GH Update Friday 5/1/09

General Hospital Update Friday 5/1/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Patrick asks Matt to consult on Michael’s case. Matt tells him it would be best to refuse it. There’s only a 6% chance of it working and if it fails, then Patrick will be blamed and have to deal with Sonny. But Patrick says there is the chance that Michael will wake up.

Claudia meets Kelly at the Hub and just as she’s asking about a paternity test, Ric shows up and wants to know if the baby is his. Kelly tells them the test can’t be done until August. Ric threatens to tell Sonny that the baby Claudia is carrying is his. Claudia later calls Johnny and tells him he needs to kill Ric for her, that he may be her baby’s father and she wants him gone.

Jason agrees with Jax and tells him he will do whatever he can for Carly. Sonny shows up and Jax explains to him about Carly’s condition and asks him to hold off on going after Jerry. Sonny responds that her dying wouldn’t be fair to her children and Jax retorts that he asked her to terminate but that she wants the baby and he respects her wishes. Sonny agrees that Carly doesn’t need to know about Jerry, but wants details about Michael’s shooting. Jason asks Sonny what happens if he finds out Claudia was involved and Sonny tells him he couldn’t shoot a pregnant woman but tells him he isn’t sure he could let her live. Jason advises on waiting and just concentrating on the pregnancy and Michael for the time being.

Johnny thinks that Claudia should put the baby up for adoption then disappear. Jax tells Claudia that if she’d keep Sonny occupied, he’d get Jerry out of town. Sonny shows up and wants to know what’s going on.

Lucky and Rebecca leave Jake’s after witnessing Nikolas and Elizabeth’s kiss. They get the impression it was the real deal and not a put on job. Nikolas tells Elizabeth but she tells him she’s not. Coleman informs them that Lucky and the “sequel chick” saw them then left. Nikolas wants to tell Lucky that he took advantage of Elizabeth, but she tells him no, that she enjoyed every second of it. Lucky and Rebecca go back to her room with some beer and talk. Lucky tells her it was strange to see his brother kiss Elizabeth, his ex-wife and she tells him she was in AA. He tells her had a pill problem and then they talk about his history with Elizabeth. Back at Jake’s, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that things with Lucky are stuck. They can’t go back in the past but they can’t seem to move forward either. Nikolas thinks maybe Lucky is forcing himself to move on. She asks him if he thinks he wants to be with Rebecca. He reveals that at first it was her resemblance to Emily, but discovered that he is attracted to Rebecca for herself. Liz tells him he needs to tell Rebecca that.

In Rebecca’s room, things start to heat up between Rebecca and Lucky. She eventually stops him, telling him he needs to resolve his feelings for Elizabeth. At that moment, Nikolas bursts in and takes in the scene.

When Sam gets back to the office, Spinelli tells her they have a case: finding Maxie’s stalker. Sam tells him she just picked up a cheating spouse case. Spinelli calls Maxie and she tells him she needs him, she’s in trouble. While waiting for Spinelli to show up, a punk shows up and tries to grab her purse. She mistakenly thinks its all part of her scheme then realizes she’s wrong.

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