GH Update Wednesday 5/6/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/6/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Wyndemere Rebecca tells Nikolas that the boat is fixed and she can be taken home. They discuss his nightmare the night before and Rebecca thanks him for letting her stay. Nikolas asks if she thinks he spends all of his time brooding over Emily and she replies yes.

At his PI office Spinelli sits in a chair as he voiceovers sitting alone without a case or a woman. He takes out a flask and pours himself a shot of orange soda. Maxie comes in and says she has a case, but Spinelli doesn’t want to hear it.

On the Haunted Star Ethan is doing inventory when Luke walks in. Lucky arrives and tells them that the neighborhood has been hit by a string of robberies and Ethan is a suspect. Luke gives him an alibi and tells Lucky that he’s potentially his father.

Jason visit Michael in the hospital. Patrick walks in and tells him the procedure has to happen immediately.

Maxie says she’s not lying and apologizes for having lied before. He tells her to go to Johnny for help. She tells him that Couture has stolen Crimson fall lay-outs and he’s the only one that can help.

Nikolas explains to Rebecca that he likes her for her. She says they shouldn’t do this right now and should go. Nikolas offers to help her with her errands, which turns out to be painting her room at Kelly’s. She accepts his offer to help.

Lucky, like most, claims Ethan is just playing him. Luke explains that Ethan was sent by Holly. Lucky thinks that Luke wants this because Ethan is just like him, and doesn’t know the truth about him because he isn’t Lucky.

Patrick says they need to start Michael’s procedure today and will need Sonny to sign off since Carly isn’t back yet.

Maxie rambles about a leak in Crimson and says she wouldn’t lie about something like this. Spinelli asks her point back if she’s attracted to Johnny. She doesn’t want to answer and then admits it but says she’s attracted to Spinelli in more important ways. She tells him this isn’t the time to talk about Johnny.

Nikolas arrives at Rebecca’s in his typical black pants and black button-up. Rebecca laughs at him for his clothes. They argue about painting and she gives him the tape to start with the windows.

Lucky attacks Ethan for setting Luke up and just wanting Tracey’s money. Lucky says he will use his badge to make Ethan’s life a living hell. He says he’s more than mad then points out that given Ethan’s age Luke must have cheated on Laura. Luke says he’s not a saint and then points out that Lucky accepted Nikolas. Lucky says it’s not the same and tells Luke he can’t tell Lulu about this.

Elizabeth and Patrick discuss the night before and she tells him that she hopes things will work out with Lucky. Patrick tells her he’s looking for Dr. Henson and they need to move up Michael’s surgery. Matt questions Patrick and says the choice of Michael’s surgery is up to Dr. Henson.

Jason tells Jax that Patrick wants to move the surgery up. Jax says this is a bad time for Carly because she’s not prepared right now.

Nikolas helps Rebecca move furniture and thinks he’s a great help. Rebecca says he doesn’t have to help with the actual painting because she doesn’t want to redo all his work. Rebecca then says she doesn’t want him to leave and hands him a paint brush.

Spinelli still thinks she’s lying but she insists she’s not. Lulu comes in and backs up Maxie’s story but Spinelli just thinks it’s a more elaborate plan

Lucky reiterates not telling Lulu about his infidelity. Luke says Lulu should know. Ethan steps in to defend Luke which sets Lucky off again. Luke says if Ethan is related to them Lulu will have to know. Lucky asks that they keep the results to themselves and not hurt Lulu. Tracey walks in and Lucky tells her to keep Luke from breaking Lulu’s heart.

Elizabeth comes in to check on Michael and finds Jason. Elizabeth wishes Jason could forgive himself, but Jason is just glad Jake will be safe. They bond over the fact that Jake’s birthday is tomorrow and Elizabeth says it would be great if Michael woke up on that day too.

Jax bumps into Dr. Henson who tells him she’s leaving for Germany immediately for a family emergency but that this will not effect Michael’s surgery next month. Jax is confused since Patrick said the surgery should be moved up. Patrick walks up and Dr. Henson tells Patrick that he has no right to go behind her back and she can’t possibly do the surgery now. She says the test changes aren’t a crucial factor and she says she needs to do it when she returns. Patrick says he’ll do it but Jax says they will do what Dr. Henson thinks. Dr. Henson wants Patrick off the surgical team and leaves. Jax tells Patrick this isn’t about Patrick it’s about Michael.

Jax goes to tell Jason that the surgery will wait. He thinks Michael’s chances are best with Dr. Henson and Carly shouldn’t be told about all of this.

Lulu says this isn’t a scam and they really need Spinelli’s help. Spinelli still thinks Lulu is lying for Maxie. They leave and say they will go find Sam to help.

Rebecca makes fun of Nikolas’ meticulous painting style. She stops him and they go to move the dresser.

Lucky shows up at the hospital and apologizes for being late to Elizabeth. It’s the day for Jake’s birthday. Elizabeth tells him about Michael’s surgery and how she’s feeling bad for not accepting the danger of Jason. She thanks Lucky for opening his heart to her boys. He doesn’t tell her about Luke and Ethan. And they decide to go to the pizza arcade.

Tracey suggests going to get the results at the hospital. Ethan suggests just forgetting the whole thing but Luke isn’t having it. They all head to the hospital.

At the Crimson office Lulu and Maxie are running around on the phone. Lulu blames Maxie for alienating Spinelli. Just then he arrives and says he’ll help, but only for Lulu not Maxie.

Jason talks to Michael and questions Dr. Henson’s choice, thinking maybe Patrick is right. Carly enters glad to see them both. She tells him she’s close to being out of danger and went through a lot of tests. She said she has a lot of restrictions that will help her get through the pregnancy safely.

Patrick leaves an urgent message for Sonny. Jax overhears and says he will do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Rebecca has Nikolas move the bureau over and over again until he pulls a muscle. She tells him to lie down and take his clothes off.

Luke and Ethan arrive to get their DNA test results.

What we think may be sounds of Nikolas and Rebecca having sex are really just her giving him a back massage.

As Luke, Ethan and Tracey wait for the results Luke says he can stay even if he’s not related. Epiphany comes in with the results.

Patrick admits to having an ego but says he can do this procedure. He thinks Dr. Henson is overlooking something. Patrick truly believe this has to be done now but Jax says no.

Carly says Michael looks great. Jason has something to tell her. He explains Patrick’s concerns. Carly is mad Patrick is even involved but Jason explains that Patrick thinks this may be Michael’s only hope.

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