GH Update Wednesday 5/13/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/13/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH Nikolas comes to see Rebecca. She tries to get to work but he persists, telling her he needs a “full work up.”

At Crimson, Maxie and Lulu are nervous about losing their jobs because they still haven’t found the leak at Crimson.

On the Haunted Star Ethan is yelling on the phone at Billy. Ethan is trying to get information about Holly. Luke enters and they discuss Holly’s possible situation. Luke sees Ethan’s concern for Holly as evidence that Ethan also believes Holly could be his mom.

At Michael’s bedside Carly refuses to make the healthy meal Jax brought her. Patrick comes in to check on Michael. He explains that there is no timetable for Michael to wake up and just because he’s not awake yet doesn’t mean he won’t wake up. Carly says there is something Jax can do to help.

Nikolas continues to flirt but saying his life depends on her assisting him. Epiphany interrupts them.

Lulu doesn’t think they will actually get fired but Maxie is sure this screw-up will push Kate over the edge. Kate enters and both jump to help her. Kate wants to know the status of the leak and when neither can tell her she says they are both fired.

Ethan says he doesn’t think Holly is his mom. Luke says Holly can take care of herself but sees that Ethan is invested in the idea. Ethan admits to having the seed of possibility planted by all of Luke’s talk of them being family.

In the main waiting room of GH Olivia brings Jax coffee. They discuss Michael’s condition. Olivia says she can handle things at the MetroCourt and will let Jax know anything if she needs to. Jax tells Olivia that Carly’s request is to have Michael’s room ready for when he comes home.

Carly talks to Michael about Jax wanting her to eat well and how much she doesn’t want to eat the oatmeal. Patrick enters. Carly tells him she’s grateful he went against Dr. Henson.

At the MetroCourt Diane meets up with Alexis to look at shoes and talk a little business. Max comes in and says he has the day off and has a hotel pass key. He then tells Diane that she looks bodacious and heads upstairs. Diane tells Alexis she’ll be back in 10, I mean 40 minutes.

Nikolas says he can take time with the staff if he wants. Epiphany says its inappropriate at the hospital. Then calls them both foolish for forgetting about Emily’s connection to all of this.

Kate tells them to leave a list of their responsibilities for their replacements. Maxie steps up and tells Kate not to fire Lulu. Lulu then says Kate should keep Maxie and fire her. Kate is unmoved. Just then Spinelli comes in and says he cracked the case like a nut.

Ethan says he thinks it’s a possibility that Tracey tampered with the DNA results. Tracey enters and Ethan says he’s sticking around, partly because of Lulu. Luke’s phone rings and he smiles.

Spinelli tries to bring up the evidence. Lulu and Maxie continue to give each other compliments. Spinelli says he’s zeroed in on the culprit and Maxie and Lulu gather around his laptop. Both are shocked and Maxie calls the person pictured a bitch.

Rebecca is on the phone and says “I know things are taking longer than we planned but things couldn’t be going better.” She hangs up when she sees Edward. He tells he he’s not stalking her but can’t stop thinking about Emily when he sees her. She apologizes but says there’s nothing she can do about her face. He then asks for help finding Michael’s room.

Bobby enters Michael’s room. She looks at Michael’s charts and reiterates what Patrick said earlier. Carly tells Jax tells Olivia that Carly thinks everything will go back to normal if Michael wakes up, but he seems skeptical. Jax discusses the negative possibilities of what could happen if Michael does indeed wake up, like not being able to talk or not recognizing Carly. And if he doesn’t wake up

Then his new room will be a shrine. Olivia says Carly has all the same concerns and fears but she needs to know that Jax has faith.

Diane and Max are in bed talking dirty to each other. She said she could keep going forever but shoes are waiting for her. Diane then sees that her blouse is ripped and therefore trapped in her room. She calls Alexis to buy her a new blouse.

Edward talks to Rebecca about Michael and Edwards regrets regarding Michael’s life. Edward tells her not to let a moment of her life pass.

Monica finds Bobby sitting by Michael’s bedside. Carly enters and asks Michael to wake up and say hi to his grandmothers.

Spinelli tells Lulu, Maxie, and Kate the video which features a junior editor as the culprit. Kate calls Human Resources and has Clarice fired. Kate then gives Maxie and Lulu their new assignments and tells them to get back to work.

Luke is very worried on the phone with Holly. He thinks he hears a gun shot and then the line dies. Ethan and Luke are concerned but Tracey thinks Holly is messing with them.

At the MetroCourt Nikolas meets Rebecca for dinner and Nikolas tells her he rented a room, if she wants.

Maxie and Lulu are both busy making calls for Kate. When Kate leaves Maxie and Lulu are so happy to still have their jobs. Spinelli then informs them that Clarice is innocent and the guilty person is still out there.

Nikolas and Rebecca can’t even wait to make it into the hotel room to start making out. They lean up against the door and then finally make it into the room.

Luke packs a bag of money and he and Ethan plan to head to Singapore. Tracey tells them not to go.

Jax tells Carly that Michael’s room is underway. Carly is now concerned that Michael may not want his room changed. She says they should prepare for the possibility that Michael may come back different.

Alexis accidentally walks in on Nikolas and Rebecca thinking it’s Diane and Max’s room.

Maxie thinks it’s important to find the truth but Lulu thinks they should just let Clarice take the fall. Spinelli then shows them a video with the true thief, which turns out to be Kate. Both Lulu and Maxie yell, “That bitch.”

Ethan and Luke look at flights to Singapore. Luke then asks Tracey about the ELQ jet, which she refuses. Luke tries to kiss Tracey goodbye but she turns away. When they leave Tracey makes a call to have the jet ready to go to Singapore.

Patrick comes in again to check on Michael. He tells Carly and Jax that Michael is stable but he expected Michael to be awake by now. He says he’s concerned that if Michael doesn’t wake up in the next few hours then he never will.

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