GH Update Friday 5/22/09

General Hospital Update Friday 5/22/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Nikolas and Rebecca are kissing and getting close when Alexis walks in. Nikolas lets her know that he has stuck to their agreement and has refrained from sex with Rebecca. Alexis says she knows she doesn't have proof that Rebecca is hooked up with Helena, but she just has a gut instinct. After Alexis leaves, Nikolas and Rebecca make out some more.

Michael tells Lulu that he really resents Carly, which Carly overhears. Carly tells Jason how much it hurts her that Michael has that much disdain for her. He tells her she should just distance herself from Michael until he gets over it. While Michael is telling Lulu how it would be to live at the Quartermaine mansion, Edward comes in and tells Michael he'd love to have him come live with the rest of the Quartermaine family. Carly overhears and yells at Edward that he needs to quit scheming to take her son away from her.

Sonny tells Claudia that her brother is using Olivia and Claudia is disgusted that Johnny is having a relationship with Olivia. Mike comes by to let Sonny know that Edward is doing his best to win over Michael and to lure him away from Sonny and Carly. After Sonny rants about Edward, he tells Mike about Johnny and Olivia. Mike remarks that Sonny is jealous.

Luke tells Tracy he doesn't know if he will leave her for Holly. He just wants to know if Ethan is his son. Tracy tells him that if he leaves her she isn't going to just sit there and wait for him to come back. Ethan tells Luke that he needs to give Tracy an answer and Luke said he needs some privacy. Ethan tells him he can't trust Holly, but Tracy has his back. Holly shows up to tell them the truth. She tells Luke and Ethan that she is Ethan's mother, but Luke isn't the father, the other man in the photo is. Luke realizes that she is talking about Robert Scorpio.

Spinelli and Maxie stalk Olivia around the Metro Court. Just as Spinelli was going to spill the beans to Maxie about Johnny and Olivia, Claudia confronts Olivia. Maxie is shocked and Olivia tells Claudia to mind her own business. Claudia leaves to find her brother. Maxie shows up at Johnny's and wants to know what is going on with him and Olivia. She thought he liked her and tells him she has an attraction to him. He tells her to sleep with him. Sonny confronts Olivia about being with Johnny, but she has nothing to say to him.

At the hospital, Sonny and Jason discuss Michael. Meanwhile, Carly is telling Michael that regardless of Edward's wishes, he is coming home with her. Michael explodes as Lulu gets Jason to intervene. Michael tells Sonny he wants to live with him.

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