GH Update Thursday 4/16/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/16/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Johnny argues with Claudia that since Ric's DVD exposing her is gone that she can leave Sonny. Claudia tells him that she won't feel safe until she has Sonny's child. Sonny walks in while they're arguing and Johnny covers by tellign him he wants to join Sonny's mob empire and offers his garage. Sonny tells him he'll think about it and see if he can get him in on the ground floor, giving himself a chance to prove his loyalty. Johnny leaves and Sonny gets a call from Jason with information on Devlin's partner. Sonny tells Claudia he'll never bring another child into the world and leaves to meet with Jason.

Ric and Jerry, who has a gun, meet and Jerry tells him he didn't want the information on the DVD's to get out. He wants to protect Carly and Jax from the knowledge that Jerry is one of the reasons that Michael is in a coma. Jerry tells Ric that he was just playing games by sending them and now Ric will have to die, since he wouldn't play the game. Ric says tahat he could be invaluable in any future dealings and Jerry decides to keep him around for now. Ric wants to know if Claudia is innocent and Jerry tells him to "Never assume.

Helena and Alexis are at Wyndemere discussing Rebecca. Helena thinks that maybe Rebecca was "designed" to look like Emily and that the only reason Nikolas is paying her any attention at all is because of the resemblance. Alexis actually agrees with Helena, prompting her to state that "It must be snowing in Hell".

Helena goes to Nikolas and tells him that he has a painting of St. Grigori that belongs to her; it has sentimental value and if he doesn't return it to her then she will stonewall and ruin all his business endeavors. Nikolas tells her she can have the painting. Alexis thinks that Rebecca and Helena are in cahoots. Rebecca thinks Alexis is an idiot.

Carly tells Jason that if she is pregnant, that Jax is the only one who could be the father. She fills him in on the blood clotting risk if she were to be pregnant again and wants him there when she takes the test. Unfortunately, Spinelli calls and Jason has to go. Back at Jason's penthouse, Spinelli tells Jason that he has figured out where the cash has been going from Devlin's account; it's Jerry. Jason is extremely ticked off.

Sam goes by to tell Spinelli that she found an office for them to set up business. Jason lets her know that Jerry is still alive and is part of the mystery surrounding Michael's shooting. Jason calls Sonny and tells him to come over, he has evidence. Sonny shows up and Jason shows him the evidence that Spinelli found. Sonny is confused and wonders where Ric and Claudia fit in, much less why Devlin would want to kill him. He tells Jason to find Jerry - they need to have a talk.

Jerry and Claudia have a run-in on the pier, with Jerry taunting Claudia that all his DVD's are destroyed, except the one incriminating her. She had better watch her step or Sonny will find out all he needs to know about his blushing bride.

Patrick confronts Robin about her seeing Brad. Robin is less than happy that he accused her of being unfaithful, especially at the hospital. He tells her that he saw them together. Robin is furious for him spying on her and slaps him. She screams that Brad has no preconceived notions about her and doesn't have any high expectations. Robin tells Patrick that they did go out together but they never had sex. Once again, she uses the postpartum depression as an excuse for her actions, but Patrick is tired of hearing it. Robin leaves angrily, only to run into Carly and calling her a bitch. Instead of gloating over Robin's pain, she tells her that she knows what postpartum depression is like and how it can ruin your life, but Robin needs to get over herself for the sake of her and Patrick's daughter, Emma. Robin realizes Carly is right and that she is ruining everything and everyone around her. Carly leaves and makes an appointment to see Kelly, only to faint afterward and fall down the stairs.

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