lulu is ok with the prospect of Ethan being her brother, not only because she didn’t like Ethan at all when he showed up but also because his conception means Luke cheated on Laura.

In Michael’s room at GH Morgan wants to know why Michael doesn’t want to live with him and Carly and Jax. Michael tries to explain that this is what he needs right now and Carly also assures Morgan that he isn’t losing his brother.

At the mansion Jason is holding a recorder and tells Claudia and Sonny that it is something he’s working on with Spinelli. Claudia says she will leave but before she goes she suggests that they put Michael’s needs before their own because he seems to respond well to her. Jason says he is protecting Michael from Claudia. Sonny wants to know what Jason is accusing Claudia of.

Holly says she lied about Robert being Ethan’s dad because Lucky told her how the truth would destroy his family. Holly says she won’t apologize for being with Luke and creating Ethan and she would have been happy to have Luke, but Luke chose Laura and Lucky instead. She then wonders why Lucky is being so self-righteous and should be happy that he has a father that loves him.

Jax and Carly help to reassure Michael. Morgan wants to know why Michael doesn’t want to help him and Jax take care of Carly since he knows she’s sick.

At his office Spinelli listens to the recording of Claudia ordering the hit on Jerry. Maxie comes in and is very happy to see Spinelli. Johnny then enters just as Maxie accidentally begins playing the tape of Claudia.

Sonny wants to see Jason’s proof. Claudia starts crying and gets upset that Sonny is willing to take Jason’s word when she has been trying to hard to make things work. Sonny answers the ringing phone and it’s Michael. He calls to tell Sonny that he’s changed his mind and will be living with Carly after all.

In the hallway Carly is happy that Michael is coming home and that Michael is taking Morgan’s feelings into consideration. Jax is still a little nervous about Michael coming home because of his temper.

Johnny is dropping off papers from Bernie. Johnny says he’s accommodating Claudia’s wishes by doing Sonny’s errands. Johnny then leaves and Spinelli says he needs to get back to work.

Jason says he thinks Michael living with Carly is better but Sonny thinks Michael’s temper is bad for Carly. Claudia says that Carly probably guilt him into it. When Jason starts to say something Claudia jumps all over him and tells him that he should meet Sonny somewhere besides her house and also tells him to get a life of his own, then she leaves. Sonny wants to know what Jason knows.

Ethan tells Lulu about his birth parents and their deaths. He thinks Holly saw her as an inconvenience. Lulu points out that Holly is the only mother he has and she did give birth to him and gave him to a family that loved him very much.

Holly tells Lucky that she and Luke were kindred spirits. She tells Lucky a little about her past with Luke. She wants to know why Lucky can’t give Luke any credit for anything he’s done. Lucky says he doesn’t care about any of this and leaves. Luke thanks Holly for defending him. Holly still doesn’t understand how Lucky can know him so little. Holly is sure that Luke and Ethan will get along much better for years to come. Ethan walks in as Holly tells Luke that Ethan hates her. Ethan interrupts and says he’d be willing to work on that and then thanks her for giving him life, allowing him to have parents that loved him and then let him meet his father. Luke knows that Holly is leaving now.

Maxie sneaks up on Johnny breaking in to McCall & Jackal PI. Johnny wants to get rid of the evidence against Claudia and Maxie won’t leave.

Sonny continues to question Jason when Spinelli walks in with news for Jason. Jason mentions the recording and Sonny wants to know what it’s about.

Claudia and Carly run into each other. Carly thinks she’s there to talk Michael out of going home with Carly. Carly says that’s never going to happen. Claudia says she feels sorry for Michael because his mother would guilt trip him into changing his mind. Carly says this is not up to Claudia and Michael has decided to come home with her. Claudia says Carly shouldn’t be so possessive and should be happy Michael has bonded with his step mom. Carly accuses Claudia of using Michael to get close to Sonny and trying to form a bond then tells Claudia she’s not special for having Sonny’s baby. Carly says she will not let her use Michael and calls Claudia the biggest mistake Sonny has ever made.

Sonny questions both Jason and Spinelli some more but Jason is not ready to tell Sonny anything. After a lot of rambling about Johnny and Olivia Spinelli leaves. Sonny wants to know what they are going to do about Johnny.

Johnny and Maxie discuss how they helped bring Ric’s almost lifeless body to the hospital. Johnny says he has to help Claudia.

Lucky and Lulu see each other on the docks. Lulu tells Lucky that he’s the only one that’s ever built Luke up as something he isn’t and also tells him not to direct his anger on Ethan.

Holly says she’s leaving. Ethan says goodbye and that he’s sure he’ll see her again the next time she needs something, then leaves. Holly is upset that it’s ending this way.

Sonny asks Jason if he thinks Johnny is trustworthy. Jason says they haven’t had problems with him yet but his reservations do come up with Claudia, because Johnny would do anything to help Claudia. Sonny asks Jason to get close to Johnny and find out his strengths and weaknesses. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Jax, Carly, and Michael leave Michael’s hospital room and Claudia stops by. She tells him that Sonny is really disappointed that he won’t be living with them.

Holly and Luke toast their son and enjoy some time together. She says she hopes one day they have their chance and leans in as Tracey walks in and disrupts them. She feels like a fool for thinking Holly would really leave. She admits to Luke for tampering with the results. Tracey then tells Luke that if their marriage means so little to him then he should just go off with Holly and not ever tell her he loves her again. Luke tells Tracey that what she did was wrong. Tracey says he can have Ethan and Holly and have a nice life. Luke is very mad at Tracey but tells her he’s not leaving her for anyone. Holly decides it’s time to leave but before she goes tells Tracey to cherish Luke and be good to Ethan. Tracey then tells Luke he’s not in her will so he needs her alive. Luke laughs and can’t believe she still thinks he’s only after money. Tracey smiles and asks him to make her a martini then tells him her life is in his hands.

Ethan sees Lulu and Luke on the docks. Lulu tries to stop Lucky from yelling at Ethan but Lucky attacks Ethan and Ethan punches him. Lulu steps in and yells at both of them.

Jason tells Sonny he’s gathering real evidence and warns him about Claudia getting too close to Michael.

Claudia tells Michael that Sonny would much rather Michael live with them and so would she. She says she’s lonely and would like the company. Michael starts to fall asleep and says that he remembers her voice talking to him while he was in a coma.

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