GH Update Tuesday 5/19/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/19/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Quartermaine mansion Monica and Edward talk about Michael. Monica can’t stop thinking about all the mistakes made and Edward tells her not to think about it too much. Tracy comes storming in accusing Monica and Edward of harboring Holly. Luke enters then and says he thought Holly would be there.

At Patrick and Robin’s house Holly comes in and hopes she can stay there for a while.

At GH Claudia wants to see Michael to find out if Michael remembers all the times she confessed at his bedside. Johnny argues against it.

Carly cries and tells Michael how happy she is to have him back.

AT GH Ethan tells Lulu he’ll probably never find out the truth about him and Luke. Lulu asks how Ethan feels about this whole situation.

Holly is surprised to see that Robin and Patrick are married and with a child. When Holly asks where Robin is, Patrick says she’s on a sabbatical and his brother Matt is currently living there. Holly seems to understand Robin’s need to get away for awhile when Patrick explains her batle with post-partum depression.

Jason calls Monica and tells her about Michael. She hangs up and says they will be right over.

Carly asks Michael how he’s feeling. Claudia appears at the door and Sonny goes out to her. When she asks if she can see him Sonny says it’s not a good idea. Claudia says she just came to check on Michael and urges him to go back to him. Inside the room Carly tells Michael about the new house and his new room. Michael is quiet and Jason says he has a lot to take in.

Outside the room Sonny and Jason talk about what a miracle this is. They both say that Michael seems distant. Jason said it could be a side effect but Sonny thinks it will probably wear off. Sonny tells Jason Claudia came by to make sure Michael was ok. Either she’s innocent or she’s playing this smart.

At Jake’s Claudia finds Johnny, who’s trying to avoid her. Johnny is furious over Claudia’s actions for trying to hover over Michael to find out what he knows. Johnny says he has a breaking point and he’s reaching it. Claudia tells him she can’t lose him.

At GH Olivia comes running in. Sonny happily tells her Michael is awake. Olivia tells him not to think about his fault in all of this and to just be grateful.

Jax is on the phone with Patrick and Michael asks Carly what happened to him. Carly tries to tell him to take baby steps but Michael insists. Carly gets light-headed and Jax takes her outside for a walk. Jason comes in to stay with Michael.

Michael asks Jason to be real with him. He thinks he’s going to die, but Jason assures him that him waking up is a miracle. Jason tells him he needs to trust the people around him to know when he’s strong enough. Edward and Monica come in. Michael recognizes them and Monica hugs him. Edward says he’s going to undo all the wrong that’s been done to him, and of course Michael wants to know what he means. When they leave he tells Jason he doesn’t need a bodyguard. Michael says his legs hurt. He wants to know how long he’s been in this bed. Jason will only says it’s been a long time.

Tracy and Luke continue to argue over Holly. Tracy knows this is all about Luke wanting to leave a legacy. Holly calls.

Ethan and Lulu talk about Holly. Lulu says Holly is untrustworthy.

Matt and Patrick discuss Holly, who’s at their house. Patrick explains that Holly is Robin’s ex stepmother, and he met her years ago. Matt asks if he can hit on her.

Dr. Lee tells Carly her blood pressure is high and she needs to avoid stress. Carly doesn’t know how to do that with Michael awake. Dr. Lee leaves and Jax says they should go home. Carly says no, she’s not leaving Michael.

Monica and Edward confront Sonny about Michael and tell him they are going to be a part of Michael’s life and Sonny should pay for what he’s done to him. Olivia jumps in and yells at them for attacking Sonny. Edward tells her she doesn’t know what Sonny has done. Olivia says it’s too late to come between Michael and Sonny. Edward and Monica leave but not before Edward says they are going to have Michael’s last name changed back to Quartermaine.

Holly tells Luke she’s sorry for causing so mush trouble. She just wanted to tell him the truth about Ethan, then trashes Tracy. She says they don’t have anything else to talk about. Luke asks Tracy point blank if she rigged the DNA test. She says she didn’t do it.

Olivia arrives at Jake’s for tequila shots. She sits next to Johnny and vents. They talk about hypocrisy. She proposes a toast to Michael and they both drink.

Carly, Jax, Sonny, and Jason all enter Michael’s room. Michael becomes agitated just as Patrick walks in. Patrick says the test results show Michael is strong and his recovery seems permanent.

Tracy is on the phone with Spimoni about how she needs results or there will be hell to pay. Lulu comes in to tell Tracy something but then Tracy says she has something to say. Lulu says she knows about Holly and Ethan told her everything. She then asks if Ethan is her brother or not.

Patrick comes home to Holly very excited about Michael’s results. Luke and Ethan both arrive at Patrick’s

Olivia says Claudia is a bitch then asks what he knows about what Claudia has done. She doesn’t believe he doesn’t know. She leans over him to get another bottle.

Everyone is glad about the results. Now Michael wants to know what happened. Sonny thinks he has a right to know but Carly thinks they should wait. Jason asks to see Sonny outside. Outside Jason encourages Sonny to wait. Sonny brings up how Jason was after his accident and Sonny doesn’t want to lie to Michael. Inside Michael tells Carly that Jason still fights her battles for her. Carly asks if Michael is mad at her. He asks her why she wasn’t there when he woke up.

Holly answers the door for Luke and Ethan. They are there for answers.

Tracy says Ethan is not Lulu’s brother. When she finds out Lulu says she’s going to go clubbing with Ethan, maybe have a little sex. Tracy says no, she can’t have sex with a man that might be her brother. Tracy then admits that she bribed a lab tech to fake the results, but she doesn’t know the truth.

Sonny really wants to be honest and Jason disagrees.

Michael is mad because Sonny was there first and wants to tell him the truth. When he asks again why she wasn’t there Jax tells him Carly is pregnant. Michael accuses his mother of replacing him with a new baby.

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