GH Update Friday 5/29/09

General Hospital Update Friday 5/29/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.


Patrick informs Sonny that Michael has suffered brain trauma, which is the reason for his emotional outbursts. He tells Sonny that they need to quit pressuring Michael and crowding him and arguing so much in front of him. Michael needs less stress. Sonny inquired after Emma and Robin and was glad to hear that Robin is doing better and is at home. Carly asked Kelly if it was okay to have sex with Jax or if it would hurt the baby. Kelly said it would be fine and Carly asked her if she could put that down on paper so she could show Jax that it would be okay.

Jason listens outside while Claudia and Michael get close by talking about horror movies. Later, Michael tells Jason that Claudia is cool, he likes her. Jason gets Claudia out in the hallway and tells her that she will not use Michael to protect her when it's her fault he is like he is. He tells Claudia that he will find Fredo and when he does, she will pay for her sins. Michael asks Sonny why he didn't mention that he had remarried. Sonny tells Michael that Carly is the one that sat with him and pushed for him to get the operation so he needs to cut her some slack. Michael tells him that he resents that Carly got pregnant with a replacement baby. Claudia slips and tells Michael that she and Sonny are also expecting a child. Surprisingly, he is fine with the news. Michael is curious as to whether the baby can hear them talking. Unfortunately, Carly overhears them bonding and is upset. She leaves the hospital and goes to Metro Court where Jax comforts her, telling her that somewhere inside under the anger and hurt, Michael still loves her. They start to kiss and Jax pulls away, giving Carly a chance to show Jax the note from the doctor. Meanwhile, Sonny is ticked off at Claudia that she told him about the baby and risked upsetting him further. But realizes that since Michael and Claudia didn't know each other before the shooting, that it may be a good thing for Michael.

Jason and Sam go to catch Fredo. Sam acts as decoy for Jason by distracting Fredo and Jason snags him. Jason gets Fredo to confess that Claudia hired him. His orders were to kill Jerry. He informs Jason that he has proof. Maxie goes by Jackal and McCall to take Spinelli some munchies. She asks him if he wants to run by Crimson to check out Kate's PDA. They go, but didn't find any evidence on it.

Robin lectures Holly about lying about Robert being Ethan's father. She says it makes her wonder if Holly is truly his mother. Holly tells her she really is and her goal has been to split up Luke and Tracy's marriage so that she can have Luke back. Robin asks her how she found Ethan after all those years. Holly gives her the back story about being too young to care for a baby and putting him up for adoption. Later she found out that the parents had died and searched for him to make sure he was okay. Robin tells her that she has made Ethan unsure of himself with her games. Holly tells Robin that she plans on leaving town; she just has one more thing to take care of.

Meanwhile, at the Haunted Star, Ethan tells Luke he wants to leave Port Charles. Luke tells him he's tempted to go off with Holly. He asks Ethan if he would be willing to do another DNA test, telling him that he would like it if he was the father. Lucky shows up still ticked off at Holly and the turmoil she has caused. Luke tells Lucky that his fling with Holly had nothing to do with his and Laura's relationship, he was just trying to get some very bad people away from his family. Lucky leaves, angry. Ethan tells Luke he won't do the second DNA test. He just wants to leave Port Charles and start over again.

Holly leaves after talking to Robin as Patrick comes home to go over Michael's medical records with Robin. She was confused as to why he never had a follow-up EKG. Holly goes to see Luke and tells him that Ethan is his son.

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