GH Update Monday 5/11/09

General Hospital Update Monday 5/11/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu flirts with Ethan. Lulu kisses Ethan when she hears Tracy’s voice behind her. Horrified, Tracy yells for them to stop.

In the OR, Michael starts to code on the operating table.

In the hospital’s private waiting area, Carly, Jax, Sonny, and Jason are waiting to hear word about Michael’s operation. Suddenly, Epiphany alerts the hospital staff that they have an emergency in the OR. Carly senses that something is wrong with Michael. Carly wants to go see what’s wrong, but Jax stops her.

Back at the casino, Tracy is adamant that Lulu and Ethan need to stay away from each other. Tracy brings up that Ethan should be fired since he is flirting with Lulu, the boss’s daughter. Luke shows up and Tracy asks him what he is going to do about the situation.

During their stakeout, Maxie and Spinelli make out. Maxie pulls away when she notices the dot is moving on the computer.

Nikolas shows up at Rebecca’s room and overhears Alexis bribing Rebecca to leave her nephew alone. Nikolas defends Rebecca and Alexis walks out. Rebecca thinks that Alexis needs to get a life. Nikolas explains why Alexis is so overprotective of her family members. Rebecca suggests that Nik check on his aunt. Nikolas implies that he will be back later. Nikolas kisses Rebecca goodbye.

Patrick and Elizabeth are able to resuscitate Michael.

In the waiting area, everyone is patiently waiting to hear word about Michael. Epiphany informs them that Michael is okay and that Patrick is continuing with the operation. Jax doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Jason sits next to Carly and rubs her back.

Outside of the room, Jax and Sonny discuss Patrick’s frame of mind. Jax is outraged that Patrick wants to continue with the surgery. Jax asks Sonny to use his parental right to persuade Carly to stop the procedure. Sonny isn’t sure of what to do. Sonny thinks that Carly will be devastated if the surgery is aborted.

Jason and Carly talk about memories of Michael. Carly begins to cry and comments that she can’t wait to bring Michael to the beach. Jason has tears in his eyes.

Spinelli is driving. Maxie tells him to speed up. They are following the tracker, the one attached to Crimson’s layout.

Olivia shows up at the hospital with some fruit and veggie platters. Jax thanks her. Claudia comments that she is starving. Olivia is shocked that Claudia hasn’t been told to leave the hospital.

Jax returns to the waiting area. Jax asks how Carly is doing. Carly tells him that she is doing better. Jax reassures her that everything is going to work out.

In the lobby, Claudia is mean towards Olivia. Claudia walks away. Olivia says that Sonny needs to tell Claudia to go home for Carly’s sake. Sonny is adamant that he needs Claudia to remain at the hospital.

Johnny shows up at the hospital to meet with Claudia. Claudia updates Johnny on Michael’s condition and mentions that his heart stopped briefly. Johnny reminds her that Michael needs to live or Claudia is in big trouble.

In the waiting area, Olivia asks Jax why Claudia hasn’t left. Carly returns to the room and asks what is going on. Olivia changes the subject.

In the hospital lobby, Claudia and Johnny are discussing Michael’s surgery. Claudia thinks that Sonny is getting suspicious.

Sonny and Jason talk about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Sonny is resolute that he needs to find some evidence pointing towards Claudia.

Nikolas meets with Alexis on the pier. Alexis is thankful that Nikolas wanted to talk about Rebecca. Nikolas insists that Rebecca isn’t scheming with Helena. Alexis believes that it is no coincidence that Rebecca looks just like Emily.

In the waiting area, Jax tries to convince Carly to stop Michael’s operation. Jason sticks up for Carly. Carly wants to know what Sonny’s opinion is. Sonny tells Carly that it is ultimately her decision about the surgery. Jax pipes in that Dr. Henson was against the procedure. Claudia makes a comment and Olivia tells her that no one cares what she thinks. Sonny is frustrated and says they need to make a decision soon. Claudia thinks that they should stop the surgery. Irritated, Jason screams that being in a coma is no life for Michael. Claudia’s comeback to Jason: “Who died and made you God?” Carly just glares at Claudia. There is an awkward silence. Claudia makes some snide remarks towards Jason. Jax asks Claudia to be quiet. Claudia insists that Sonny needs to have a say in Michael’s surgery. Jason is growing impatient by Claudia’s attitude. Claudia finally leaves the waiting area.

Michael’s surgery continues. Matt praises Patrick for his good work.

Maxie and Spinelli continue to follow the tracker, the dot blinking on the laptop. Maxie is shocked that Spinelli drove through a red light. Maxie suggests that Spinelli watch the tracker while she drives.

Back at the casino, Lulu questions why Tracy doesn’t like Ethan anymore. Tracy is acting suspicious. Lulu remarks that she likes spending time with Ethan. Tracy asks Luke if he is going to allow Ethan and Lulu to hang out together. Lulu and Ethan leave the casino. Tracy questions Luke on why he doesn’t care if Lulu and Ethan spend time together.

On the pier, Nik confides to Alexis that he is beginning to have strong feelings for Rebecca. Alexis is disappointed that she couldn’t get through to her nephew. Alexis walks away.

Spinelli changes places with Maxie and watches the dot move on the laptop. Maxie says that the tracker is moving towards the Metro Court.

Back at the casino, Tracy brings up Lulu’s former relationship with Logan. Tracy reminds Luke that he needs to be more protective of his daughter. Luke is unconvinced that Ethan is a bad influence on Lulu.

Near the docks, Ethan and Lulu sit on a bench and talk about their lives.

Jason goes up on the hospital roof to get some air. Sam shows up and asks how Michael’s surgery went. Sam asks if she should leave, but Jason tells her to stay.

In the waiting area, Carly confides to Olivia that Jax appears to be mad at her. Carly doesn’t understand why Sonny wants Claudia to wait with them. Olivia insists that Carly needs to stay strong and focus on Michael’s recovery. Olivia reassures Carly that she needs to follow her heart, regarding Michael. Jax returns and Olivia leaves, so he and Carly can talk in private. Jax apologizes for suggesting they stop Michael’s surgery.

In the lobby, Claudia apologizes to Sonny about her behavior in the waiting area. Claudia admits that Jason gets to her. All of a sudden, Johnny shows up. Sonny can’t believe that Claudia’s brother came to the hospital. Claudia tells Johnny that she is okay. Johnny leaves. Jax rushes out of the waiting area and tells Sonny that Carly made a decision about Michael’s operation.

Spinelli and Maxie return to the Crimson office. Spinelli wants to leave the lights off, but Maxie suddenly turns them all on. Maxie finds the Crimson layout on her desk. Maxie thinks that they made a mistake during their stakeout.

At the casino, Tracy is adamant that Luke needs to fire Ethan immediately.

On the docks, Lulu talks about Luke’s plan for her to flirt with Ethan to irritate Tracy. Ethan thinks it is funny, but Lulu questions what Luke’s true motives are.

On the hospital roof, Jason explains to Sam about Michael’s surgery. Jason says that Carly feels torn about the whole thing. Jason adds that he told Carly to go through with Michael’s surgery. Jason comments that if the operation isn’t successful, it’s on him.

In the OR, Carly makes a call to Patrick. She asks how Michael is doing. Patrick admits that Michael’s heart stopped earlier. Carly wants to know if the surgery can be stopped. Patrick tells her that he might not be able to resuscitate Michael again.

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