GH Update Thursday 5/14/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/14/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Lucky complains to Elizabeth that Luke went running off to Singapore with Ethan. He can't understand why Luke would want to have any part of Ethan. He's angry that Luke cheated on Laura, but Elizabeth tries to reason with him telling him everyone makes mistakes and so have they. Lucky tells her that if Luke and Holly pull any stunts in Port Charles, he will make sure they get arrested for it. In Singapore, as Luke and Ethan investigate Holly's bar, Luke recounts the story of how he and Holly met. Tracy shows up wanting to know where Holly is. Two men try to take her jewelry, which she refuses to give up, and with her help, Ethan and Luke stop them. Unnoticed, a woman spies on them and then takes off.

Robin goes to therapy group where she shares that she is still having a hard time being able to express her love. She talks to Emma on the phone. She tells them she is really disappointed that she has to take medicines to be normal.

At the hospital, Claudia takes Sonny some food. She tells him she is there for him no matter what. Sonny tells to forget everything he's said to her, all the threats and innuendos. He just wants to know if she had anything at all to do with Michael's situation. She doesn't really answer him. He recounts that at that time there were really only four people who would have wanted him dead or to hurt him: Jerry, Ric, Anthony and her, Claudia. She tells him that it was not her doing. She tells him that if she had been responsible, she would have aborted their child, because she could not have carried all that guilt with her. Sonny tells her he will err on the side of caution and chooses to believe her for the sake of their baby. She kisses him and the hastily leaves.

In Michael's room, Monica tells Jason that she doubts Michael will ever wake up. Carly comes in and Monica leaves, leaving Jason with Carly. When Jax comes in with a bad mood, she tells him only positive attitude is allowed, prompting Jax to remind her about their baby and her other child, Morgan. Jason sees Claudia leaving Sonny's side. Sonny tells him he set his plan in motion and he just needs some proof before springing the trap and bringing it all to a head. Patrick tells Carly that Michael should have responded to the surgery by now. She wants desperately to be the perfect wife and that will be her weak point. He tells Jason that he has her believing that he thinks she is innocent of being involved in Michael's shooting and that she will become lax in protecting herself.

Claudia goes home to find Ric making himself at home. He taunts her about her "concern" for Michael's well-being. He hands her a court order for a paternity test when the baby is born. She yells and him and they argue and she asks what it is he wants. "My kid!" he answers. Jason stands in the doorway, hearing them argue.

Patrick is having a hard time dealing with Michael's lack of response. Monica tells him that doctors aren't gods, they are human. The reason he feels so attached to this case is that he has a child of his own. That makes it harder. Sonny tells Carly what Patrick's thoughts are on the outcome of Michael's surgery and she tells him that Patrick is wrong: Michael will wake up.

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