GH Update Monday 4/13/09

General Hospital Update Monday 4/13/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Spinelli finds Maxie and Johnny kissing on the docks. Spinelli yells for them to stop.

While at Kelly’s, Rebecca receives a call about her biopsy results. Rebecca appears upset. Thinking the worst, Nikolas hugs her.

In the Mercy Hospital lobby, Claudia asks Dr. Kelly some questions about getting pregnant. Carly walks in, surprised to see Claudia.

At the Corinthos home, Ric reveals that Claudia was behind Michael’s shooting. Jason is suspicious of Ric. Ric states that he has tangible proof. Sonny wants to see the evidence.

Lulu shows up at Ethan’s address. Ethan is irritated that Lulu knows where he lives. Ethan wants to know why Tracy is running a background check on him. Lulu thinks that Ethan is hiding something.

Back on the docks, Spinelli yells at Johnny. Johnny admits that he and Lulu broke up. Johnny adds that he is attracted to Maxie. Spinelli is upset and near tears. Suddenly, Spinelli punches Johnny in the face. Maxie is shocked.

At Kelly’s, Rebecca starts to cry. Rebecca apologizes for being such a basket case. Rebecca announces that her biopsy results came back negative. Rebecca is relieved and Nikolas suggests that they celebrate the good news.

Back at the hospital, Claudia tells Dr. Kelly that she’ll speak to her later. Claudia leaves. Carly asks Dr. Kelly why Claudia was there. Dr. Kelly refuses to divulge anything about her patient. Dr. Kelly advises Carly against trying to get pregnant. Carly appears heart-broken.

In Sonny’s living room, Ric says that he has proof of Claudia’s guilt. Ric admits that Jerry left DVDs all over Sonny’s house. Sonny still doesn’t believe Ric.

On the docks, Maxie tells Spinelli to chill out. Spinelli is still mad at Johnny. Johnny leaves. Maxie apologizes to Spinelli. Spinelli doesn’t want to hear it. Maxie is hurt by Spinelli’s cutting words. Spinelli doesn’t think that Maxie is sorry about the kiss.

Ethan and Lulu continue to talk at his place. Lulu warns Ethan that Tracy won’t stop trying to find out his secret. Lulu adds that Tracy thinks that Ethan has an agenda.

In her office, Dr. Kelly explains the risks of a pregnancy for Carly. Carly thinks she might already be pregnant.

Back at the Corinthos home, Sonny demands to know how Ric got the DVD. Ric explains that he found it in Sonny’s house one day. Ric says that he has been conflicted about the whole thing, since he truly cares about Claudia. Jason refuses to believe Ric’s story. Jason thinks that Ric is trying to save his own skin.

Back at Ethan’s place, Lulu praises Ethan on his con game. Lulu thinks that Ethan could make a lot of money in Atlantic City. Ethan makes a comment about Johnny. Lulu gets defensive and tells Ethan that he doesn’t know her at all.

Rebecca and Nikolas share a sundae at Kelly’s. Rebecca gets a phone call. Rebecca gets up to answer the call in private. Rebecca tells the caller that they weren’t supposed to call tonight.

In her office, Dr. Kelly brings up a disorder that Carly might be suffering from. Dr. Kelly says that Carly needs to find out if she has the disorder. Carly asks if she needs to terminate the pregnancy if she indeed has this disorder.

Claudia returns home. Sonny tells Claudia that Ric has a DVD, which involves her. Claudia looks frightened.

Nikolas finds Rebecca in Kelly’s backroom. Nikolas asks if everything is alright. They return to their table. Rebecca thanks Nikolas for being supportive during her health scare. Rebecca thinks of Nikolas as a good friend.

Lulu and Ethan argue at his place. Ethan grabs Lulu’s arm, but quickly lets go. Lulu admits that she broke up with Johnny. Lulu rushes out of Ethan’s place.

Back on the pier, Spinelli asks Maxie what her feelings are for Johnny. Spinelli explains that Maxie is drawn to danger and adventure, so Johnny is the perfect guy for this. Maxie finally divulges that she is attracted to Johnny, but that she’ll never be with him. Maxie starts to cry. Spinelli says that he won’t stand in the way of her and Johnny being together. Spinelli reminds Maxie that her actions affect everyone around her. Spinelli wants Maxie to be honest about her feelings for him. Maxie remains silent. Spinelli realizes that Maxie only looks at him as a friend. Spinelli wishes Maxie good luck and walks away. Maxie is left crying.

At Sonny’s, Ric and Sonny are about to watch the DVD, but the DVD isn’t loading properly. Sonny is becoming impatient. Claudia plays stupid and asks about the DVD. Ric announces that the DVD will prove Claudia’s guilt in Michael’s shooting.

Spinelli finds Johnny outside of Kelly’s. Johnny apologizes for kissing Maxie and explains that it didn’t mean anything. Spinelli says that Maxie will always look at him only as a friend. Spinelli tells Johnny that he is walking away from Maxie. Spinelli warns Johnny that he needs to treat Maxie well.

Maxie returns home. Maxie apologizes to Lulu. Lulu tells Maxie that the damage is done. Lulu insists that Maxie move out of the apartment immediately.

Back at the Corinthos home, Claudia strongly denies any involvement in Michael’s shooting. Jason still doubts Ric’s story. Sonny says that if either Ric or Claudia leave town, they will know which one is lying.

Carly visits Michael. Carly is worried that she has the disorder. Carly questions how she can continue with the pregnancy if she is at risk. Carly tells Michael that she loves him. Carly leaves the room. Michael moves his hand.

At home, Claudia thanks Sonny for believing her instead of Ric. Sonny thinks that Ric made the whole thing up. Sonny comments that he better not find out that Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting. Claudia appears scared.

Jason brings Ric to the docks. Jason aims a gun at Ric. Ric says that Claudia is responsible for Michael’s shooting.

Nikolas walks Rebecca to her room at Kelly’s. Rebecca thanks him for his support.

Someone is walking through the newly renovated General Hospital. The woman begins to access the hospital’s computer files. It is revealed that the woman is Helena Cassadine.

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