GH Update Tuesday 4/21/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/21/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Wydemere Alexis says Rebecca’s scar on her scalp is from plastic surgery. As she leans forward to touch Rebecca, Rebecca pushes her away.

In the General Hospital OR Robin makes helpful suggestions during Patrick’s surgery.

At their home Jax is thrilled to hear that Carly is pregnant.

In the mansion, Sonny hears Claudia on the phone saying she needs to terminate her pregnancy. He takes the phone away and tells the person on the other line that his wife is not making any decisions until she talks to her husband.

Alexis and Rebecca argue. Rebecca tells them that the scar is from a bike accident when she was 10. Rebecca tells Nikolas to hire a PI if he wants to. Nikolas says he wants to believe her, but Rebecca yells at him saying she was just in Port Charles for a job and then he started stalking her. She felt bad for him and then he helped her through her cancer scare, but now she says she’s done with him.

Helena appears on the Haunted Star and talks to Ethan, who immediately tries to be charming. Ethan knows it’s Helena. Helena says she’ll wait for Luke and then asks Ethan how he ended up in Port Charles. Ethan tells his story and Helena says things don’t often happen by chance. Ethan tries to steal from Helena’s purse but she pulls a knife on Ethan and puts it to his throat, telling him “looks only take you so far” and she has no tolerance for thieves. Luke intercedes and asks her not to kill him.

Robin and Patrick banter and smile about their successful surgery. Patrick is glad they were able to work together and says he’s glad the meds and therapy are working. Robin agrees that she’s glad too. They bicker in a friendly way about ordering Chinese food.

Jax asks Carly how long she’s known she was pregnant. She says she just took the test. He asks if she’s feeling okay and if everything is fine.

Sonny hangs up the phone and asks Claudia how this happened and why she didn‘t tell him. She says she doesn’t know but she knows he doesn’t want any more children. He says that this is his responsibility too and they are going to handle this together. She asks how they are going to handle it and he says he needs time to think.

Rebecca suggests that Nikolas should trust her but she’s not surprised that he’s so paranoid given his family. She asks him to name one time she’s tried to use him or Emily’s memory to get something from him. Alexis says Rebecca knows the best defense is a good offense. Rebecca says she doesn’t care what’s going on and leaves. Nikolas tells Alexis says that if she’s innocent he’ll regret what he just did.

Luke asks what brings Helena back and asks again for her to put the knife down. Luke tells Ethan to never try to steal from Helena because it could cost him his life. Helena compliments Ethan and then flirts with Luke. She says she’s back to catch up with family. Luke and Ethan joke and laugh with each other and Helena smiles knowingly at them.

Carly says she has an appointment with Dr. Lee next week. Jax says they need to make sure everything is ok and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Carly says she feels like it’s a girl and Jax says either is fine as long as it’s healthy.

Sonny walks the docks and Olivia arrives. Olivia talks about the quiet of Coney Island. Sonny tells her he messed up and got Claudia pregnant.

Johnny arrives at the mansion to talk to Claudia. Claudia seems to think things went fine but she’s not sure they will stay that way. Johnny is just glad Sonny didn’t accuse her of doing this on purpose but Claudia is worried that Sonny will want her to have an abortion.

Jax is so excited and tells Carly he will be her personal servant from here on out. He wants to make an amendment to the house plans to include a nursery and says they’ll let Morgan pick out his own room also so he doesn’t feel left out. When Carly tells Jax that he’s an amazing step-father he says he loves Michael and Morgan and didn’t need a child of his own especially since he never thought they’d have one. But now he doesn’t know if he can wait eight months. He then rushes off and says he’ll be right back.

Sonny tells Olivia he feels like he’s in high school getting a girl knocked up. He says he didn’t want another child. Olivia says Claudia’s not exactly mother of the year material. Olivia asks how Claudia is feeling and he tells her she wants an abortion.

Robin and Patrick arrive back home laughing. Emma is brought in by Mercedes and Robin doesn’t even acknowledge her. Patrick holds Emma and they discuss taking up a hobby together. Robin says he should put Emma down so they can eat. Robin takes her and holds her at arms length as she brings her over to her crib.

Luke says he knows Helena’s here to wreak havoc on Nikolas’ life not his. Helena draws Ethan into the conversation and asks Ethan if he’d like to continue their conversation later in private. Luke understand what she’s insinuating and sends Ethan away and Helena tells Luke that she hopes his son will be as enjoyable as he was for her. Luke asks her not to put Lucky through anything else and Helena says she’s talking about Ethan. Luke looks shocked. He laughs and says this is just one of her mind games. Helena says it’s obvious. Ethan is a result of one of his clandestine adventures. She hopes Ethan is better then Nikos’ illegitimate child, Natasha. Luke puts his hands around Helena’s neck and practically kisses her as he asks how far she’s willing to go. Ethan interrupts and Helena leaves.

Alexis and Jax meet up at the docks. Jax tells her Carly is pregnant and Alexis says she’s happy for them. He tells Alexis he’s keeping a secret from Carly.

Olivia comes to drop papers off for Jax. Carly says she just missed him, he stepped out after she told him the good news. Olivia then asks about the blood disorder.

Sonny comes back to the mansion. Carly apologizes for what has happened and she says she’s going to terminate her pregnancy. Sonny says he doesn’t want her to have an abortion. The baby exists and they are going to have it.

Nikolas uncovers a painting of a man with a beard. Helena enters and is happy he has located the picture she was looking for. Helena says she wouldn’t mind seeing Rebecca again. Nikolas asks why Heelena wants the painting. She says for nostalgia and the paintings subject was intertwined with the lives of their ancestors. Nikolas feels like this will come back to haunt him. Helena tries to touch Nikolas but he pulls away. She leaves with the painting.

Jax tells Alexis that Jerry is alive, but she’s not that surprised. He then tells her that Jerry is partly responsible for Michael’s shooting and that he saw him at the institute. Jax says he was going to tell Carly but now that she is pregnant he doesn’t want to tell. He tells Alexis that they both have to keep the secret.

Carly tells Olivia that she didn’t tell Jax about the possible risks. Olivia stresses the importance of finding out and telling Jax. Carly says the baby is a miracle and everything is going to be fine.

Claudia tells Sonny he doesn’t have to say he wants to keep the baby. Sonny says terminating the pregnancy is against his faith and he is also opposed to adoption. He says he will give the child the best life he can.

On a private plane Helena cuts open the back of the painting to reveal a piece paper that reads “Certified Copy of Entry of Birth.”

Rebecca is angry on the docks and Lucky walks up. He helps her find her missing sunglasses while she rants about Nikolas’ family. Lucky defends Nikolas’ suspicion but Rebecca says she can’t handle it anymore. She says she’s done with Nikolas and his family. Lucky asks if that includes him. They walk off together and Nikolas watches.

Jax comes back home with bags of things for the baby. He has blankets and a onesie all in pink. He then tells Carly he bought the entire baby girl section at the store. He says he’s going to cherish every moment of this. Carly thanks him and they kiss.

Claudia says she’s glad he doesn’t want her to have an abortion. Sonny tells her a baby is more work then she thinks and he’s going to get her a nanny. He doesn’t want her to feel obligated. She assures him that she’s going to spend time with their child and “do the whole mother thing.” She appreciates his support. Claudia says he can go about his life and doesn’t have to be involved. But Sonny assures her that he will be there.

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