GH Update Thursday 4/23/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/23/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.


Kelly calls Carly to discuss her test results. Jax answers the phone and hands it to Carly. Carly tells Kelly she will come to her and tells Jax that everything is fine.

Patrick confronts Robin about not going to therapy. She accuses him of following her every move but he defends himself and tells her he found out by accident. Robin thinks they should attend therapy together. Patrick agrees. He tells the therapist that he is frustrated. Patrick said that after seeing Robin with another man, he was furious. Robin cries and tells him that she loves him. They both agree that the session helped them both.

Spinelli tells Jason that Jerry is back in town. When Sonny comes over to Jason's, Jason tells Sonny that Jerry is back and Sonny wants Jason to find him now! Sonny tells Jason that Claudia is suspicious and Jason feels like she planned to get pregnant.

At the Haunted Star, Luke gets angry with Tracy for her accusations that Ethan is his son. Tracy thinks that Holly taught Ethan to get hold of Tracy's money through Luke. Luke tells Ethan that he was thinking of calling Holly and Ethan says that would be wonderful. Luke tells Tracy that he would like it if Ethan was his son. Tracy is shocked.

At Sonny's, Jerry tells Alexis that he missed her and would like to make it up to her. She tells him he is insane. They argue about Michael's shooting and Alexis wants to know who decided to target Sonny. She thinks it was Claudia but Jerry won't tell her. He warns Alexis to mind her own business so she doesn't get hurt. Claudia overhears their discussion and follows them when Alexis goes after Jerry.

Alexis tells Jax about Jerry and that she followed him. Jerry told her to meet him at the 10th Street Garage. Jax tells Alexis to leave it alone.

Claudia goes back to Sonny's and makes a call. She wants a car bomb placed in Jerry's car and she will pay whatever it takes to get it done. Ric wanders in and is curious as to what Claudia is planning. She offers him a drink then splashes him with it. She tells him he has no evidence that she was involved in Michael's shooting. He pours her a drink but she won't take it. Ric figures either the booze is poisoned or she is pregnant. He applauds her.

Sonny shows up at Carly's and tells her that Claudia is pregnant. Carly then tells Sonny that she also is pregnant. He congratulates her. When Sonny leaves, Carly calls Kelly, who tells her that she does have a blood disorder. Jax comes in and wants to know what's up.

Sam tells Jason that she will be his backup when he goes after Jerry. Jason tells her no. Sam thinks Jerry may have been setting up Claudia and Jason fills her in on Claudia's pregnancy. Spinelli calls Jason and tells him that Jerry is at the garage. Jason takes off and tells Jerry to give him his car keys. Jason tries to unlock the car with the remote but instead, the car blows up.

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