GH Update Tuesday 4/28/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/28/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Robin and Patrick’s house the intervention is continuing with Dr. Brown, Elizabeth, Kelly Lee, Matt and Mac. Robin thinks this is a punishment and says she’s not a drug addict. Dr. Brown explains to her that during her intervention they will lay out various ways to help Robin or else there will be consequences, then she leaves it up to Robin to choose. Robin decides to stay and tells them they can go ahead and tell her what a terrible mother she is.

At General Hospital Jax yells at Sonny for upsetting Carly. Sonny doesn’t know what Jax is talking about so Carly tells Sonny about her blood clotting disorder.

At the mansion Claudia is defensive of Jason accusing her of being involved in Jerry‘s car explosion. Jason corrects her and says all he did was say “someone” was involved, he didn’t say her.

Robin asks Patrick if he’s going first. The Dr. Brown says that one by one everyone is going to tell Robin how much she means to them and how her behavior has affected their life. Mac wants to note that Robin has been trying. Maxie goes first. She says she admires Robin but lately she hasn’t felt like she knows her at all. Robin never wants to talk about Emma or take her shopping and she still doesn’t understand why Robin insisted on Maxie and Johnny taking Emma to Mercy when she was sick. Robin tries to defend her actions saying she was helping victims of a burning building but Maxie says she doesn’t see how that is more important then her own child. Robin tells Maxie she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

At the Haunted Star Luke tells Tracey he’s just going to ask Ethan straight out, but Tracey says she’ll just steal a piece of his hair and do a DNA test. Luke says Ethan will tell him when he knows Luke knows about the photo of himself and Robert. Ethan comes back in with the case of scotch he was supposed to return to Edward. Luke tells Tracey she’s welcome to stay around but she probably won’t like the conversation. Tracey leaves. Luke asks Ethan to take out his wallet and show him the picture of himself and Robert Scorpio.

Claudia says she hasn’t heard from Jerry and Jason says she’s being too defensive. Claudia points the finger at Ric and then starts breathing heavily and sits down. Jason asks her if she’s ok.

Jax tells Sonny that Carly is supposed to avoid stress and Sonny says he didn’t know. Sonny is shocked by Carly’s 50/50 odds and says there is no way she should have this baby.

Ethan takes out the photo and it makes Luke laugh at their hair. Luke asks why he has it and Ethan tells him Holly Sutton gave it to him.

Sonny says she needs to think about her other kids and Jax says they are still making the decision. Carly says she’s having the baby and doesn’t want to discuss all the horror stories. She tells Sonny to worry about his own pregnant wife. Jax tells Sonny that he and Carly will be making the decision, but Carly says the decision has been made. Sonny says this is about her life and Jax tells Sonny it’s not up to him. They yell back and forth until Carly stops them. Carly tells Sonny to have faith and she says they are going to be fine. Sonny leaves.

Robin says she can’t believe Maxie is calling her out on her mistakes as a mother since she has always stuck up for her. Robin says Maxie loves Maxie and then rehashing Maxie’s fake pregnancy. Then bring Elizabeth into it by asking her how she can even be in the same room as Maxie after she gave Lucky pills. Patrick tries to stop her. Dr. Brown tells Robin that this is not a forum to attack Maxie but Robin doesn’t think it’s fair that she doesn’t get to fight back. She then tells Maxie to get out because she doesn’t want her there. Maxie tells Robin that this isn’t her and Robin needs help and then leaves. Mac tells Robin that that was uncalled for and all Maxie did was say Robin needs treatment and that’s why they are all there. Mac says he raised her when her parents couldn’t and knows she’s strong but not strong enough to do this herself. She needs help and treatment. Kelly then comes and sits and tells Robin that she misses Robin, her friend. She says all mothers make mistakes but she has been irresponsible by stopping her meds. Matt tells her that she was the first person to reach out to him and he knows how much she loves Patrick and Emma and they need her to get help.

Maxie runs to Johnny’s garage, hugs him and tells him she had a fight with Robin and Robin said she was a horrible person. She then sees that Spinelli is there. Spinelli says she’s not and Maxie pulls away from Johnny.

Jax tells Carly this isn’t about Sonny. Jax says they can’t ignore the medical reasons and says he doesn’t want her to have this baby because of him, they don’t need a child to keep them together, they can adopt or else Michael and Morgan is enough. Carly says she’s taking the risk. Max and Milo enter as Sonny has sent them to guard her through her pregnancy.

Claudia tells Jason they need to straighten this out and she doesn’t want her accusing her for the next nine months. Sonny enters and orders Claudia out so he can talk to Jason. Sonny tells Jason about Carly’s blood disorder and Jason says he knows. Sonny tells Jason he needs to talk Carly into saving her own life.

Elizabeth says that at some point she became an enabler by allowing herself to be an on-call babysitter and making excuses for Robin. Elizabeth says she was there when Robin was brought to the hospital, which Robin says was an accident. Elizabeth says she thought that would be Robin’s wake-up call but it wasn’t and she turned into a liar. She says Robin’s illness is robbing her of her chance to be a mother and robbing Emma of knowing and loving her mother. She knows Robin is a good mom ad will do whatever it takes. She misses her. Patrick says he loves her and understands that she’s struggling but doesn’t understand why she’s not embracing help. Her avoidance of treatment makes him think that she doesn’t want a life with hism and Emma. Robin says it’s not true. She loves Patrick and Emma. She says she gets it, she has to change. She says she will get back on her meds and not skip sessions. Dr. Brown says they are passed those options, Robin needs in patient treatment at a hospital. Robin looks at Patrick and asks him if he wants to ship her off. She begins to cry as she says, “That’s what this is a bout. You’re trying to get rid of me?” Patrick says he wants her to get help.

Maxie tells Spinelli she’s glad to see him. She says she can’t take this after everything that has happened. He called her Maxie and then trying to help Robin blew up in her face. Spinelli asks what triggered Robin’s tirade and Maxie explains the intervention and the events leading up to it. Maxie says Robin called her vain and really messed up, which she admits she is. Spinelli interrupts her and says Rrobin must be very sick because any one who looks below the surface sees that Maxie is loving and generous. She tells Spinelli that she really misses him and then Lulu walks in.

Luke asks when Holly gave him the picture. Ethan says Holly never really talked about Holly, she only talked about Luke. Holly told Ethan that if he ever ran into Luke he should learn from him. Luke says the picture isn’t exactly the best ID. Luke says he thinks he knows why Holly wanted them to meet, he says “so I could meet my son.”

Max says he knows that her life may depend on her being stress free and shows her some breathing exercises. Jax objects but Carly says Sonny could have done a lot worse. Milo says he’s developing a diet and exercise plan for her. Carly says she’ll have Kelly bring them up to speed and says it’s nice to have them around. She tells Jax it will be good having them around. Jax hopes she will reconsider but she says it’s not going to happen. They say they love each other.

Sonny says Jason needs to talk her out of it. Sonny says Jax is pushing her to do it and calls him a dingo. Jason says he can’t make her do anything and they have to trust her. He leaves and Sonny throws something across the room. Claudia asks what happened.

Maxie tells Spinelli and Lulu that nothing is going on between her and Johnny. She just wants to go back to the way things were. Lulu says she’s just there to return his CDs. Lulu and Maxie discuss their new living situation until Maxie moves out. Spinelli says he and Lulu need to pass out McCall Jackal P.I. cards and they both leave. Maxie knows she’s lost Spinelli and thinks she’s lost Robin too. Johnny says he wishes he could help.

Diane is waiting for Jason outside his penthouse and she’s glad he called because her legal skills have been going to waste. He says he didn’t call her for a legal situation but it is important. He tells her he thinks Claudia is involved in what happened to Michael.

Sonny tells Claudia he can’t believe Jason has known about Carly and didn’t tell him. Sonny says there used to be a time when he could tell Jason to do something and he would do it. But Jason won’t talk Carly out of her pregnancy even though he asked him to. He tells Claudia about the risks to Carly.

Robin comes into the living room wit bags. She tells Patrick she said bye to Emma and Patrick says Emma will miss her. She can’t believe her behavior to Maxie or to him and she’s really scared. They hug and Patrick says he loves her and knows she can get through this, and he and Emma will be waiting for her.

Carly and Jax have their hands on her stomach. She says the baby is closer and closer just like Michael is. Jax says they need to think realistically. She says the reality is that she has a 50% chance of being fine, she and Jax are back together, and Michael’s hand moved; all those things are a reality.

Jason explains to Diane everything he has learned about Jerry, Ric and Claudia. Jason says Jax confirmed the DVD existed and he thinks Claudia was the master mind. Diane says it all seems to make sense. Diane asks if this has anything to do with the car bomb. They all know they need to find Jerry to confirm everything. Jason doesn’t know what to do. He knows Sonny wouldn’t kill her but he would make her life miserable and Jason doesn’t want to be responsible for harming another kid.

Ethan laughs at the idea of Luke being his dad. He says Holly thought Luke would be a good influence, that’s all. He also says that just because Luke prefers him over Lucky doesn’t mean he’s his father. Luke suggests a DNA test and Ethan tells him to go to hell.

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