GH Update Thursday 4/30/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/30/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Maxie bugs Jason to talk to Spinelli for her. She is miserable without him. Jason tells her Spinelli is trying to be more macho to her by becoming a P.I. This gives her an idea and she rushes off. In the meantime, Lulu goes to visit Spinelli at the PI offices to tell him that Maxie isn’t the reason that Lulu and Johnny broke up. She tells him that Johnny isn’t a threat to him and that Maxie really misses him.

Later on, Spinelli asks Jason if he can procure a gun for him and Jason tells him no, he doesn’t need one. When Spinelli gets back to the office, he finds Maxie waiting for him. She tells him that she is being stalked and he promises that he and Sam will protect her and track down her stalker. Maxie meets a guy at the pier and hires him to be her stalker and arranges for him to ‘assault’ her so that Spinelli can rescue her and bring them back together.

Jax discusses Carly’s clotting disorder with Patrick and asks him to please consult on Michael’s case. Patrick finally agrees. Dr. Hansen isn’t happy about having the ‘overly cocky’ doctor on her team. Patrick looks over Michael’s test and sees something and is worried that Michael doesn’t have much time left. Dr. Hansen doesn’t seem overly concerned. Jax later goes in search of Jason to ask him to leave Jerry alone for right now, as Carly doesn’t need the stress. Jax promises Jason that if he will abide by this, then after the birth of Jax and Carly’s child, he will not interfere in anything that Jason does against Jerry.

At the airport, Luke asks Ethan to please take the DNA test. Ethan tells him if Luke does turn out to be his father, then he’s a bastard and that Luke left him behind. Not knowing who his parents are means that he doesn’t have to worry about family and all that entails. Tracy goads Ethan, trying to get him onto the plane. Luke tells him he likes the idea of being his dad. Ethan goes with Luke to GH and asks Epiphany to run a DNA test.

Lucky gets in Nikolas’s face and accuses him of getting back at him by kissing Elizabeth. Elizabeth plays along and tells Lucky that she and Nik had a date. On the pier, Rebecca makes a call and tells the person that it’s not working out. Lucky shows up to take her on a tour of the harbor. She wonders if he really just wants to keep an eye on Nikolas and Elizabeth.

At Jake’s, Nikolas and Elizabeth are discussing his motives for kissing Elizabeth. Coleman opines that they are an unlikely pair. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she wants someone in her life, but that she isn’t sure about getting back together with Lucky, especially with the kids. Nikolas tells her she’s been a great friend and that he’s over Emily and he can see himself with Elizabeth.

Rebecca suggests that she buys Lucky a drink. Nikolas tells Emily that they are really good friends and they are both unattached, that maybe they should look at each other a little differently. They share a passionate kiss just as Rebecca and Lucky walk through the door.

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