GH Update Friday 5/15/09

General Hospital Update Friday 5/15/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Lulu finds Johnny on the Haunted Star, going over the books so he can decide whether to sell his shares to Sonny.

Tracy, Luke and Ethan flew home on the ELQ jet, after having not found Holly. They end up playing 21, with the winner asking a question and the loser having to tell the truth. When Ethan wins, he asks Tracy why she dislikes him so much. She says she just doesn't trust him. Tracy then asks Luke why they went to the bar in Singapore. Luke responded that it had memories attached to it. After returning to Port Charles, Luke is shocked to see Holly, who tells him they need to celebrate.

At the hospital, Jax tells Olivia he is concerned about Carly and the baby. She tells him what Carly needs most is Jax to support her and be there for her. Sonny, Jax and the doctor all tell Carly she needs to go home and get some rest. She refused and thinks they have all given up on Michael. She tells Sonny that her instincts are always right and that they are screaming that Michael will wake up. Jax stays with Carly after everyone else leaves. He reminds her that she's risking her health and her life and possibly the baby's. She finally agrees to go home for awhile.

Jason thinks that Claudia and Ric are in cahoots and she tells him that is ridiculous. Ric wants to know what he thinks it is they are conspiring together about. Jason tells him he doesn't know, just that they are always saying they hate each other, yet they are always together, especially when Sonny isn't around. Jason thinks Sonny should know how much time they spend together when Claudia experiences abdominal pain. Jason realizes that Ric is genuinely concerned about Claudia. Claudia gets in Ric's face and tells him to just go away. Jason wonders if Claudia knows what Ric did to Carly when she was pregnant with Morgan...that maybe that is why he's around so much, so he can kidnap her child as well. Ric tells him to shut up, that he's not helping.

Monica tells Edward that Michael will never come out of the coma. Edward is angry for not having fought Sonny harder when Michael was younger. When Monica leaves, Rebecca goes to comfort Edward, telling him that she understands regret. He tells Rebecca that she always reminds him of Emily. Nikolas comes by and takes her to Wyndemere, where Alexis yells at him for bringing her. She tells him that it's all part of Helena's evil plan and wants to know what Rebecca was doing in Greece.

Sonny actually goes to church and says he doesn't want Carly to pay for all his mistakes like Michael has. Olivia comes in and they talk about Sonny's childhood and old memories. She tells him that she still prays for that skinny little kid that used to slip into church and Sonny replies that it's too late for him; pray for Michael. He tells her he isn't going to walk out on his child with Claudia and she urges him to make the best out of it.

Lulu goes to the hospital to visit Michael in the hospital. She talks to him and apologizes for not having been around lately. Back at Carly and Jax's, Carly starts to feel a little lightheaded. Just then, at the hospital, as Lulu is commenting on how much Michael has grown, he squeezes her hand. She gasps and asks if he can hear her. He wants to know what happened to him. She tells him she'll get a nurse and he asks her not to leave him. She says it's a miracle.

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