GH Update Thursday 5/28/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/28/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Luke and Holly are arrested because Tracy accused Holly of stealing a sapphire necklace from her. Luke and Tracy bicker and Holly stands by and waits for Mac to show up. Holly tells him she didn't steal Tracy's necklace and that she would like for him to let her go so she can visit Robin. Tracy tells Mac to deport Holly and for her to leave without Luke. Holly tells Tracy that sending Ethan to Port Charles was a test to see if she could get Luke from Tracy, but it didn't work and she will leave town. Later, at the Haunted Star, Luke tells Alexis that he really wished that Ethan was his son. Since almost dying, his perspective on life has changed. Besides, it would be nice to have a son who actually liked him.

Ethan goes by Robin's to tell her he might be her brother. He explains what Holly said but Robin tells him that Robert and Holly split up way before he was born. Robin didn't know that Holly was in town and asked where she is staying. She also mentioned that Robert never said anything about a son when he died. Robert was on a case around the time Ethan was conceived, so he couldn't have been his father.

At General Hospital, Claudia questions Patrick about coma patients and what they can remember in their coma; more specifically, if they can remember what they hear. Patrick tells her no, probably not, but sometimes they do. Claudia leaves when Olivia shows up. Michael asks Jason who hurt him. Jason tells him about Dr. Ian Devlin. Michael has a bunch of questions but can't ask because the nurse comes to take him to physical therapy. Jason asks Sam how he can best avoid answering Michael's questions; he can't tell him about Claudia. Sam tells him he needs to find Fredo and get the proof on Claudia he needs to nail her.

Carly gathers up mementos of Michael's life for his hospital room. Jax tells her that maybe she should let Michael do his therapy session by himself. She argues that she can't give up on him but Jax tells him that isn't what he means, just stop crowding him so much and quit stressing herself so much. She went to the hospital by herself while Jax meets up with Olivia at the hotel, who tells him that Claudia was asking Patrick all kinds of questions about Michael and coma patients. Jax is worried that maybe Michael will remember Jerry's involvement. When Michael returns to his room, Claudia is there to visit and introduces herself as his stepmother. Claudia informs him that Sonny and Kate split up after his accident and married Claudia. Michael is confused as to why Sonny never mentioned her. She asks him if he remembers any of the conversations that Sonny held during his hours next to Michael's bedside. Jason is outside listening in when Michael says he can't remember anything other than breakfast the morning he was shot. Carly asks Patrick when she can take Michael home. He tells her it's still too soon, but warns her that since his impulse control is "broken" at the moment and she seems to set him off, that she should give him some space.

Ethan goes to the Haunted Star and tells Luke that Robin filled him in on Holly and Robert's history and that he couldn't possibly be his father. Luke wonders if maybe Holly is playing them. Meanwhile, Holly goes to visit Robin and Robin asked why she lied about Robert being Ethan's father. Holly tells her that she is trying to keep something bad from happening but she needs Robin's help.

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