GH Update Monday 6/1/09

General Hospital Update Monday 6/1/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Haunted Star, Holly announces to Luke and Ethan that they are father and son.

Morgan walks in on Carly and Jax kissing. Morgan tells his mother that they need to go see Michael.

Jason shows up at Spinelli’s office. Jason produces an audiotape, which could provide evidence that Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting.

At home, Sonny and Claudia talk about Michael. Claudia brings up that her and Michael both enjoy watching scary movies. Michael calls and Claudia hands Sonny the phone. Michael wants Sonny to come back to the hospital.

Lulu shows up at Lucky’s house. Lulu admits that she is warming to the idea that Ethan could be their brother. Lucky is mad that Luke cheated on their mom with Holly.

At the casino, Holly explains why she didn’t tell Luke that she was pregnant. Holly says that she didn’t want to break up Luke and Laura’s family. Ethan isn’t impressed. Ethan thinks that Holly couldn’t wait to give him up for adoption.

Morgan comments that he can’t wait to see his brother. Morgan is concerned that Michael won’t remember him. Carly reassures Morgan that he doesn’t have to worry about it.

Jason and Spinelli continue to talk about Claudia at the office. Spinelli and Jason listen to the tape. They hear Claudia give the order to take out Jerry Jacks.

Sonny and Claudia visit with Michael at the hospital. Michael doesn’t want to live with his mom and Jax. Michael is adamant that he wants to live with Sonny. Michael feels like he is being smothered by Carly. Claudia says that she is okay with Michael living with them. Claudia tells Sonny that they need to honor Michael’s wishes.

At home, Lucky explains to Lulu that he looked up to Luke as a child. Lulu comments that their father isn’t perfect.

At the casino, Holly tries to convince Ethan that she didn’t want to give him up. Holly regrets what she put Ethan through. Luke is mad that Holly didn’t let him know about the baby. Holly starts to cry. Ethan is unforgiving. Ethan doesn’t think that Holly is being sincere.

Jax, Carly, and Morgan leave to go see Michael.

Spinelli and Jason listen to the audiotape. Spinelli defends Claudia, which irritates Jason. Jason points out that Claudia is guilty and needs to be held accountable.

In Michael’s room, Claudia insists that Michael can live with her and Sonny. Sonny is torn. Sonny doesn’t want to hurt Carly’s feelings. Sonny says that he’ll talk to Carly first before making a decision.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucky. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Luke and Laura loved each other deeply.

Luke, Holly, and Ethan continue to talk at the casino. Ethan is tired of listening to Holly’s story. Holly explains that when she first saw Ethan, she knew that he was her son. Holly adds that her intention was for Luke and Ethan to reconnect. Luke admits that he and Ethan have bonded. Luke is still mad that Holly is being manipulative.

At the office, Jason is adamant that Claudia is responsible for Michael’s shooting. Jason points out that Claudia got pregnant so Sonny wouldn’t come after her. Spinelli thinks that Claudia might be feeling remorseful about her involvement in the shooting.

Carly, Jax, and Morgan arrive at the hospital. They run into Sonny and Claudia. Sonny asks to speak to Carly. Sonny explains that Michael wants to live with them. Carly isn’t happy.

Morgan goes to see Michael in his hospital room. Michael is happy to see his brother.

At the hospital, Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t want Michael to live with him. Claudia pipes in, which infuriates Carly. Carly comments that Claudia doesn’t know Michael. Carly says that she must accept that Michael is mad at her. Carly finally agrees with the decision for Michael to live with Sonny.

At the office, Spinelli confirms that it is Claudia’s voice on the audiotape. Jason wants to tell Sonny. Spinelli is hesitant. Spinelli thinks that Sonny’s baby deserves to be brought up in a loving family.

At Lucky’s house, Elizabeth insists that Lucky is being too hard on his father. Elizabeth says that it is possible that Luke really loved Laura even if he cheated on her with Holly.

At the Haunted Star, Holly admits that she was looking for Tracy’s money when she came to Port Charles. Holly brings up her and Luke’s undeniable connection. Holly apologizes to Ethan. Ethan is disgusted by Holly and walks out of the casino. Holly doesn’t know how to fix the situation. Holly wants Luke to run away with her.

In the Spencer living room, Liz tells Lucky not to give up on Luke. Elizabeth maintains that Luke loves Lucky. Liz brings up that Lucky needs to forgive his father.

Lulu meets with Ethan on the docks. Ethan says that Holly admitted that Luke is his father. Lulu is shocked.

Morgan and Michael are playing video games when Carly and Jax walk into the hospital room. Carly smiles at the sight of her two sons.

Jason pays Sonny a visit. Jason inquires about Carly. Sonny says that Michael wants to live with him. Claudia walks in. Jason doesn’t get a chance to tell Sonny about the audiotape. Claudia blurts out that Michael is going to live with her and Sonny.

On the docks, Lulu is unconvinced that Holly is telling the truth. Lulu brings up that Laura will have a hard time with it. Ethan asks how Lulu feels about them being related. Lulu says that they will have to get used to the idea of being brother and sister.

At the casino, Luke tells Holly that he can’t leave Port Charles. Luke mentions that he doesn’t want to leave his children. Luke kisses Holly goodbye. Lucky walks in. Lucky misinterprets the kiss. Lucky tells Luke to leave town with Holly.

In Michael’s hospital room, Carly tells Morgan that Michael will be living with Sonny. Morgan tries to persuade Michael to come home with them.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia explains that Michael will be coming home soon. Sonny notices that Jason is holding a tape recorder. Sonny inquires about it. Jason looks at Claudia with accusing eyes.

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