GH Update Monday 4/20/09

General Hospital Update Monday 4/20/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Nikolas finds Helena and Rebecca talking on the docks. Nikolas hides out of sight. Helena comments to Rebecca that Nikolas will never get over Emily.

Jax walks into Michael’s room and finds Jerry there. Jerry admits that he was apologizing to Michael for what happened to him.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Claudia discuss Jerry’s role in Michael’s shooting. Claudia is adamant that she was not involved in the shooting.

In the Jacks’ living room, Jason tells Carly the results of her pregnancy test. It is confirmed that Carly is pregnant. Carly is shocked. Carly begins to cry.

At the hospital, Epiphany and Elizabeth are working when Patrick inquires about Robin’s whereabouts. Seconds later, Patrick bumps into Robin. Patrick says that he went to Jake’s and vented to Coleman. Robin thinks that it is strange that Patrick told his problems to a bartender. Patrick reminds Robin that he considers Coleman a friend. Robin apologizes and says that it’s okay that Patrick confides in Coleman. Patrick comments that he is glad that Robin is getting treatment and taking her anti-depressants.

On the docks, Rebecca realizes that Nikolas is listening in on her and Helena’s conversation. Helena tells Nik to come out of hiding. Nikolas confronts Helena about her hidden agenda.

Back in Michael’s room, Jax admits that he is angry with Jerry for what happened to Michael. Jerry apologizes, but Jax says that he doesn’t care about his brother’s remorse. Jax thinks that there is another reason why Jerry is back in Port Charles.

At home, Carly is ecstatic that she is pregnant. Jason reminds her that she still needs to take the test to see if she has the disorder. Carly is worried what Dr. Kelly is going to say.

Back at the Corinthos home, Claudia insists that she is innocent. Sonny wants to believe that Claudia is not guilty, but he still plans on finding out the truth.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin continue to discuss her therapy sessions. Robin divulges that she doesn’t like Dr. Brown. Robin asks for Patrick to be patient. Patrick maintains that everything will work out. At the reception desk, Matt walks up to Epiphany and Elizabeth. Matt comments that it is strange that Robin and Patrick are getting along great.

On the docks, Rebecca explains to Nikolas that Helena confronted her earlier. Helena walks away. Nikolas wants to know why Rebecca would even speak to his psychotic grandmother.

Jax and Jerry step out of Michael’s room to talk. Jax thinks that Jerry is a coward. Jerry admits that he came back to town to collect the remaining DVDs. Jerry explains that he didn’t intend on hurting his brother. Jax doesn’t believe him.

Back at home, Carly says that she could take meds for the disorder, but they could harm the baby. Jason comments that the disorder could be treatable. Carly is adamant that she wants this baby.

Nikolas returns to Wyndemere. Rebecca shows up. Rebecca is mad that Nikolas assumes that she is working with Helena. Nikolas wants to know what Rebecca is hiding.

Sonny and Luke run into each other on the docks. Luke tells Sonny that he respects him. Sonny brings up Jerry Jacks. Luke wants to know what Jerry did. Sonny suggests that Jerry was involved with Michael’s shooting. Sonny wants to find out if Jerry was working with Ric.

Johnny pays a visit to Claudia at home. Claudia tells Johnny that he is going to be an uncle. Claudia confirms that she is pregnant with Sonny’s baby. Johnny thinks that Sonny will be suspicious because of the timing.

Outside of Michael’s room, Jax and Jerry continue to argue. Jerry doesn’t want to tell Carly the truth. Jerry reminds Jax that the truth will destroy Carly. Jax admits that he was going to keep Jerry’s secret. Jax adds that he changed his mind and will tell Carly the truth about Michael’s shooting.

In the Jacks’ living room, Jason tells Carly that she needs to find out the odds of her having the disorder. Carly is worried about her sons. Carly brings up that Michael needs to have his procedure soon. Carly realizes that she has to make a decision about her pregnancy.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth questions Matt about a surgery. Matt says he can do the operation, but Elizabeth isn’t sure. Patrick shows up. Robin announces that she is going to assist on the surgery. Matt doesn’t think that Robin should be in the OR.

Nikolas and Rebecca continue to argue at Wyndemere. Rebecca thinks that Nik is just like his grandmother. Rebecca says that she has no intentions of replacing Emily. Nikolas remains silent. Rebecca wants to know why Nikolas helped her during her health scare. Nikolas admits that he truly wanted to help.

On the docks, Sonny tells Luke that Claudia denies being involved in Michael’s shooting. Sonny is not sure what to think. Luke suggests that there could be a possibility that Claudia was working with Devlin. Sonny is questioning whether he should avenge Michael. Luke doesn’t think it is a good idea to go after Claudia.

Back at the Corinthos house, Johnny reminds Claudia that being pregnant is going to raise a red flag. Johnny wants to know when Claudia is going to tell Sonny about the pregnancy.

At home, Carly is trying to think positively about the baby. Jason tells Carly to be realistic. Jason thinks that the disorder is serious. Carly admits that she will follow the doctor’s orders, but there is no way she is terminating the pregnancy.

Matt and Patrick begin to scrub in before the surgery. Matt doesn’t think that Robin should assist with the operation. Matt adds that Patrick and Robin’s marital problems need to stay out of the OR.

Rebecca threatens to leave Wyndemere. Nikolas grabs her. Nikolas warns that Helena is dangerous. Nikolas brings up examples of how dangerous Helena is. Rebecca and Nik are about to kiss just as Alexis walks in.

Before leaving the Jacks’ house, Jason tells Carly that she needs to speak to Jax about the pregnancy. Carly wants to find out the doctor’s opinion before she tells Jax about the baby.

Back on the pier, Luke reminds Sonny that if he goes after Claudia, Johnny will kill him. Luke thinks that Sonny should not seek revenge. Sonny wants to know what Luke would do if he was in his shoes.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia is adamant that she can work things out with Sonny. Claudia adds that Sonny will never find out her involvement in Michael’s shooting. Claudia asks Johnny for his help.

A surgery is being performed in the OR. Robin comments that the patient is losing a lot of blood.

At Wyndemere, Alexis makes a comment about Rebecca’s intentions. Rebecca states that she is not working with Helena. Alexis doesn’t believe Rebecca. Nikolas defends Rebecca. Alexis points out that there is a scar on Rebecca’s face, which is probably due to plastic surgery.

Jax returns home. Carly is upstairs. Jax finds the pregnancy test. Once Carly is downstairs, Jax confronts Carly about the pregnancy.

Back at the Corinthos home, Sonny finds Claudia talking on her cell. Claudia is telling someone that she needs to have an abortion because her husband doesn’t want any more children.

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