GH Update Tuesday 5/26/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/26/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Spinelli spills the beans about Johnny and Olivia to Lulu. She said it was fine, they were broken up and it doesn't matter. Maxie was saved from making a decision about sleeping with Johnny when Olivia came to the garage. Johnny fills Olivia in on his situation with Maxie. She tells him he was honest with her, that's all she can expect. She tells him she has no regrets about their night together. Maxie finds Spinelli at the hospital and kisses him passionately. She tells him she is glad things are normal again. He figures that means she isn't interested in Johnny anymore.

Ethan fits the pieces together: Holly gave birth to him and gave him away without telling Scorpio. Luke asked why she tried to pawn Ethan off as his son and she said she was bored! She decided to tell the truth because she felt bad. Lulu shows up and figures out Ethan isn't her brother as he storms out past her. Lulu tells Luke she's sorry and then goes after Ethan. Luke tells Holly he really likes Ethan. Holly told Luke how she met up with Ethan after giving him up. Ethan was tending bar and she was scared to tell him who she was. She gave him the picture and then left. She tells Luke she is sorry and leaves.

Michael decides to live with Sonny, which infuriates Edward. Carly tells Sonny and Edward that he is going home with her and Jax, to which Michael screams at them to quit acting like he isn't in the room. Edward remarks that he is a blood relation, something that Sonny isn't. Michael tells them all to leave.

Carly asked Jason to talk to Michael. Michael tells Jason he can't understand why he can't control his emotions and his responses. Jason told him that his impulse control is messed up; that he had the same problem after his accident. Jason tells him it may be just a temporary problem but that it could mean that his life will never be like it used to be. Monica comes in and asks Michael what he really wants, not what everyone else wants. He tells her that he was just stringing Edward along, that he wants to be with Sonny. She apologizes that she hasn't been better to him and tells him that she'll take care of Edward.

Sonny tells Edward that the Quartermaine's can visit Michael but they have to call first. Edward retorts that everything that has happened is Sonny's fault and that Carly has a weakness for Sonny. Edward then threatens to sue, to which Monica tells him to shut up, that Michael belongs with his parents. Sonny is worried about Michael's temper and that maybe he will harm Carly and the baby and Morgan. She tells him not to worry, that Michael will be yelling at him as soon as he finds out about Claudia and her baby. She said he needs to be with his mother. Back in Michael's room, he tells her that he wants to live with Sonny, but she tells him no. He resents not being part of the decision.

Robin tells Patrick that she can come home but that they need to talk first. They meet for dinner and she apologized for everything. He tells her that he and Emma are lost without her. She relates that it helped to realize that there are other mothers like her and to be able to hear their stories. They agree to be completely honest with each other and they go home to Emma.

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