GH Update Friday 4/17/09

General Hospital Update Friday 4/17/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Carly falls down the stairs and manages to call Jason. Jax is worried about her and she tells him it's just a little swollen, she'll be fine. Carly tells Jax that Helena is back in town as Olivia shows up. Olivia is worried about Carly and tells her she needs to find out if she is pregnant; if she is, she could have hurt herself or the baby when she fell. Carly promised Olivia she would take the test. Later, she calls Jason for help reading the pregnancy test. If she is pregnant then she needs to take care of it as soon as possible.

Jax calls Olivia and tells her he is worried about Carly: Could she be pregnant? He isn't sure if he should tell her that Jerry was involved in Michael's shooting and worries about her freaking out. Olivia tells him he should go home and talk to Carly before making any decisions.

Spinelli can't seem to track down Jerry anywhere. Jason suggests that maybe Spinelli should check Jax's bank accounts, but not to let Carly know.

Sonny wants to know if Claudia had ever done business with Jerry and she tells him Anthony did, but she barely knew Jerry. Sonny informs her that part of Ric's information was right; Jerry is the one siphoning money out of Devlin's account. Claudia retorts that Ric's stories have a enough shred of truth to make them seem real, but that he shouldn't plan on killing her over his brother's half-truths. Sonny plans on dealing with Jerry and getting information from him and hopes that Claudia is telling him the truth.

Sonny goes to Jason's and tells him to find Jerry and bring him to Sonny. Jason questions what Sonny will do if he finds out Claudia has been lying all along. Sonny says he'll have her killed. Sonny asks Jason what's wrong with Carly and he tells Sonny that it's up to Carly to tell him.

Claudia tells Johnny that Jerry erased all but one DVD, the one that incriminates her. She wants Johnny to promise not to go after Sonny if she is killed and doesn't want Jason to go after Johnny. Johnny tells her that no matter what, he'd kill Sonny. The only way to protect Johnny is if she ends her marriage to Sonny. Claudia tells Johnny she just needs enough time to get pregnant with Sonny's child.

Lulu decides to split her and Maxie's apartment in half with a white line. Maxie comes home and tells Lulu she should move out; Lulu tells Maxie she needs to move out. Just then, Spinelli shows up and Maxie is happy until she realizes that Spinelli isn't the Jackal, but talking normal. He tells her next time she needs help with her computer, to call tech support.

At General Hospital, Patrick tells Liz he feels horrible about accusing Robin of cheating in front of everyone. Liz tells him that it's good that they know have aired their feelings and now maybe Robin can get some help. Patrick says he believes Robin.

Robin visits Dr. Brown and apologizes for her behavior. She has a hard time admitting to the PPD and she tends to ignore it and her feelings. Robin says that she wants everything to be perfect with her husband and her career, but Dr. Brown reminds her about Emma. Robin says she can't be a good parent while she is on the medication and wants to come off the antidepressants. Dr. Brown says she should keep taking them for awhile then tapering off and that if she can still work, she can still be a mother.

Patrick picks a fight with Matt and then goes to Jake's. Coleman asks after Robin and Emma and Patrick says that things seem to be going well but he doesn't think that Robin will continue to take the medication. Coleman goes through a list of Robin's problems and Patrick defends her saying she's "in a lot of pain." Coleman thinks Patrick is looking for an excuse to leave the marriage. Patrick says no, he's not giving up his family or giving up on Robin.

Robin goes back to the hospital and apologizes to Liz. Liz suggests they take the kids to the park and Robin asks if she knows where Patrick is. Nobody seems to know. Robin throws her medication away.

Meanwhile, Carly insists that Jason read the test results, while at the same time, Claudia is looking at her own. Sonny walks in and wants to know what she is doing.

Jerry is in Michael's room where Jason overhears Jerry telling Michael that he's a source of trouble for him.

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