GH Update Tuesday 4/14/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/14/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Unfortunately today I experienced some DVR problems. I watched the episode online but couldn't seem to find one part of the episode. Please forgive me, as it's kind of in the middle. The page break indicates the missing scenes. I also write Wednesday's update so if the missing scene is posted I'll write it up at the beginning of my Wednesday update. Sorry again.

At the new General Hospital Patrick asks Monica to assist in a surgery. Monica says Alan would have loved the new GH. Epiphany yells at a new intern for reporting to Mercy that morning instead of GH.

Nikolas catches up with Rebecca on the docks. She was waiting to see his boat. He tries to kiss her but she holds him at arms length. He asks if it's because of Emily.

At the MetroCourt Carly tells Bobby that she doesn't want to go to the hospital opening. Carly feels dizzy and Bobby asks what's wrong.

At the mansion Claudia tells Johnny that he has to get Ric's copy of the DVD. She tells him to do whatever he has to do. She thinks Ric's lawyer has it. Sonny walks in and asks why Claudia is involving her brother in this, maybe he's been in on it all along. Johnny covers for Claudia by saying he deosn't know anything and reminds Sonny what a horrible idea this marriage is before leaving. Claudia tells Sonny that she was starting to tell Johnny what happened with Ric but couldn't finish because she so ashamed by the accusations.

Carly tells Bobby that she's just tired and Bobby tells her she'll cover for her at the hospital before leaving. Olivia scolds Carly for lying to her mother. Carly tells Olivia that her life could be in danger if she's pregnant and chooses to keep the baby.

At the Haunted Star Ethan serves Luke a hangover cure. They bond over their new found friendship and partnership. Lucky enters and tells Luke about Lulu's breakup. He suggests spending some family time together to help Lulu through it. Luke isn't interested which causes Lucky to point out Luke's poor parenting skills. Ethan tells Lucky to back off, and that many people would be happy to have Luke as a father.

Rebecca tells Nikolas that the awkardness before the kiss has nothing to do with Emily. She gives him a gift of sunglasses for his next gambling outing to help him win. Nikolas then tells Rebecca about his crazy family and that both Stavros and Stephan were obsessed with Laura.

Alexis talks to Patrick about a patient who is also a witness. Epiphany tells her that the hospital doesn't need a party. Epiphany is having a hard day and says she doesn't have anyone's records. Elizabeth tells Patrick how great the day care center is and Patrick wonders if he can get Emma in. Elizabeth says there is infant daycare but it would probably be best to let her stay at home if that's an option. Just then Robin walks up ready to work. She tells them not to be surprised since she's still a doctor, unless they want her to stay home "like a good little mom."

Carly tells Olivia she doesn't think she's pregnant but Olivia says she should have a real doctor appointment to find put for sure. Carly doesn't want to talk about the risks of pregnancy and doesn't want to know the truth because it will ruin how great her life is right now.

Caludia doesn't know how Sonny could think that she'd be living there with him, eating with him, sleeping with him and be the person responsible for Michael's shooting. He says that Ric made some good points and Claudia is a complicated woman. He has to know for sure, but says that if she's innocent he'll be the first to apologize.

Tracey goes to Lulu's apartment, which is a mess, to find out what she knows about Ethan. She doesn't want Lulu feeling bad for herself because Johnny wasn't right for her and she needs to help her uncover Ethan's secret.

Ethan continues to praise Luke and thinks he's better than some other father options, like an abusive drunk. Lucky says that Luke might be all those great things but that doesn't mean he cares about his family. After Lucky leaves Luke tells Ethan he doesn't like being played. Ethan says he meant every word.

Lulu says Ethan is living in a hotel and acted really weird when she showed up. She says he's a conartist who's hiding out. Tracey thinks he tracked Luke down on purpose. Lulu doesn't agree and thinks that this is just a game to him and will leave when he's done having his fun.

Ethan thanks Luke for everything and Luke gives Ethan the day off. Luke tells Ethan to cut Lucky some slack, he knows parts of Luke that Ethan doesn't.

At the MetroCourt Sonny makes Carly sit down because of her dizziness, he's concerned about her but she says she' fine. He says he needs her opinion and tells her that either Claudia or Ric are lying about something and asks her which one she'd believe if she had to choose.

On the docks Ric grabs Claudia and threatens her.

Robin straightens something out for Epiphany and tells Patrick that he;s the only one not happy to see her and accuses him of thinking she should spend every moment with Emma. Robin tells Elizabeth that she tried to spend time with Patrick and Emma but Patrick only sees her as crazy. Ptraick gives Elizabeth a toy car for Cameron. Kelly tells Robin she shouldn't be jealous that Patrick and Elizabeth spent time in the park. Matt wants tp fight Patrick for the first OR surgery.

Nikolas gives Rebecca a tour of the hospital. Alexis comes over and Rebecca leaves to clock in. Alexis says the work he did is astonishing.

Ric asks Claudia how she erased the DVD and that it doesn't matter because he has a copy. CLaudia says it won't matter and she tells him not to insult her.

Carly wants to know why he's asking her. He says he can't tell her but he trusts her instincts. Carly says Claudia is horrible but doesn't think she's out to destroy him whereas Ric is evil and has always wanted to destroy him and everyone he loves. So she'd believe Claudia. Sonny then says she looks very pale and hasn't been this pale since her pregnancy with Morgan.


Carly tells Olivia she's straving but says it's just because she's hungry. Olivia says it's important for Jax to know what's going on because it's not fair to him. She then takes out a pregnancy test.

Sonny tells Claudia that once this is all figured out they can just forget. Claudia can't belive that he thinks they can go back after he's accused her. Sonny says she doesn't undertsnad what it's like becuse she doesn't have kids. He says he will find out. Claudia says it has to be Ric and Sonny says they will find out in time. Sonny says he doesn't want her to go. But when asked if he thinks she's innocent he says if she's innocent she has nothing to worry about and if she's guilty he knows where to find her.

Ric finds Johnny in an office and Johnny tells him the DVD is gone.

At GH an alarm is going off which worries everyone. Suddenly the alarm goes off and Helena's voice comes on the intercom and her face appears on a TV monitor. Everyone is speechless. She speaks to Nikolas and says this will be his last act of charity. Until he meets her demands no good deed will go unpunished.

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