GH Update Monday 5/18/09

General Hospital Update Monday 5/18/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Holly Sutton returns to Port Charles. Holly shows up at the Haunted Star. Luke is happy to see her. Holly tells Luke that she has missed him. Holly insists that they make a toast.

Sonny walks in on Claudia and Jason talking in the Corinthos living room. Claudia admits that Ric keeps harassing her. Claudia points out that Jason told Ric to leave the premises. Claudia admits that Jason is loyal to Sonny.

At home, Carly is upset about Michael not waking up. Carly begins to cry.

While Lulu is visiting Michael, he wakes up. Lulu is shocked. Lulu stands to go alert the doctors, but Michael asks what happened to him.

At Wyndemere, Rebecca explains to Alexis why she was in Greece. Nikolas apologizes for his aunt’s hovering. Rebecca says that she is okay with Alexis’ questions. Rebecca tells Nik and Alexis that she didn’t visit any of the Cassadine islands. Alexis presents a list of hotels that Rebecca stayed at in Greece. Nikolas thinks that Alexis is overreacting.

Luke and Holly make a toast at the casino. They talk about their past adventures in Singapore. Holly admits that she knows that Luke and Ethan came to Singapore. Luke bluntly asks Holly if Ethan is their son.

Lulu tries to reassure Michael that everything is going to be alright. Michael wants to know how he ended up in a coma. Patrick walks in. Lulu announces that Michael is awake. Patrick is happy to see that Michael has come out of his coma.

Back at home, Carly tells Jax that she doesn’t think that Michael is going to wake up. Carly gets a phone call and sees it is Lulu. Thinking Lulu is calling about her problems with Johnny, Carly lets the voicemail pick up the message. Lulu leaves a message saying that Michael is awake. Carly is convinced that Michael is going to remain in a coma.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia admits to Sonny (in front of Jason) that she can see why Sonny and Jason are friends. Claudia leaves the room. Sonny’s phone rings. It is Lulu. Lulu is relieved to finally get a hold of someone. Lulu announces that Michael is awake. Once off the phone, Sonny relays the message to Jason. They leave in a hurry.

At the casino, Luke comments that Holly has been playing a game with him. Luke wants to know why she didn’t show her face in Singapore. Holly says that she decided to hide in the shadows because Tracy showed up. Luke isn’t buying Holly’s story. Tracy walks in and tells Holly to stay away from her husband.

Rebecca continues to be interrogated by Alexis at Wyndemere. Rebecca admits that she met someone in Greece. Alexis pipes in that Helena is planning for Rebecca to get pregnant with Nikolas’ child. Rebecca divulges to Alexis that her and Nik haven’t slept together. Rebecca suggests that her and Nikolas not have sex for two weeks. Nikolas gives Rebecca a strange look. Rebecca says that Alexis has two weeks to prove that her and Helena are in cahoots. Rebecca adds that if Alexis can’t find any evidence of this, then Alexis will leave her and Nikolas alone for good. Alexis agrees to the plan.

At home, Max tells Claudia that she needs to stay put. Claudia wants to see how Michael is doing, but Max insists that she shouldn’t go to the hospital.

In his hospital room, Patrick tells Michael that he performed the operation. Lulu is standing by the door. Sonny and Jason rush in. Sonny is shocked to see that Michael is awake. Sonny smiles. Sonny goes and hugs Michael. Sonny is crying.

Ethan shows up at the hospital. Lulu is nearby and asks what happened to Ethan’s hand. Ethan admits that he cut it from breaking a window. Lulu tells Ethan about Michael’s situation. Lulu is still in shock that Michael woke up. Lulu says that Michael’s reunion with Sonny was touching. Ethan confides that Luke might be his father.

At the casino, Holly explains to Tracy that her and Luke have a past together. Tracy demands that Holly admit that Ethan is Luke’s son.

Johnny shows up at the Corinthos home. Claudia tells Johnny that she confessed to Michael during a visit at the Institute. Claudia is worried that Michael will remember what she said.

Back at home, Carly and Jax talk about their baby. Carly says that she is grateful that they are having a child together.

Sonny and Jason visit with Michael. Michael wants to know what happened. Sonny informs Michael that it was his fault that Michael ended up in a coma. Jason interrupts and says that he wants to speak to Michael alone. Michael tells Jason that he is aware that he had an operation. Jason asks Michael to relax and take it easy. Michael is glad that Jason is by his side.

Outside of Michael’s room, Patrick and Sonny talk about Michael. Patrick tells Sonny that he needs to tell Michael that he was in an accident. Patrick can’t guarantee that Michael will stay awake. Jason leaves Michael’s room. Sonny checks in on Michael. Michael comments that he remembers something. Sonny asks him what he means, but Michael can’t remember any details. Sonny says that it is a miracle that Michael woke up. Sonny admits that he will never take Michael for granted.

At home, Carly tells Jax that she plans on calling the hospital for an update on Michael. Jax gives Carly a present for the baby. It is an activity gym. Carly tells him that it is a great gift. There is a knock on the door. It is Jason. Jason proudly announces that Michael is awake. Carly can’t believe it.

At the hospital, Lulu is surprised by Ethan’s announcement. Lulu admits that she is confused as to why Luke would want her to flirt with Ethan. Ethan says that the paternity test came back negative. Ethan comments that Tracy is acting strange about the whole thing.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Luke not to buy Holly’s story. Luke asks Holly point blank if he is Ethan’s father. Luke tells Tracy that she isn’t helping the situation. Luke thinks that Tracy is jealous. Holly decides to leave. Luke begs for her to stay, but Holly hurries out. Luke is mad at Tracy.

Ethan and Lulu continue to talk at the hospital. Ethan explains that Holly gave him a photo of Luke and Robert. Ethan says that he came to Port Charles to meet Luke. Ethan discloses that he was reluctant to go along with the paternity test.

Near the nurses’ station, Lulu asks Patrick about Michael. Patrick says that it is too early to tell if Michael will stay awake or not.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia tells Johnny that she is worried that Michael will remember her confession. Johnny says that Claudia is paranoid. Claudia says that there is something she needs to do.

At Wyndemere, Nik and Rebecca start kissing. Rebecca pulls away and brings up Alexis. Nikolas insists that Rebecca doesn’t need to worry about what Alexis thinks. Rebecca says that abstaining from sex for two weeks won’t be difficult. Nikolas doesn’t agree.

At the casino, Luke points out that Tracy drove Holly away. Tracy thinks that Holly wants Luke to chase her. Luke has no idea where Holly went.

Patrick returns home. There is a knock on his door. It is Holly. Holly asks if she can crash at his place.

Back at the hospital, Lulu asks Ethan if Holly lied about him being Luke’s son. Ethan asks Lulu how she feels about the possibility of them being brother and sister.

Sonny and Michael continue to talk. Carly walks in. Carly hugs Michael. Carly is relieved to see that Michael is awake. During the mother-son reunion, Sonny is smiling in the background.

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