GH Update Thursday 5/21/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/21/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Quartermaine's, Monica, Edward, Luke and Tracy are all arguing amongst themselves. Monica and Edward argue over Michael, while Tracy and Luke argue over Holly. When Holly shows up, Edward is happy to see her and invites her in, much to Tracy's chagrin. Luke tells them that Ethan may be his and Holly's son. Edward and Monica encourage Luke and Holly to get to know Ethan. Tracy was not happy with either of them. Holly reminds them that there won't be any answers until she gets her money.

Patrick, Carly and Jax are concerned about Michael and his angry attitude. Michael yells at Carly that she shouldn't even be there. Patrick suggested that his behavior is a side effect of the surgery, but Michael contradicts him by saying he is just really angry at Carly. Carly wants to take Michael home, but Patrick said they can't yet. Carly becomes upset with Jax when he manages to talk her into going home to rest instead of being with Michael when he woke up.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he and Rebecca are going to take a two week break and reiterates that she is not working with or for Helena. Elizabeth fills Nikolas in on Lucky's problem with Luke. Nikolas and Rebecca make a date to go out on the boat and have dinner at Nikolas'.

Spinelli is caught by Maxie while bugging Kate's office. Kate comes in wanting to know if Maxie has seen Johnny. They need to go over their next set of public appearances. Johnny and Olivia are in the lobby discussing their date the night before. Johnny asks if Olivia has heard from Sonny but she said she hadn't. Johnny goes in for his meeting with Kate. After he leaves, Kate calls Olivia in and wants to know what is up with her and Johnny, shocking Spinelli, who is listening in. Olivia tells her nothing is going on, but Kate doesn't believe her. Olivia finally relents and tells her, prompting Kate to tell her that Aunt Teresa would have a stroke.

Elizabeth goes to see Luke on the Haunted Star. She asked if he couldn't just stop and think about how Lucky feels about the possibility that Ethan could be his half-brother. Luke tells her that Lucky shut him out and Ethan appreciates him. Elizabeth tells Luke they should just grow up and quit judging each other, they both love each other a lot. That maybe they need to accept each other for the way they are.

At Patrick's, Tracy gives Holly the two million dollar check. Holly smiles and tells her that she isn't just after money. She also plans on taking Luke away from her.Monica and Edward go to visit Michael. Edward none to subtly hints that Michael should come and live with them. Michael starts to trash Carly, prompting Monica to stand up for her. Edward is shocked, not to mention confused. Monica tells them that she was in a similar position with Jason once upon a time. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Just then, she gets paged and leaves. Edward tells Michael that Sonny and Jason stole him away from the Quartermaine's and that he is sorry he didn't fight to get Michael back when he was a baby. Mike comes in and reminds Edward that he already has a home with Sonny.

Ethan and Luke discuss Lucky and his issues with Ethan. Ethan tells Luke that he resents being the bait to catch Holly with. Meanwhile, Lucky goes to see Holly and wants to know if Ethan is Luke's son or is she just playing games. Tracy wants Luke to tell her if he is going to leave her now that Holly is back. Lulu visits Michael, bringing him some tacos and music. Carly is eavesdropping, happy that he is having a good time, when Michael starts to talk bad about her to Lulu.

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