GH Update Thursday 5/7/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/7/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.


Epiphany informs Luke that Ethan is not his son. Luke wants to rerun the test but she gently tells him that it won’t make Ethan his son. Luke is devastated but Tracy, of course, is overjoyed. Ethan is relieved and takes his leave. Luke decides to hold on to the results.

Spinelli goes to Crimson to apologize for thinking she was manipulating him with her latest request. He made sure that she understood that Lulu would be his client, not Maxie. Spinelli gets on Maxie’s computer to look for info but asks her to stop standing over him. Ethan stops by to tell Lulu that her father needs some support. They leave and Kate comes in demanding to know why Spinelli is on the company’s computer. He tells her he is setting up a firewall. Kate then proceeds to ream out Maxie for losing the shoe layout to Couture. She tells Maxie she had better fix her mistakes or she’ll fire both her and Lulu.

Back at General Hospital, Sonny and Patrick discuss the results of Michael’s surgery. Sonny and Jax argue about telling Carly, with Jax opposed. Patrick tells them there aren’t much time and Sonny sides with Jax. Patrick disagrees but keeps his mouth shut.

Jax goes to sit with Michael and is surprised to see Carly there. Carly tells Jax that she will be there with Michael regardless, that he needs her. Carly tells Patrick to get ready for the surgery. Later, Matt tells Patrick he is an idiot for doing a risky surgery without Dr. Henson there. Patrick asks if he’s going to assist him. "Looks like you're driving over a cliff and I'm riding shotgun," Matt replied.

Sonny decides to tell Claudia all about Michael’s surgery and the risks involved. She is sympathizing with him when Carly, Jax and Jason show up. Carly tells him that she has told Patrick to go ahead with the surgery and Jason agrees. Sonny asks everyone but Carly to leave so they can be with Michael. They both tell Michael they love him and that everything will be okay. Carly kisses Michael and Elizabeth comes in to take him to the OR.

Back at the Haunted Star, Tracy finds it hard to believe Luke is taking Ethan not being his son so hard. Lulu wants to know what’s bothering her father. Later on, she and Ethan do a little flirting back and forth and Tracy sends Ethan on an errand to get him away from Lulu. She doesn’t want them to get too close. Luke wonders what Tracy is up to and why she seemed so upset that Lulu and Ethan were flirting.

Rebecca and Nikolas spend the day together painting and getting closer. They share an intimate kiss. Michael goes into surgery and Sonny and Carly play the waiting game.

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