GH Update Tuesday 5/5/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/5/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Rebecca kiss and undress each other.

Elizabeth, Lucky, Cameron and Jake spend time at Elizabeth’s house.

At Olivia’s front door Sonny brings her the cell phone she left at his house and invites himself in.

At the mansion, Claudia collapses in pain and calls for Max but Ric is the one who come in. She tells him she thinks she’s losing the baby.

Olivia tells Sonny she’s not telling him where Carly is. Sonny admits he needed an excuse to get away from Claudia. He asks for a glass of wine. Olivia reminds him that she told him not to marry Claudia and now he’s trapped. Olivia says Claudia should raise the child on her own, which causes Sonny to bring up Dante. Sonny is amazed that Olivia raised him alone. Olivia warns Sonny about how crazy Claudia is, but Sonny says she doesn’t see the positives although he’s starting to feel like he and Claudia are a little too normal.

Claudia asks Ric to call 911 but he says he’ll take her. Claudia refuses and continues to call for Max. Ric asks if she called 911 when he was drugged and toys with her about calling 911.

At the Haunted Star Ethan sneaks in and snoops in the lock box only to find a grocery list. Luke finds him and knows he’s looking to steal so he can leave the second the DNA results come back. Ethan suggests just forgetting about it but Luke doesn’t want to.

Elizabeth and Lucky sit on the couch after putting the boys to bed. Lucky says Jake must have gotten his thoughtfulness from Jason, but tells Elizabeth that doesn’t bother him because he loves Jake just the way he is. They then discuss how the evening started and both are glad they ended up there together. Lucky wants to know how they can get it right this time.

Rebecca stops Nikolas and tells him that while she has wanted this for a long time she needs to know, if they sleep together, who is she going to be for him, herself or Emily. Nikolas says he wants to be with her but she gets up. He asks why she came over and she says she wanted to explain and she does want this to happen but not while he’s so drunk. She leaves telling him to call when he’s sobered up.

Ethan asks why Luke even wants to be his dad since he hates fatherhood so much. Luke explains it’s the traditional fatherhood he doesn’t like, but he loves his kids. Luke tells him he doesn’t know why he wants to know if he’s Ethan’s dad but part of it is because he likes Ethan. He then tells Ethan he has no expectations even if Ethan is his. Tracey arrives.

Olivia tells Sonny that Claudia is only having this baby to hold on to him. Sonny says he’s already trapped and brings up the old town boys of Bensonhurst. Olivia tells Sonny to buy Claudia off and send her away because he has enough on his mind. Olivia says Claudia is playing with him.

Ric gives Claudia the phone and she calls Johnny. She then calls the hospital as Ric is yelling at her that Sonny won’t need her when he finds out she can’t carry the baby. He then switches gears and promises he’ll drive her, he doesn’t want her to die quite yet, especially if she could be carrying his child. She agrees and they leave.

Sonny tells Olivia that there was no reason not to sleep with Claudia, it was kind of a game. Then he tells her that Claudia did something, although he won’t say what, but it’s the reason Claudia needs to stay in town.

Claudia and Ric arrives at the hospital and demands that Ric leaves. Claudia is taken to an exam room and Epiphany says she’ll call Sonny.

Tracey says she understands needing a father and admits to wishing she had better relationships with her sons. Luke says he doesn’t miss any connections he just wants to know the truth. Tracey thinks Ethan and Holly are exploiting Luke. Ethan freaks out and says he doesn’t want to be Luke’s son.

Elizabeth and Lucky eat and discuss Eli’s, which Lucky thought he introduced her to back then but apparently she had spent time there during her time as a wild child.

Rebecca tells Nikolas that the “guy in the boat” won’t take her back to the mainland. She asks if she can stay in a guest room.

Nikolas continues to drink and tells someone on the phone to fix the situation with the boat. Rebecca comes back in wearing a white robe and nightgown. Nikolas asks where she got it while staring at her. She says the maid gave it to her and then notices the way Nikolas is staring at her, she guesses it was Emily’s.

Elizabeth and Lucky laugh. Elizabeth tells Lucky that getting back with Jason isn’t an option for her. They discuss the mistakes they both made. Elizabeth says they should take things slow and try to work things out.

Tracey wants to know why Ethan took a DNA test if he doesn’t Luke to be his father. Ethan says he promised Luke he’d stay because Luke has been good to him. Tracey leaves and Ethan says she’s right. Ethan recounts his bad qualities and asks why Luke would even want him to be his son.

Sonny says his life shouldn’t ruin this child’s life. Sonny says he shouldn’t have slept with her and he wishes she wasn’t pregnant but there’s nothing that can be done now. He gets a call from Epiphany about Claudia.

Dr. Kim tells Claudia that they will no more when the test results come back. Claudia says she doesn’t want Sonny called and gets very upset when Dr. Kim tells her she’s sure he’s already been notified. Claudia is adamant that Sonny not hear the test results especially if she’s going to lose the baby. Dr. Kim tells her she’s a long way from a miscarriage but tells Claudia to calm down. When she leaves Ric enters. He thinks she will try to fake the pregnancy if she miscarries.

Nikolas says all of Emily’s things are supposed to be out of the house. Rebecca says the tags were still on it and says she’ll change. Nikolas tells her it’s not necessary but Rebecca feels bad. Nikolas tells her she should go to bed.

Elizabeth asks where they would be if Lucky had never vanished in that fire. Lucky thinks they would still be together and they start naming past lovers who probably never would have been including Sarah, Xander, Jason, and Sam, to name a few. She says they always end up together but they are both worried about the boys. They decide to be honest and appreciate what they have but not to make promises to the kids.

Luke tells Ethan a little about his family history, which includes an aunt who owned a whore house. Luke is worried Lucky is caught in a dead end life. He hopes Ethan sticks around if he’s his father. Ethan asks if he should stick around even if they aren’t related.

Tracey arrives at the hospital and asks Epiphany for a first look at the DNA results. Epiphany isn’t swayed by Tracey’s threats.

Sonny arrives at the hospital and asks how she’s feeling. She says he has enough on his mind. Dr. Kim comes in with the results and Sonny asks if they are going to lose the baby. Claudia takes Sonny’s hand and Dr. Kim tells them the baby is fine but Claudia’s blood sugar is low and she shouldn’t skip meals. Sonny says he didn’t plan any of this but as far as the baby is concerned she’s not alone in this, which Ric overhears.

Luke says he wants Ethan to stick around no matter what because he has talent. Ethan says he hopes they aren’t related because he’d like to stick around.

Elizabeth says they were their own worst enemies but have learned to forgive each other. Lucky asks if they are a couple again and not seeing other people and then they kiss. Cam sees and runs to them excited that mom and dad are getting back together.

Nikolas falls asleep and dreams about Emily. He wakes up and Rebecca is there.

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