GH Update Tuesday 5/12/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/12/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Lulu and Ethan are on the docks. Lulu is trying to figure out why Luke is trying to mess with Tracey and why Ethan has become the pawn in their game.

At the Haunted Star Tracey and Luke argue over Luke keeping Ethan around even though they aren’t father and son.

On the GH roof Jason decides to go back to Carly but Sam tells him everyone needs a break sometimes. Jason explains that he left the room because of Claudia since he was ready to tell everyone about Claudia’s involvement.

Carly calls Patrick in the OR and gets him on the phone. Patrick explains that if they start the surgery right now Michael will spend the rest of his life in a coma, but he can’t promise that he can bring Michael back if he crashes again. Carly tells Patrick to finish the procedure.

At the Crimson offices Maxie and Spinelli are still where they started when it comes to catching the Crimson thief. They both blame themselves and Spinelli feels bad for failing. Maxie is worried about her and Lulu’s job but Spinelli has a plan B.

Tracey uses Luke’s disconnect with Lucky as his reason for wanting to bond with Ethan. Luke tells Tracey that she has this problem because of Holly.

Lulu thinks maybe Tracey is just trying to protect her from getting involved with another dead end guy, and keeping her from getting hurt. She thinks Ethan and Tracey may have some things in common, like being decent inside a cool exterior. Just before Lulu tells Ethan to be careful with whatever Luke and Tracey are doing to him she tells him she doesn’t have romantic feelings for him.

Sam agrees now is not the time to tell everyone especially Carly about Claudia’s involvement. Jason thinks it may never be a good time because of Jax’s connection to Jerry. Jason continues to blame himself for not protecting Michael and for helping Carly make this decision that could kill him.

In the waiting room Sonny and Jax tell Carly that she made the right decision and that they all want wants best for Michael. Claudia storms out of the room and Sonny follows her. Jax offers Carly his support.

Out in the hall Sonny tells Claudia not to stress herself out because she’s pregnant. She says she’s not trying to stress Carly out and she shouldn’t have gone off on Jason but she doesn’t think it’s right that Carly always defers to Jason to make decisions that should be made by Sonny. Sonny sees that Claudia is genuinely scared that Michael might die.

Spinelli hacks into MetroCourt security cameras and is looking at old footage. Maxie sees a couple holes in his plan but knows he can do it if he tries hard enough. Kate comes in and checks on the investigation before leaving again.

Johnny meets up with Tracey at the docks who had asked him to meet her. She tells him Lulu is rebounding with Ethan and tells Johnny to get Lulu away from him. Johnny asks why Tracey has had such a change of heart since the days of her telling Lulu to get far away from Johnny.

Sam is confused why or how Claudia could even be sitting with Michael’s family. Jason doesn’t think Claudia cares at all. He says people think the same about him, but Sam assures him that he feels and cares and loves so much. Jason says he sees that Claudia is lying and acting every time she cries or whines or brings up her pregnancy. Sam is worried about Jason because she has never heard him talk about someone with so much hate.

Carly and Jax discuss their house plans. Jax admits to making all the kids rooms bigger and about what a great big brother Michael will be to their new baby. Sonny and Claudia come back in and Carly tells Sonny they haven’t received any new news.

Tracey says her dislike of him stemmed from his mob family which he is now not a part of. Johnny tells Tracey that he’s worse for Lulu then Ethan is.

At the Haunted Star Ethan tells Luke that he knows he’s up to something by sending him out with Lulu. Ethan thinks it’s a perverse plan having Lulu date the man Luke suspects to be her brother all because Luke thinks Tracey switched the DNA results. Ethan notices that Tracey did seem very distressed.

Jason knows Claudia doesn’t want Michael to die because it could help her. Sam offers some advice, Jason should go downstairs and help Sonny and Carly. If Michael lives then who shot him is less important, if he dies then they can worry about who did it. Right now what’s important is Michael’s family. Jason thanks her and heads downstairs.

Carly tells Sonny that construction on their new house starts next week and Michael has a room overlooking the lake. Claudia says she’s sure Michael will like it which causes Carly to become agitated and leave the room. Sonny goes after her leaving Jax and Claudia alone. Claudia tells him she’s doing the best she can and will leave when Sonny asks her to.

Patrick, Matt and the team continue the surgery. It is almost done.

Spinelli sees a clue that shows their layout has been copied but Maxie isn’t sure why this is relevant. Lulu comes back and wonders what they’ve been doing this whole time since they don’t have any clues. Tracey comes in and lectures Lulu about Ethan and how Lulu can do better. Lulu wants to know what this is all about.

Ethan doesn’t think there’s anything else to talk about regarding the paternity test, but Luke knows something is up. Ethan gets upset and says they need to just take the test results as they are.

Jason, Sonny, Carly, and Jax try to wait patiently to hear from Patrick. Sonny and Carly agree that they have to stay positive.

In the OR Patrick is done and begins closing Michael up. Matt gives Patrick a compliment on his surgery.

Lulu leaves Maxie and Spinelli to figure things out. Maxie is worried that Spinelli won’t be able to fix this but Spinelli assures her he’ll figure it out.

Kate is on the phone and tells the other person that she’s done stealing her own layouts.

Luke and Ethan continue to argue. Luke wants to know if Tracey is lying and Ethan just wants to be left out of it. Ethan wants to know how they will prove Tracey is lying. Luke says there is a sure fire way to find out.

In the GH chapel Claudia lights a candle and prays for a second a chance. She admits for being there for self interests but that she’s also there for Michael because he deserves a second chance. Ric overhears and says lightning may strike because of her statement.

Patrick comes in to tell everyone Michael will be in his room shortly and the surgery went well. Now they have to wait. The rest is up to Michael.

Luke says he’s just going to call Holly and find out. Ethan is suspicious of this plan but Luke thinks Holly is a better shot then Tracey. Luke dials and Tracey tells him to hang up because Holly will just lie. Someone picks up on the other end but there’s bad reception. Tracey thinks this is all a scam on Holly’s part.

Claudia tells Ric to leave. Ric says he’s just checking on the mother of his child. Claudia says if Michael dies Ric can hold this over her head forever. Ric knows that Sonny will make sure Claudia pays if Michael doesn’t wake up.

Sonny and Jason are alone in the waiting room. Sonny tries to explain that there was a reason he wanted Claudia there but Jason doesn’t want to talk about her. He just wants to be hapy that Michael made it through surgery. Sonny thanks Jason for making the decision and taking the burden off Carly and him. Jason says all he wants is for Michael to wake up.

Carly and Jax enter their home. Morgan (a newly aged version) comes in, he’s been waiting up for them. Carly tells Morgan about Michael’s operation and that they hope he’s going to wake up.

We close with a shot of Michael lying in his hospital bed.

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