GH Update Wednesday 5/20/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/20/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Patrick’s house Luke, Ethan, Holly and Patrick are still all talking.

Sam visits Jason at the penthouse. Jason tells her Michael woke up.

Michael is upset Carly wasn’t there when he woke up. He tells her to leave and take care of her baby since that’s more important to her. Carly tries to talk to him and Jax defends Carly saying she almost died to save him. Sonny enters and asks Jax what he’s doing.

Holly offers Luke and Ethan champagne. Luke grabs Holly’s arm and tells her she’s devious. Ethan wants answers but Luke says he and Holly are going somewhere private. Patrick says they aren’t going anywhere.

Olivia and Johnny enter a room kissing and undressing each other.

Sonny wants to know why Jax is attacking Michael. Jax asks to see Sonny outside. In the room Carly asks Michael why he’s mad. Carly tells him the baby is not meant to replace him. Michael asks why Jax said she almost died. Carly explains that there are complications and Michael asks if she could die. Carly doesn’t want to talk about that, she just wants to be happy. Michael again says that she left him there.

Sam brings Jason a beer and wants to know why he’s sitting in his penthouse alone. Jason says he knows who he is but doesn’t remember what happened. Jason thinks Monica and Edward will make this harder and Jason also thinks the guilt everyone is feeling will smother Michael.

Patrick tells Ethan to start talking. Luke says since Holly didn’t seduce Ethan when she met him it means he’s her son. Holly continues to be cagey. Patrick says there is a simple solution to all of this.

Sam reminds Jason that Michael waking up is a miracle and he does remember who he is. But Jason says the problem is that Michael is confused. Sam knows that Michael will need support and he will need Jason to help him through this.

Carly apologizes if Michael feels abandoned but she never once gave up hope. He comes second to know one. Michael still doesn’t understand why she wasn’t there. Jax and Sonny argue outside and Jax says he’s going to take Carly home. In the room Carly tells Michael that after the surgery he didn’t wake up but she never gave up hope. Jax comes in and says Michael should rest. Carly wants to stay but Michael tells her he doesn’t want her to. Carly says that she will go but she’ll come back in the morning, just like always. She kisses him and says she doesn’t care if he’s mad, all that matters is that he’s awake. Carly and Jax leave. Sonny tells Michael not to be mad at Carly, he should be mad at him.

Patrick suggests taking a DNA test but Luke says they did and they think Tracey fixed the test. Luke says they don’t need a test they want to hear the truth from Holly. Holly says Luke needs to prove this is all worth it to him by using Tracey’s money.

Olivia and Johnny laugh about her being a cougar, because she has a son almost his age. Both say they aren’t currently attached. She gets up to make them dinner to prove she’s not a tramp. They continue to laugh and kiss.

Carly comes down to their living room to tell Jax Morgan can’t wait to see his brother. Jax tells Carly not to take Michael’s anger personally. Carly says she should have known better. Jax says that Michael has always had a temper and it could have been intensified by the surgery.

Jason tells Sam Michael seemed scared and disconnected. Jason remembers how it felt to feel everyone else’s expectations. Sam asks if Sonny has told Michael about his marriage to Claudia.

Michael asks why he should be mad at Sonny. Michael asks what happened to him. Sonny says he can’t tell him now, but Michael says he can’t rest not knowing, it‘s driving him crazy. Sonny asks if Michael remembers coming to see him at the warehouse. He tells him that he and Kate went to the warehouse. Sonny tells Michael about the bullet that was meant for Sonny but hit him instead. This is all Sonny’s fault.

Luke thinks Holly is crazy for wanting him to use Tracey’s money to buy the information off of Holly. Patrick says they are clearly family because they are all crazy, he then excuses himself to see Emma. Luke wants to know what Holly wants to do once they have Tracey’s money.

Sam says this is just like Sonny to make this all about him. Jason says Sonny just wants Michael to know the truth, which he agrees with just not yet.

Jax says Carly is the only one that didn’t give up on Michael. Jax says he’s the one that should feel bad since he dragged her away from his bedside. Carly wants to go back to the hospital, she has to tell him how much she loves him.

Sonny tells Michael it should have been him. He then tells him that he was shot over a year ago. Sonny apologizes for not protecting him. Michael says “stuff happens.” And tells Sonny he doesn’t have to keep saying he’s sorry.

Olivia and Johnny eat and drink wine. They talk a little about their pasts. Olivia says they should try this again sometime, sober, and they should keep this to themselves for now given their respective ties.

Sam apologizes to Jason for bringing him down. Sam asks Jason why he’s not at the hospital, and Jason says he’s not his father and wants to let them work things out.

Michael says it wasn’t Sonny’s fault, that he’s not responsible for the whole world. He tells Sonny he forgives him and that he knows he loves him. Sonny says it will be different this time around and he’ll make it up to him. They both say I love you.

Ethan says he doesn’t want Luke to wreck his marriage over this. Luke tries to take Holly away to negotiate but Holly send Ethan and Luke away until Luke can get the money she wants. Outside Luke calls Holly a master con woman.

Sam says Michael will be okay because he always has Jason in his life. Sam knows Jason understands what Michael is going through, and his patience and calm will help Michael through this. She knows that Jason is capable of giving Michael time.

Michael is asleep and Carly comes to see him. She sits by his bed and talks to him while he sleeps. After she leaves Michael opens his eyes having heard everything she said but not acknowledging her.

Sonny goes to see Olivia to tell her about Michael and finds Johnny there in a towel.

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