GH Update Wednesday 4/29/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/29/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

On the Haunted Star Luke is counting money when Tracey arrives. He tells her Ethan didn’t show up for his shift, but his cash box isn’t missing anything. Luke then recounts the events with Ethan, which consisted of Ethan laughing off Luke being his father and refusing a paternity test.

In his home Patrick walks around holding Emma talking on the phone. He is asking Epiphany to reassign his morning appointment because he needs to stay with Emma until the sitter arrives. He then hangs up and answers the door to find Matt with luggage. Matt says he’s going to move in to help out with Emma until Robin gets back, “two men and a baby.”

At General Hospital Elizabeth is having a bad day over paperwork. She seems to perk up when she sees Lucky but he makes a b-line for Rebecca with breakfast. Nikolas approaches Elizabeth and says she must be hating this as much as he is.

At the Metro Court Olivia and Jax discuss Carly being moved to a hospital in South Carolina that specializes in high risk pregnancies. Sonny comes by and asks Jax where Carly is since she hasn’t been returning his phone calls. Sonny says this isn’t about Jax’s insecurities and says that Carly should have an abortion. When Sonny tells Jax to back off the situation, Jax punches him.

At Crimson Maxie and Lulu continue their bickering. Ethan enters and gives Lulu an envelope containing the money he stole from the Crimson cash box. Lulu tries to tell him it’s ok since she used the money from the Haunted Star but Ethan insists she take it since it’s his own money and he doesn’t want to leave without repaying a debt. Lulu seems surprised to hear that Ethan plans to go back to Australia since she was under the impression that he was happy in Port Charles with her dad. Kate enters and Lulu and Maxie go to talk to her.

Tracey says Ethan will be back, but Luke thinks that’s unlikely. Tracey thinks Luke should just let it be but Luke can’t until he knows for sure. Tracey is sure Luke is being scammed.

Patrick tells Matt he’s touched by his concern but that him moving in is weird and he has help. Matt asks if they are hiding and says the house looks like a disaster. They discuss both of their inexperience with children but Matt thinks two amateurs are better then one. Matt genuinely wants to help, and while Patrick thinks Matt will regret it he accepts his help.

Elizabeth and Nikolas watch Lucky and Rebecca together. Elizabeth tells Nikolas he’ll have to reschedule his appointment with Patrick because he’s not in.

Rebecca and Lucky discuss music and Rebecca says she’d love to hear him play sometime. Rebecca thinks he may not actually be flirting with her and maybe all this attention is for his ex-wife’s benefit.

Nikolas says he really is there for an appointment. Elizabeth says she believes him and then tells him that if Lucky and Rebecca want to be together no one can stop them.

Jax isn’t sorry he hit Sonny and Sonny hits him back. Jax tells Sonny to stay out of his family business and Sonny tells Jax that he’s selfish for putting his desire for a child before Carly’s life.

Matt stands at the open door of the house as Patrick arrives with a large bag in his hands. Matt tells him it’s about time and asks if Patrick got everything he asked for, such as corn starch and strained carrots. And Emma won’t stop crying and he’s been looking for AAA batteries for the elephant because it won’t sing and he can’t get Emma to stop crying. Matt is talking very fast and in circles. Patrick picks up Emma and she stops crying, Matt is shocked. Elizabeth arrives and Matt tells her he doesn’t know how Emma will survive until Robin gets back. Patrick calls him an amateur.

Maxie tries to explain that she been having a lot of personal problems lately and Kate reams her out. Lulu backs her up and says that this was just a miscommunication. Kate is appeased. Maxie wants to know why Lulu saved her and Lulu tells her to just accept it as a generous gesture and know she owes her one. Ethan tells Lulu that she’s more clever than people think she is and then says he’s leaving. Lulu asks if him leaving has anything to do with her dad. He says no then says goodbye and leaves.

Johnny storms into the mansion living room wanting answers from Claudia about the hit on Jerry. Johnny wants to know what she was thinking and he knows that Jason will find out why Claudia wanted Jerry dead. Claudia says that between Michael and her baby Sonny will be too distracted to worry about what she’s up to but Johnny doesn’t believe that for a second. Johnny warns her this is going to backfire if she’s not careful.

Olivia keeps the men apart but they verbally continue their argument.

Maxie thanks Lulu for shipping the dresses. Lulu says she’s been double checking Maxie’s work because she knows she’s been preoccupied, and she’s well aware that if one of them get fired they both get fired. Lulu tells Maxie she shouldn’t have blamed her for her breakup with Johnny since they would have broken up anyway. Just then Johnny enters and goes over to Maxie because she told him she desperately needed to see him.

Ethan and Lucky run into each other on the docks. Ethan tells him he’s leaving and won’t be back. Lucky asks what happened to him and Luke. Ethan then offers Lucky some advice, stop trying to be better than Luke and just be glad he’s in his life.

Luke tries to explain to Tracey why he doesn’t think Ethan is scamming him. He doesn’t think Ethan ever thought Luke could be his dad. Tracey is suspicious. Luke thinks Holly was trying to scam Ethan not Luke.

Jax tells Sonny that this isn’t any of Sonny’s business but Sonny says that it is because she’s the mother of his children. Jax calls him selfish. Olivia yells at Sonny for sentencing Carly to death so soon. She then goes on to say this isn’t about him, it’s a bout Carly making this decision with the input of her husband. Sonny says that Carly will be really stressed with everything happening with Michael and he’s worried.

Elizabeth hands Matt a bag and says he’s good to go for a walk around the block with Emma. But Matt is worried, he wants to make sure he has everything he could possibly need for his 12 minute walk around the block. Patrick also tells him he could be delayed because baby’s are chick magnets. After he leaves Patrick tells Elizabeth he’s missing Robin and feels guilty. He thinks he wasn’t there for Robin when he needed her, but Elizabeth isn’t letting him put himself down because she knows how hard he has tried.

Tracey doesn’t want to dismiss Luke’s theory but she thinks that Luke needs to respect Ethan’s decision. She then leaves it up to him and leaves as Lucky enters. Lucky tells Luke he should be happy Ethan is leaving for good. Luke is surprised.

Maxie explains to Lulu that Johnny is there on Kate’s instructions for a fashion event. Maxie says she always dramatizes things then says they may have to sleep overnight but she booked two separate rooms. Johnny and Maxie seem uncomfortable especially when Kate says they could be sent to Milan or Paris, but Lulu holds it together and says everything is fine. Maxie seems to genuinely feel bad but Kate is calling.

Nikolas comes across Rebecca on the docks. They make small talk. Rebecca tells him how great Lucky is but says she doesn’t know how serious they are. Nikolas tells Rebecca that Lucky’s attention may be more about Elizabeth. Rebecca asks if he might be over thinking things and also that maybe due to the tension Nikolas tends to bring to their encounters is proof that they shouldn’t have anything to do with each other. She leaves.

Jax tells Sonny that he still feels as though Carly is his property but that is a fantasy. They may share two sons but Carly’s life is with Jax. Sonny says he’s happy that they are happy but doesn’t understand why he’s willing to risk Carly. Jax very rightly points out that Sonny doesn’t actually know Jax’s feelings towards the situation. Olivia tries to intercede again but Jax says when Carly gets back he and Carly will make this decision together.

Matt comes back from his walk saying that Emma certainly was a chick magnet and asks if he can take her out again tomorrow. He then leaves for work. Patrick talks to Emma about missing Robin.

Lulu and Maxie discuss work. There is a copy of “Magenta Man” on Maxie’s desk which Lulu saved for her to give to Spinelli. Maxie wants to know why Lulu is being so nice to her. Lulu says she’s just having a weak moment.

Rebecca brings scans to Elizabeth which Epiphany says should have been there hours ago. When Rebecca says the lab was backed up Elizabeth tells her that here at GH they don’t take a cavalier attitude towards critical patients and they don’t shrup their shoulders and say “oh well” when MRIs are late and still take their breaks. Rebecca says Elizabeth can check with her supervisor if she’s doubting her. Epiphany breaks it up saying this has gotten personal. Rebecca then calls Elizabeth a “snip” and says she doesn’t have a problem with her but can get one real quick and if Elizabeth doesn’t like her dating Lucky too bad, she should get over it.

Jax wants a memo out saying Sonny isn’t allowed at the hotel but Olivia tells him that won’t help Sonny. The best thing to do is not to engage Sonny. Jax is more angry because Sonny isn’t entirely wrong. He’s worried about Carly just as much.

Claudia is on the phone with her hit man. She doesn’t think he deserves the bonus he wants since he didn’t kill Jerry and nearly killed Jason. She continues yelling at him and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Sonny enters and tells Claudia he and Jax got into a fight because Jax is selfish and sent Carly away to keep him away from her. Claudia asks if Sonny is worried that his son’s will lose their mother or that he is going to lose Carly.

Claudia says she understands that he’s concerned but if anything ever happened to Carly, god forbid, they would still have him and a step mother. Sonny leans in towards her and whispers, “Never talk to me about Carly dying, understand me.” He then walks away.

Olivia offers to talk to Sonny for Jax but Jax tells her not to waste her time. Jax thinks this is pretty low for Sonny, trying to force Carly to have an abortion in Michael’s name. Jax is sure they can survive Sonny.

Ethan shows up at the airport and Luke is waiting. Luke is sure Ethan doesn’t want a DNA test because Ethan must not want his DNA around for Interpol or FBI to get their hands on. Luke assures him he won’t let that happen. Ethan says it’s better left alone but it was a blast meeting him. Luke needs to know but Ethan says he won’t take the test. He doesn’t want to join the club of Luke’s kids with issues.

At the hospital Lucky is waiting for Rebecca and they discuss their date with 70s music. Elizabeth looks on and then Nikolas enters and approaches Elizabeth. He tells her to smile and asks if they are watching, then he kisses her as Lucky and Rebecca look on very surprised.

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