GH Update Friday 4/24/09

General Hospital Update Friday 4/24/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Alexis finds Jason and Jerry unconscious near Jerry's car and calls 911. She tells the dispatcher they are both alive and need medical attention.

Ric goads Claudia, telling her he never took her for the motherly type. She interrupts to tell him that though it may be a shock for her and Sonny, they are both committed to the baby. Sonny asks, "Why do you have that smug look on your face?" After Sonny leaves for the hospital, Ric questions why she's trying to pass his child off as Sonny's.

Kelly tells Carly she does indeed have the clotting disorder and reminds her how dangerous it is for her and the baby. Jax is worried something is wrong with the baby, but Carly assures him it's just hormones. Jax is thrilled about their 'miracle child'.

Jax rushes to the hospital after Alexis called letting him know what happened to Jerry and Carly goes to meet Kelly. Kelly suggests that she terminate the pregnancy. Carly is adamant that she will have the child. Kelly reminds her that the medicine she'll need to take will harm the baby. Carly refuses to consider it and then Kelly tells her there are some experimental treatments she could try.

Jax threatens Jerry that he will pull his plug if he had one. When Jax leaves, Jerry disappears.

Robin takes Emma in for her checkup, since Patrick has an emergency to deal with. Patrick is unsure but she assures him that she'll be fine since she's taking her medication, she should be able to handle it. Patrick leaves. Robin gets Emma ready and says she is glad she got rid of the pills. After Emma's checkup, Robin remarks to Kelly that she managed to cure her PPD by herself. Kelly argues that she is being irresponsible and Robin accidentally knocks the stroller with Emma in it, down the stairs.

Mike tells Nikolas to be careful. He knows that Rebecca is her own person but the resemblance to Emily is uncanny and unsettling. Nikolas assures him that he is not trying to replace Emily with Rebecca. Just then Rebecca comes down and Nikolas tries to apologize for his insinuation that she and Helena are in cahoots.

Lucky shows up and informs Elizabeth and Nikolas that he is taking Rebecca out. Elizabeth remarks that Rebecca is sitting in Emily's chair.

Sonny asks the doctor whether Michael will ever come out of the coma. She tells Sonny that there is a 6 out of 10 percent chance. Later, alone with Michael, Sonny holds his hand and asks for a sign, anything to let him know what to do.

Epiphany tells Carly about Jason and she rushes to his side. The stress causes Carly to collapse.

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