GH Update Wednesday 4/22/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/22/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.


In his penthouse Jason talks to someone on the phone and tells him to keep an eye out for Jerry Jacks. Just then Maxie comes over telling Jason how sad and miserable she is. She yells certain parts hoping Spinelli is there and can hear her. She says that her broken heart is more important then whatever Jason is doing and then asks Jason to make Spinelli forgive her.

On the Haunted Star Ethan tells Luke they had a good take. Luke tells Ethan he needs to answer some questions.

At their house Robin is laying on the couch as Patrick and Emma come back from taking a walk. Patrick says Robin should come with them tomorrow and she says maybe she will. Patrick again says the meds must be working.

At her house Carly speaks on the phone with Kelly about the blood test. She hangs up when Jax comes in and asks her how their baby girl is doing. He sees that she is upset.

Carly tells Jax that she’s happy and is glad they are having a normal morning, and blames the hormones on her sentimentality. He tells her that he’s going to ask Olivia to take on more responsibility at the MetroCourt so he can have more time. He wants to go to the doctor’s appointment with her but she convinces him it’s not necessary.

Robin is folding clothes and Patrick suggests having Mercedes do it. Robin tells him she thought any connection to Emma was a good thing then apologizes for being rude. Patrick says he didn’t mean to offend her. He then asks her to go over their patient’s post-op charts and asks when her therapy appointment is. She accuses him of being the therapy police. They start looking around for a medical journal and both say their home is disorganized. Patrick leaves and Robin assures him she won’t be late for her appointment.

Maxie yells at the top of the stairs about how Spinelli is her essential person until Jason finally tells her Spinelli isn’t home. Maxie tells Jason that Lulu led Spinelli to believe that she isn’t a sincere person and that his feelings for Maxie aren’t returned, which she says they are. She then launches into her plan which involves Jason casually telling Spinelli that he’s noticed that he’s been unhappy without Maxie. Jason says that he’s not going to manipulate Spinelli and then says that Spinelli is actually doing fine with out Maxie. Maxie thinks Spinelli is just using this to cover his loneliness. She then asks Jason for seduction tips.

Spinelli visits Lulu at her apartment. Spinelli tells Lulu that his PI agency is up and running and has been asking friends if they need his services. As he does this he continues to look around the apartment towards the bedroom area until Lulu tells him Maxie isn’t there. Lulu apologizes for what she said to him about Maxie trying to use him but then tells him not to be drawn back in. Spinelli says he misses her and the reasons for staying away are becoming more vague. Lulu tries to recap the reason for him. She warns him that he won’t get what he wants from Maxie. He says he’s learned and gotten stronger.

Ethan says he’ll tell Luke whatever he wants. Luke asks who his parents are and Ethan says he was adopted. Luke wants names. Ethan says Carol and Frank. Then Luke asks what happened to them, killed in a car wreck in Sydney. He asks who his biological parents are, Ethan won’t answer. Then says the records are sealed. Luke thinks that is convenient. Luke says he doesn’t think Ethan didn’t just wander into his life. Ethan says he’s paranoid and then Tracey comes in.

Robin stands outside Dr. Brown’s office and then walks away without going in.

Tracey accuses Ethan of working with Helena. She says the timing is too much of a coincidence but Luke doesn’t agree. He knows Helena is here for Nikolas. They then discuss the possibilities of his connection to Helena. Luke says he’s too good not to be up to something. When Luke asks him why he pitched his tent in Port Charles, Ethan replies, “because you’re here.”

At General Hospital Kelly tells Carly that she may have to wait for her test due to an emergency. Carly says she’ll wait and that she needs the results as soon as possible because she’s pregnant. Carly says she’ll do whatever it takes to keep the baby.

Maxie says Jason should know how to seduce Spinelli since he lives with him and is pretty cute himself so he should be able to help him. Maxie says she knows Jason doesn’t think she’s good for him but Jason says he thinks she careless with him. Maxie thinks he’s very observant and promises to be better to him in the future. She asks Jason to tell her what Spinelli likes about her. She’s looking for subtlety. Jason says Spinelli just wants her to be honest but Maxie says that’s how all this happened in the first place. She decides that the problem is Spinelli knowing she’s physically attracted to Johnny so she decides to convince Spinelli that she feels the same way about him. Jason doesn’t think that’s fair to either one of them. Maxie says she loves Spinelli and needs him in her life and says she’s going to fake the physical part. Jason says it’s completely dishonest. Maxie asks him not to tell Spinelli what’s going on in her head and Jason replies that he doesn’t think he could. Spinelli enters with groceries. He calls her Maximista and then takes it back and calls her Maxie. Maxie begs him not to call her that and then says she’s miserable with out the Jackal. She looks to Jason for help but Jason excuses himself. Spinelli whispers to himself “stay strong” and Maxie asks what he needs to stay strong about. Maxie knows its about staying away from her. She tells him she hasn’t seen or thought about Johnny in days and only thinks about Spinelli. Spinelli says she doesn’t look at him the way she looks at Johnny because they don’t burn. Spinelli takes the blame and says it’s his own fault for hoping for more than her friendship. He tells her he’ll help her with her computer. Maxie gets sad and tells him that if he thinks she only wants tech support from him then he never really knew her, Spinelli agrees that maybe he never did.

Ethan says his adoptive dad was a good man but they were very different. When they died he made a life for himself and looked for something, not his real father but someone who could teach him something. He wants to learn from Luke about living life. Lulu comes by and asks Luke for a chair. Luke sends Ethan to help Lulu bring it back to her apartment. Tracey asks Luke if he believes Ethan.

Robin sits on the docks. Alexis comes up and sits down with her. Alexis says she’s putting things off and asks Robin what she should be doing. Alexis says she’s supposed to be going to Sonny’s to talk about Kristina. Alexis asks about Emma.

Jason shows up at Carly’s and Jax is not happy to see him. He tells Jason that Carly is at the doctor’s because she’s pregnant. Jax asks Jason not to upset her and Jason says that he probably shouldn’t tell her about Jerry being involved in Michael’s shooting. Jax says Carly can never know but admits to getting a DVD from Jerry. Jason wants to know why Jax is helping him. Jax says he doesn’t have the DVD anymore. Jason asks Jax if he knows where Jerry is.

Robin admits to Alexis that motherhood isn’t what she thought it would be. Alexis says she knows what she’s feeling. Robin says Alexis seems like a perfect career mom but Alexis says she works at it. Robin asks if she has any regrets, if she wishes she only had herself to worry about. Alexis says that she wants to scream sometimes but then sees her daughters and loves it. She says she doesn’t love every moment but loves being a mother. Alexis says it’s all about balance. Alexis tells her “from one perfectionist to another” she just needs to relax and give herself a break. It’s ok to not be perfect and its ok to take a second for herself. She tells her to be the best mom she can be.

Ethan helps Lulu position the chair. Ethan says it would probably be easier to move out. She hurts herself and Maxie walks in as Ethan has his hand on Lulu. Maxie says it sure didn’t take long for Lulu to move on. Lulu says that unlike Maxie she can be friends with Ethan. Maxie suggests that she herself go out with him then.

Tracey says Ethan has been watching Luke and thinks his speech was rehearsed. Luke does know that Ethan isn’t here by coincidence but knows he’s not there to scam him or hurt him. Luke asks Tracey if she thinks Ethan is his kid, she throws the question right back at him. Luke says he doesn’t know but anything is possible. Tracey says by his age Ethan would have been conceived during his marriage to Laura, she also tells him about the photo of him and Robert. Tracey says she thinks Holly is his mother and either Luke or Robert is his father.

Lulu tells Maxie she can have Ethan. Ethan breaks up the back and forth between Maxie and Lulu and leaves. Lulu suggests Maxie run after him and show his what a skank she is but Maxie says she doesn’t ant Ethan or Johnny, she misses Spinelli. Lulu says she’s glad she’s lost Spinelli.

Dr. Brown goes to Patrick for a consult and Patrick finds out Robin didn’t go to her session.

Robin enters her house on the phone with Mercedes and thanks her for taking Emma to the park. She rifles through some papers.

Jax tells Jason Carly knows Jerry is alive. Jason asks again if Jerry has contacted Jax again. Jax doesn’t answer and says that he’s sure Jerry is long gone. Jason says he should want justice for Michael.

Patrick returns home to find Robin has cleaned and organized the house. Patrick asks where Emma is and Robin says she’s at the park. She then shows him the new organization system she created. Robin lies about her session, saying that is what inspired her.

Jax is on the phone with the baby store people and they seem confused with all the things he’s ordered for only one baby that‘s still about nine months shy of being born. Dr. Lee calls and Jax answers, she’s calling about the test results. Jax asks what test results, and if the baby is okay juts as Carly enters.

Jason comes home and asks Spinelli if he’s okay. Spinelli says yes and he’s found Jerry.

Alexis goes to Sonny’s and Jerry is there as well.

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