GH Update Monday 5/4/09

General Hospital Update Monday 5/4/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Nikolas barges into Rebecca’s room. Nikolas is shocked to see Lucky and Rebecca in an intimate moment. Rebecca tells Nik that she wants to speak to Lucky alone.

Sonny returns home and is surprised to see Jax and Claudia talking in the living room. Sonny questions what the two of them could be discussing.

On the docks, a man steals Maxie’s purse. Thankfully, Johnny shows up. Johnny punches the man and they fall to the ground.

Back in Rebecca’s room, Lucky puts on his shirt and tells Rebecca that he is going to leave. Rebecca admits that she likes spending time with Lucky, but Nikolas supported her through the cancer scare. Rebecca says that her and Nikolas bonded. Rebecca divulges that she wanted to get back at Nikolas for thinking she was in cahoots with Helena. Lucky realizes that Rebecca went out with him to make Nikolas jealous.

Patrick shows up at Elizabeth’s home. Patrick tells Liz that he needs a babysitter for a few hours. Elizabeth says that she was out drinking all night. Elizabeth asks Patrick’s advice on love.

In her office, Sam explains to Jason about her latest case. Sam thanks Jason for his help. Jason questions if Sam really wants to be a PI.

Back on the docks, Johnny punches the man. The attacker runs away. Relieved, Maxie hugs Johnny. Spinelli appears and wants to know why Johnny is attacking Maxie.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Jax argue about Carly’s decision to continue with the pregnancy. Jax tells Sonny that they need to compromise and respect Carly’s choice. Jax leaves in frustration. Claudia reassures Sonny that she isn’t siding with Jax, but points out that Jax is right. Sonny looks shocked.

On the docks, Maxie explains to Spinelli that Johnny wasn’t attacking her. Maxie adds that a man was trying to steal her purse and Johnny was only protecting her. Spinelli thanks Johnny for defending Maxie. Spinelli sadly admits that he will never be a hero to Maxie. Spinelli walks away.

Back in her living room, Elizabeth comments that Patrick was a jerk before he met Robin. Elizabeth says that Robin changed Patrick. Elizabeth thanks Patrick for listening.

In Sonny’s living room, Claudia explains to Sonny that they shouldn’t argue about Carly’s pregnancy. Claudia tells Sonny that he needs to concentrate on their baby instead of Carly’s. Olivia shows up, which infuriates Claudia. Claudia storms out of the room. Sonny asks for Olivia’s help.

Elizabeth and Patrick continue to talk in her living room. Elizabeth is still shocked that Robin was diagnosed with post-partum depression. Patrick brings up Lucky’s past drug addiction. There is a knock on Elizabeth’s front door. It is Lucky.

Spinelli returns to the docks and picks up a piece of jewelry. A man asks Spinelli about Maxie. The man says that Maxie was going to pay him to assault her so her friend could play hero. Spinelli thinks that Maxie set him up.

Back at home, Maxie thanks Johnny for protecting her from the attacker. Maxie points out that Johnny is always saving her from dangerous situations.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Olivia talk about Jax’s motives. Sonny asks Olivia to talk to Carly without Jax being present. Olivia admits that she can’t help him. Olivia adds that Jax has a good reason for keeping Sonny away from Carly.

At the apartment, Maxie tells Johnny that she is grateful once again for his heroic act. Johnny asks Maxie what she feels for him. Maxie admits that she is attracted to Johnny, but loves Spinelli. Maxie says that she could never jeopardize her friendship with Spinelli. Johnny comments that Lulu would end up getting hurt if he and Maxie pursued a relationship. Spinelli shows up and bluntly asks Maxie if she set him up.

In the PI office, Jason tells Sam that he is pretty sure that Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting. Sam asks if Jerry has been found. Jason says that he needs to find Jerry soon. Sam brings up Jason’s head injury, but Jason maintains that he is okay. Jason is torn over whether or not he should tell Sonny that Claudia was involved in the shooting.

Back at the Corinthos home, Claudia asks Sonny what Olivia wanted. Claudia says that she doesn’t want to argue. A cell phone rings. The phone isn’t Claudia’s or Sonny’s. Sonny realizes it is Olivia’s and suggests that he return it to her.

At her house, Elizabeth and Lucky talk about Rebecca. Lucky admits that he misses Elizabeth.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas accidentally breaks a picture frame containing a photo of Emily. Rebecca shows up and says that she needs to speak to Nik. Nikolas asks Rebecca to leave, but Rebecca says there is something she needs to say.

At the apartment, Johnny tells Maxie and Spinelli that he is going to let them talk in private. Maxie admits that she paid a photographer’s assistant to ‘attack’ her. Maxie says that Johnny protected her tonight, but she wants Spinelli back in her life. Maxie reveals that she will do anything to get Spinelli’s friendship back. Spinelli realizes that he made the right decision to stay away from Maxie. Maxie begins to cry. Spinelli leaves.

Back at Elizabeth’s house, Lucky admits that he kissed Rebecca but they didn’t sleep together. Elizabeth implies that her and Lucky should try again.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas admits that he ruined his friendship with Rebecca when he accused her of working with Helena. Rebecca explains that her and Lucky didn’t have sex tonight. Rebecca divulges that Lucky wants to get back together with Elizabeth.

Sam and Jason continue to discuss Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Jason updates Sam on the situation with the car explosion. Jason thinks that Claudia wants Jerry dead.

Back at home, Claudia thinks that Olivia left her phone on purpose so she could come back for it. Sonny thinks that Claudia is paranoid. Claudia is mad that Sonny wants to leave when they are supposed to have dinner. Sonny reassures Claudia that he’ll back soon.

At Nikolas’ home, Rebecca points out that Nik is obsessed with Emily. Rebecca comments that she finds Nikolas fascinating. Nikolas kisses Rebecca.

Sonny shows up at Olivia’s place. Sonny announces that he has her phone. Sonny and Olivia stare at each other longingly.

At home, Claudia begins to have pains in her stomach.

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