GH Update Wednesday 4/15/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/15/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Missing piece of Tuesday's Episode is below. It takes place after the scene where Carly tells Sonny she'd believe Claudia over Ric...

Lulu is packing boxes when there's a knock at the door. She thinks it's Johnny but it's really Ethan checking up on her because Lucky said she and Johnny broke up. Lulu says she's done wasting time on people that don't need her or people that annoy her. She is now believing in some of Luke's ideas.

At the Haunted Star Tracey and Edward bicker over telling Luke about Ethan. Edward wants to see Luke's reaction, but Tracey isn't ready to tell. Tracey doesn't want Luke to vanish again. And she's not telling until she has proof. Luke enters and Tracey sends Edward away. Luke asks if she has anything to tell him.

Ric is on the docks on the phone call. He asks the person if they have the DVD.

Sonny comes home and finds Claudia in the living room. She says she's going to the Cosmopolitan Hotel because she doesn't want to make things worse for Carly by going to the MetroCourt. Sonny says she doesn't have to leave, but Claudia says she needs to be somewhere she feels safe. In that house she is in constant fear for her life. Sonny tells her she's not leaving.

At General Hospital Nikolas gathers the crowd for a speech and then introduces Monica to cut the red ribbon. The lights turn off and the alarm sounds.

*Sorry if this was confusing, I just didn't want you guys to miss anything.


Now for April 15

At the MetroCourt Olivia tells Carly to take the pregnancy test.

In the living room of the mansion Claudia looks at a pregnancy test. Jason walks in and asks what she's doing.

In the lawyer's office Ric demands Johnny give him the DVD. Johnny says he doesn't have it. Johnny tells Ric to go ahead and call the police because Ric is the one withholding evidence.

At General Hospital, through the video monitor Helena says she's looking forward to her reunion with Nikolas. The screens go black and Edward asks why Helena is back. Alexis walks up to Rebecca and says maybe she can tell everyone. Nikolas says he didn't know Helena was here. Everyone has questions about Helena. Edward says that Rebecca needs to be kept away from Helena, because of how Helena felt about Emily. Lucky says he needs to go tell Luke. Nikolas explains to Rebecca that Helena wants his inheritance. Nikolas, Edward, and Monica tell Rebecca she needs to leave and go somewhere safe. Rebecca agrees to leave but questions how dangerous Helena is. Alexis wonders if Helena has already seen Rebecca.

At the Haunted Star Luke asks Tracey if she's seen Lulu. Luke says that he and Ethan are the only ones that realize that Lulu is an adult capable of making her own choices. Tracey asks what Ethan has to do with it. Tracey says he's playing him, Luke thinks that's possible but Ethan is the man the Luke raised Lucky to be. Now Lucky is a stranger and Ethan is like the son that he had but lost.

Carly says she can wait to find out if she's pregnant but Olivia reminds her of the risks. Olivia says Carly is in denial, but she needs to face this. A blonde woman, Claire, enters the office where Ric and Johnny are. She says the DVD is in the safe. Johnny says the two of them seem to have a problem and leaves. Claire says she doesn't know where it could be, only the firm senior partners have the combination. Ric says he needs the log of visitors, his life depends on it.

Claudia tells Jason she's taking aspirin. Jason is there to see her. Jason says that Ric was really convinced. Claudia says she thought Jason wouldn't believe Ric.

Patrick contacted IP and is trying to figure out how Helena gained access to the TV monitors. Alexis thinks that whatever Helena's up to is about Rebecca.

Luke tells Tracey if he was a family man he'd be happy to have a son like Lucky. Ethan is listening in. Tracey says that he loves his son they just don't have anything in common. Luke says he sees himself in Ethan. Tracey says he could be a big scam artist. Ethan interrupts. Tracey says he needs to give them more information about who he is. Ethan thinks his connection to Holly is the reason Tracey hates him.

Carly is talking to Jax on the phone. Olivia hovers and pushes her to tell him, but she doesn't.

Claire tells Ric that his orders were to give the DVD to Sonny in the event of his death. Ric tells her what was on the DVD.

Claudia tells Jason she's not mad at him and says she made a bad choice getting involved with Ric. Jason says she knew he was a bad guy. Claudia says that after she married Sonny Ric wanted her even more and wanted her to give him information about Sonny. Claudia says she didn't give him anything. Claudia says she's not responsible for any of this. Jason thinks that at the time of Michael's shooting Claudia had more of a reason to want Sonny dead than Ric did. Claudia says Jason should go ahead and look for information and she'll just wait for him to find out it was Ric.

Ric tells Claire that Ian Devlin was found responsible but he was always thought to be working with someone else. Ric found out it was Claudia. Claire wonders why he didn't just tell Sonny. He says because he thought he could gain something. Now someone is trying to frame him.

Carly and Diane discuss the construction of their new home. Carly needs her to make it happen. Diane sees Carly nearly faint and is concerned.

Patrick sees Robin and asks her how she's doing with the whole Helena situation. Robin blows Patrick off and says her PPD isn't making her more scared of Helena and he needs to stop treating her like a basket case. Robin walks away from Patrick and tells Kelly she is glad Helena distracted Patrick for a second. Robin asks Kelly if she can prescribe her alternative medication. Not far away Patrick tells Elizabeth things aren't good between he and Robin and he thinks Robin is feeling guilty for cheating on him.

Luke tells Tracey she shouldn't take her jealousy out on Ethan. Tracey asks how well Ethan knows Holly and what Holly shared with him about Luke. Lucky comes in and tells Luke that Helena is back.

Nikolas is on his way back to Wyndemere. He thinks that’s where Helena will look for him. He doesn't want Alexis to come because of the danger. Alexis thinks Rebecca is here because of Helena. Alexis thinks Rebecca has been planted. Nikolas thinks this is far-fetched. Alexis thinks it's more far-fetched that she's not working for Helena.

Lucky tells Luke about the hospital monitors. Tracey tells Luke he's supposed to find out what's going on. Lucky also tells them that Rebecca has been taken back to the Quartermaine's. Ethan asks who Helena is and why Rebecca would be in danger. Tracey goes back to the house. Luke says Helena will come by because he and Helena have a weird flirtation going on. Lucky can't believe Luke is making light of this when Helena kidnapped him years ago. Lucky leaves. Ethan asks why Luke puts up with Lucky.

Kelly tells Robin that Dr. Brown is her doctor and Robin isn't in a position to diagnose herself. She tells Robin to let her treatment plan work and leaves. Matt asks Robin for a consult, and she asks if this is a charity request. She accuses him of thinking she's losing her mind and Matt says that maybe she thinks she's losing her mind.

Carly tells Diane that she's been having dizzy spells but is fine. Max asks if she's ok also when he arrives. Carly excuses herself and Max says she was light-headed when she was pregnant with Morgan.

Claudia tells Jason there never was a DVD and Ric is just using this to plant doubt in Sonny's mind. Jason says he can believe t was Ric, but he's going to find out if he's wrong. Jason leaves and Claudia picks up the pregnancy test.

Alexis goes to see Luke on the Haunted Star. She figured Helena would be stopping by there. Alexis tells Luke she's concerned about Rebecca and believes her to be a plant by Helena. Luke says whatever it is, Helena being back is something big.

Rebecca catches up with Nikolas on the docks. She says that Monica and Edward told her stories about Helena and she wants to support him.

Max thinks Carly is definitely pregnant, but they wonder who the father is. They think they'll be able to figure out depending on if Carly calls Jason for advice. If she does it's Sonny's and if not it's Jax's. Just then Jason arrives saying Carly called him.

Johnny shows up to the mansion and tells Claudia he doesn't have the DVD. Johnny says the DVD is gone and doesn't know who took it.

Ric is nervous entering his house. Inside he finds Jerry. Jerry doesn't want Ric to use his DVD's for his own mischief.

Johnny says Claudia should be glad it's gone. Claudia is still very worried. Johnny thinks everything will be ok now and she doesn't need to get pregnant but Claudia says she wants to get pregnant.

Carly is hesitant but finally tells Jason that she may be pregnant.

Patrick wonders to Elizabeth if his and Robin's problems are about her PPD or about them as a couple. Robin walks up and tells Patrick that their problems should be between them. Patrick tells Robin he's trying to support her, and Robin says that he's betraying her trust. The discussion escalates and gets more heated, and staff stop and listen. Matt and Epiphany both try to interject. Robin tells Patrick maybe Emma wasn't the reason she ran off and wants to know who else he told about her PPD. He says at least he's being honest. He says she's the one who drove off and slept with a stranger.

Nikolas brings Rebecca to Wyndemere. Rebecca doesn't want to be put away in some room, she's there to be with him. But Nikolas is worried. Helena arrives and sees Rebecca. She asks who she is.

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