GH Update Wednesday 5/27/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/27/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Robin takes Emma out of her crib. Robin tells her daughter that she has missed her so much. Patrick watches as mother and daughter bond.

Lucky and Elizabeth arrive at Wyndemere. They are surprised to see Rebecca sitting in the living room wearing Emily’s clothes.

Olivia is working at the Metro Court when Sonny starts inquiring about her fling with Johnny.

Johnny is at his car repair shop when Claudia appears. Claudia gives Johnny a gun. Johnny doesn’t want it. Claudia thinks that Johnny is in danger. Claudia points out that Sonny isn’t too happy that Johnny slept with Olivia.

Michael wakes up to the sound of a woman’s voice. Jax is in the room. Michael looks around and asks where the woman went. Jax doesn’t know whom Michael is referring to.

In the nursery, the Drake family has a bonding moment. Patrick shows Robin a pink stuffed animal that Mac bought for Emma. Robin is amazed by her recovery and how she has no problem holding Emma now.

Rebecca defends herself to Lucky and Liz. Rebecca explains that she was thrown overboard in Nik’s boat and was waiting for her clothes to dry. Nikolas walks in. Elizabeth confronts Nik about Rebecca wearing Emily’s clothes.

In her office, Olivia tells Sonny that her personal life is off-limits. Sonny admits that his relationship with Claudia is rocky. Olivia insists that Sonny can confide in her even if she is sleeping with his brother-in-law.

Claudia and Johnny talk about Olivia. Johnny doesn’t want to hear Claudia’s judgments about Olivia. Claudia admits that she feels overwhelmed about Ric’s constant hovering. Claudia brings up that Jason is starting to suspect that she was involved in Michael’s shooting.

Claudia returns home to find Ric waiting for her. Claudia wants Ric to leave. Claudia is adamant that their relationship is over.

Olivia and Sonny continue to talk in her office. Sonny comments that their friendship is more than just platonic. Olivia thinks that Sonny is reading more into their friendship. Olivia reaffirms that Sonny has no say in who she sleeps with. Olivia says that Sonny needs to concentrate on Michael’s recovery.

In Michael’s hospital room, Jax talks about Carly’s health. Jax tells Michael that his mother needs to avoid stress. Jax tells Michael to get some rest. Jax leaves. Michael gets out of bed.

Sonny goes to see Johnny. Sonny says that he doesn’t want to do business with him because of Johnny’s relationship with Olivia.

Jax checks in with Olivia at her office. Olivia announces that she slept with Johnny Zacchara. Jax is concerned because Claudia is dangerous. Jax asks Olivia if she believes that Johnny was involved in Michael’s shooting.

Agent Rayner and Alexis meet at the Metro Court bar. Alexis says that she needs a favor. Alexis wants Rayner to do a background check on Rebecca.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas defends Rebecca. Lucky thinks that Rebecca is trying to replace Emily. Nikolas tells Lucky to back off.

In another room, Rebecca is on the phone. Rebecca tells the caller to try her later. Elizabeth walks in. Elizabeth brings up that Rebecca keeps wearing clothes that are in blue, Emily’s favorite color. Elizabeth doesn’t trust Rebecca.

Rayner and Alexis flirt at the bar. Alexis explains that Rebecca looks just like Emily, her nephew’s dead wife. Alexis is concerned about Nikolas. Alexis thinks that Rebecca is working with Helena Cassadine. Rayner asks what Alexis will do if he finds incriminating information about Rebecca. Alexis insists that she will tell Nikolas what she finds out.

Back at Wyndemere, Elizabeth and Rebecca argue about Nikolas. Rebecca thinks that Elizabeth needs to get a life.

At home, Patrick changes Emma’s diaper. Robin tells Patrick to start on dinner and she’ll finish up with Emma. Robin talks to her daughter. Robin tells Emma that she is a very lucky girl.

At his car shop, Johnny tells Sonny that he doesn’t want to fight with him. Johnny says that things have changed now that Claudia is pregnant. Sonny makes a decision that Johnny can still work for him.

In the Cassadine living room, Nikolas can’t believe that Lucky thinks that he is using Rebecca. Liz and Rebecca enter the room. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that it is pointless to keep talking. Elizabeth tells Lucky that they should leave.

Lulu walks into Michael’s room and finds him on the floor. Lulu asks Michael what happened. Michael says that he started to feel dizzy. Lulu offers to help Michael back to his bed. Michael is adamant that he can do it himself.

Olivia shows up at Johnny’s workplace. Johnny is holding the gun that Claudia gave him. Olivia produces a list of well-known car part businesses. Johnny thanks her for the list. Olivia is about to leave, but Johnny asks her to stay.

In the Corinthos living room, Ric and Claudia discuss her baby. Ric thinks that Sonny won’t stay with Claudia once the baby is born. Claudia points out that she doesn’t love Ric. Claudia says that she hasn’t forgotten that Ric wanted Sonny to kill her. Sonny walks in and is surprised to see Ric.

In the nursery, Robin rocks Emma to sleep. Patrick enters the room. Robin tells Patrick that she wants to make sure that Emma feels safe. Patrick says that dinner is getting cold. Robin insists that she wants to stay with Emma for a little longer. Patrick leaves Robin alone with Emma.

Lulu is able to get Michael back into his hospital bed. Lulu comments that Michael needs to take it easy. Lulu tells Michael that she will get him something to eat. Michael asks for two burgers. Lulu is surprised that Michael is that hungry.

Ric makes a comment to Sonny about keeping an eye on his children. Ric leaves. Sonny glances at Claudia. Claudia wants to show Sonny some papers regarding the nursery. Sonny doesn’t want to be bothered.

Johnny and Olivia flirt with each other. Olivia and Johnny almost kiss, but Olivia pulls away. Olivia tells Johnny good night and leaves.

Claudia goes upstairs to bed. In the living room, Sonny appears to be thinking about Olivia.

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