GH Update Monday 4/27/09

General Hospital Update Monday 4/27/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Near the hospital stairwell, Kelly and Robin are discussing Robin’s post-partum depression. Emma is nearby, sitting in a stroller. Robin explains to Kelly that she stopped taking her anti-depressants. Kelly reminds Robin that she needs to keep taking the meds. Robin gets mad. Robin turns and bumps into the stroller, causing it to move down the stairs. Robin starts to panic. Luckily, Patrick is able to stop the stroller from falling over.

Carly collapses when she finds out that Jason has been hurt. Monica suggests that Carly be admitted to the hospital for evaluation.

At the Corinthos home, Ric tells Claudia that he thinks he could be the father of her unborn baby. Ric reminds Claudia that she needs to be cautious. Olivia walks in and comments that Sonny isn’t going to like this.

Back at the hospital, Sonny asks Dr. Henson if Michael stands a chance of ever waking up.

Near the hospital reception desk, Robin apologizes for her neglect. Epiphany is listening in. Patrick is holding Emma. Emma appears to be okay. Robin swears that she set the brakes on the stroller. Patrick isn’t convinced.

Claudia tells Olivia to leave the Corinthos premises immediately. Ric pipes in that Claudia can’t handle any stress because she is pregnant. Olivia sits down. Ric makes a comment about Claudia’s condition. Claudia yells at Ric to leave. Reluctantly, Ric walks out. Claudia isn’t happy that Olivia won’t leave.

In his hospital room, Monica checks in on Jason. Jason is still unconscious from the explosion. Maxie walks in and inquires about Jason’s condition. Monica explains that she is going to check out Jason’s CT scan results. Monica leaves. Maxie talks to Jason. Suddenly, Jason wakes up.

Carly is admitted to the hospital. Carly asks about Jason. Jax reassures her that Jason will be okay. Carly asks Kelly about the baby. Kelly admits that the situation is still a serious one.

At the hospital, Dr. Henson tells Sonny that Michael should have the procedure in the next month. Sonny questions if Michael is going to wake up. Sonny begins to cry.

Outside of Kelly’s, Nikolas and Elizabeth talk. Nikolas brings up Lucky and Rebecca. Elizabeth says that she isn’t jealous that Lucky took Rebecca out on a date. Elizabeth thinks that the date bothers Nikolas more than he cares to admit.

Robin and Patrick argue at the hospital. Robin tries to convince Patrick that she forgot to set the brake on the stroller. Patrick doesn’t know what to believe. Mac shows up. Patrick updates him on what happened. Mac says that he’ll bring Robin home.

Back at the Corinthos home, Claudia tells Olivia that she should mind her own business. Claudia implies that Olivia wants Sonny for herself. Olivia thinks that Claudia wanted to get pregnant. Claudia is quiet. Olivia states that Claudia has a problem on her hands because Sonny might not be the father.

Sonny checks in on Michael. Sonny decides to go ahead with the procedure. Sonny tells Dr. Henson that this is what Carly would want.

In her hospital room, Carly says that she will take better care of herself regarding the baby. Kelly insists that they run more tests. Jax tells Carly that everything will turn out fine. Jax leaves. Kelly scolds Carly for not being straightforward with Jax. Kelly adds that Jax needs to know about Carly’s blood disorder and how it could affect the baby.

Nikolas and Elizabeth continue to discuss Lucky and Rebecca outside of Kelly’s. Elizabeth thinks that Nik is hung up on Rebecca because of her resemblance to Emily. Nikolas suggests that his attraction to Rebecca has nothing to do with Emily.

Jason wakes up. Monica checks on him. Jason is mad that Jerry got away. Monica explains that Carly is concerned about him. Jason gets up and says that he needs to see Carly. Monica warns Jason that he has a head injury. Jason says that he’ll be okay. Maxie is frustrated that Jason is ignoring her. Maxie returns to the hospital lobby. Spinelli shows up and inquires about Jason. Spinelli calls Maxie by his special nickname for her. Maxie is surprised.

In her office, Kelly admits to Patrick that Robin isn’t taking her anti-depressants anymore. Patrick is outraged by Robin’s behavior. Kelly explains how her and Robin argued about Robin’s decision to stop taking the meds. Patrick questions if Robin would purposely put Emma in danger.

In the hospital, Jason and Carly discuss her blood disorder. Jason wants to know Carly’s odds of having a blood clot. Carly updates him on the situation. Carly is adamant that she is going to continue with the pregnancy and have Jax’s child. Jax is eavesdropping on their conversation. Jason tells Carly that she can’t ignore the risks. Jason divulges that he can’t lose Carly. Carly begins to cry. Carly wants Jason to accept her decision regarding the baby. Jason says he will stand by Carly no matter what. Jason leaves. Jax turns away so he isn’t seen. Jax tells Carly that he overheard about the blood disorder. Jax says that he won’t chance Carly’s life for anything, even a baby.

In the hospital lobby, Maxie begs Spinelli for another chance. Spinelli stresses the point that they can never go back to how things were. Spinelli walks away to check on Jason.

At the Drake home, Robin tells Mac that she feels terrible about what happened at the hospital. Mac maintains that he believes in Robin. Mac explains that it is going to take time for Robin to get better. Mac thinks that taking the anti-depressants will help Robin in the long run.

Back in her office, Kelly says that Robin forgot to set up the brake on the stroller. Kelly confides to Patrick about her discussion with Robin. Kelly doesn’t think that Robin is getting better. Patrick questions Robin’s state of mind. Patrick realizes that he needs to get through to Robin in some way. Patrick admits that he might need Kelly’s help.

Sonny calls Claudia at home. Sonny updates her on the situation with Michael and the explosion that injured Jason. After getting off the phone, Olivia asks Claudia about Michael. Claudia is irritated that Olivia won’t leave. Olivia reminds Claudia that she knows that Ric could be the father of Claudia’s baby. Claudia tells Olivia that she is going to have a hard time proving that Sonny isn’t the father. Olivia finally leaves. Claudia makes a call on her cell. Claudia tells someone that she is mad that Jerry wasn’t killed. Claudia adds that it wasn’t smart that Jason Morgan was injured in the explosion.

Nikolas and Elizabeth continue to talk about Rebecca while eating outside of Kelly’s. Nikolas admits that he enjoys Rebecca’s company. Liz gets a call on her cell. It is Patrick. Patrick asks Elizabeth for her help with Robin.

Jason runs into Sonny at the hospital. Jason explains that there was an explosion and that he and Jerry were injured. Jason adds that Jerry got away. Sonny says that they need to take care of the situation. Jason tells Sonny that Carly was admitted to the hospital.

In her hospital room, Carly explains to Jax that she wants to go through with the pregnancy. Jax doesn’t want to jeopardize Carly’s health. Carly points out that this is the chance for her to have Jax’s child. Jax reassures Carly that they still have time in the future to have a baby. Carly can’t believe that Jax wants to give up on their baby. Carly talks about the amazing life their unborn daughter will have. Through tears, Carly begs Jax not to give up on their baby.

At Kelly’s, Nikolas pays Mike for his dinner. Outside, Rebecca and Lucky show up. Rebecca says that she had a great time. Rebecca and Lucky kiss, while Nikolas watches from inside the restaurant.

Jason shows up at Sonny’s home. Jason asks Claudia about the explosion. Claudia is evasive and swears she didn’t know about it before Sonny clued her in. Jason thinks that someone wanted Jerry dead.

At the hospital, Sonny checks in on Carly. Sonny updates Carly on the procedure for Michael. Carly isn’t sure of what to do.

Patrick, Elizabeth, Maxie, Matt, Mac, Kelly and Dr. Brown are sitting in the Drake living room. Robin walks in and demands to know what is going on. Patrick states that Robin needs help. Robin is mad that everyone is there for an intervention.

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