GH Update Friday 5/8/09

General Hospital Update Friday 5/8/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Mike interrupts Nikolas and Rebecca getting down and dirty. Mike is worried about Nikolas getting involved with Rebecca. They tell him it’s none of his business; they care for each other. Just then, Alexis calls Nikolas and tells him he needs to get down to General Hospital as soon as possible. When Nikolas arrives, he finds Alexis doing her best to get hold of Rebecca’s medical files.

Alexis tells him he needs to stop seeing Rebecca before bad things happen. Alexis leaves and goes to Rebecca’s and offers to pay her if she’ll just leave Port Charles and never see Nikolas again.

She tells her she understands why she took Helena’s money and that she can’t blame her, but that she needs to leave.

Nikolas walks in during the accusation and tells Alexis that Rebecca isn’t in cahoots with Helena but that if she was, he couldn’t care less.

Luke asks Lulu to pretend to be interested in Ethan to get back at Tracy. Tracy walks in while they’re plotting but then has to leave because of an ELQ emergency.

Unfortunately for Tracy, she didn’t know that Lulu made it up to make her go away. Luke was tickled pink with Lulu’s dirty deed and she was having fun teaming up with her dad.

Sonny, Carly, Jax and Claudia wait anxiously while Michael has his operation. Claudia makes a joke about waiting being her worst event and Sonny escorts her out. He tells her to go on home but she says no, she’ll be back once she sees the doctor. As she is leaving, she runs into Johnny, who tells her the same thing. She responds that she is trying to show Sonny that she is his partner and that when Michael wakes up, there won’t be a reason to kill her. Johnny tells her she is deluding herself.

When Jax leaves to meet with Olivia on the pretense of informing Sonny of Claudia’s part in Michael’s shooting, Carly thanks Jason for putting Michael first and not leaving for business. She asks him how he can be so calm and Jason shows her a meditation technique that helps him. Sonny walks in and is amused. Claudia shows back up and Jax asks her to leave and she retorts that the only person who can tell her to leave is Sonny, her husband. Sonny begins to question Jax’s attitude, assuming he must have found proof that Claudia was involved, when Carly comes back into the room.

Spinelli tells Maxie they need to find some sort of bait to trap the person stealing designs and selling them. Maxie happens to have a layout she had shown to Kate and to prove she has faith in Spinelli, offers it to him to use. He puts a tracking device on it just as Kate and Johnny show up. Kate informs Maxie that she and Johnny have a ‘date’ that night, completely ruining the warm and fuzzies between Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie tells her no, that she needs to stay there and find the thief. Johnny says he didn’t do it and left. Kate reminds her that if they don’t find the thief, then she and Lulu can find other jobs. Maxie and Spinelli go out to the van to wait for the thief to show up and he kisses her and Maxie responds fervently.

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