GH Update Friday 4/10/09

General Hospital Update Friday 4/10/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Carly has a dizzy spell at Metro Court, where she is meeting Olivia. Olivia suggests she should see a doctor. Carly says she only remembers having dizzy spells when she was pregnant. Being pregnant would be dangerous for her health. She calls Dr. Lee.

Claudia eavesdrops as Jason informs Sonny that someone is trying to move money from Devlin's offshore account.  Sonny tells Jason that whoever was involved in Michael's shooting will pay.  Claudia comes in and asks Sonny if they're still on for dinner.  After he says yes, she leaves to get ready. Jason tells Sonny he thinks that the money trail will lead to Ric. Sonny isn't too sure and wonders if Jason's dislike of Ric is clouding his judgment. Sonny later calls Ric and asks him to come over.

Lucky runs into Nikolas and Rebecca at Kelly's. He's not happy that they are together. Rebecca tells him that Nikolas has really been supportive during her cancer scare. Lucky is skeptical and leaves.

Johnny confesses to Lulu that he and Maxie not only kissed, but almost slept together on the night of the blizzard. He hasn't been able to get it out of his mind ever since. But that has nothing to do with wanting to break up with Lulu. Lulu call Maxie a two-faced bitch.  Maxie tells Lulu that it's not anyone's fault that is was just a string of events all together. She reminds her that Lulu had a nervous breakdown and that Johnny couldn't tell her then . She tells Lulu that Johnny left the mob for her and that he 's totally changing his life because she asked him to, but Lulu never once asked him if that is what he wanted. Johnny tells her to stop. Johnny says that he will never be anything but a mobster and that he doesn't even really care what people think of him. It's the only life he knows. Lulu wishes that he had figured that out before he told he her loved her. Lulu is hurt and angry and lashes out at Maxie telling her Johnny was her boyfriend, she kissed him and calls Maxie a slut.

Tracy meets Spinelli at the docks to find out what he has found out about Ethan. She isn't happy with the little bit he has. She yells at him and he tells her that some records may be sealed and it would be breaking the law to hack into them. Ethan walks up to Tracy and tells her that she could simply ask him whatever she wants to know. Spinelli, thinking on his feet, tells him that he's doing accounting for the casino and that there seems to be a problem with his work visa. Spinelli leaves and Tracy tells Ethan that she will figure out what he's up to.

Maxie goes looking for Johnny to make sure he's okay.  Johnny says that what he did to Lulu, finally telling her the truth, may be the last good thing he'll ever do. He also says that he's not capable of loving anyone. Maxie asks why, if he finally decided to be honest with Lulu, he didn't tell her about the night that he and Claudia spent at the hospital getting Ric's stomach pumped? Johnny tells her to keep quiet about that and to never mention it again. Maxie thinks that him kissing her had nothing to do with breaking up with Lulu, that it has to do with his secret. What is he hiding? Johnny retorts that he's just a selfish bastard and if she thinks he has a secret, she needs to forget about it. Not to mention it to Lulu or anyone else. He admits he is attracted to Maxie and Maxie says she doesn't want to ruin her life like he is determined to ruin his. Johnny kisses her and Spinelli sees them together.

Tracy shows up at Lulu's apartment and Lulu tells her now is not a good time. Tracy asks if she and Johnny broke upů.again. Lulu says yes. Tracy tells her that he isn't worth the time and effort and Lulu suggests that she's only being nice because she wants something from her. Tracy wants her to help figure out what it is that Ethan is up to.

Ric answers Sonny's summons and goes to his house. Sonny tells him about Devlin's offshore account and the money being moved and that it may have ties to Ric. Ric laughs at him and tells him that Jason finally gets something wrong. Sonny gets angry and Ric tells him that he knows exactly who is responsible and tells him it's Sonny's wife, Claudia.

Claudia and Johnny meet at the waterfront and she wants to know when he's going to tell Sonny he's ready to work for him. Johnny tells her that he and Lulu broke up and he's not even sure he wants to work for Sonny. Claudia panics a little and Johnny tells her the only reason she cares is that she needs him to get that information for Ric so that he can cover her butt.

Rebecca and Nikolas are at Kelly's waiting for a call. The phone finally rings.  The results are in from her biopsy and she asks for them over the phone, reaching for Nikolas' hand.

Claudia goes to Mercy to ask Kelly how long it would take a normally healthy person to become pregnant. Kelly tells her it can take up to a month, just to relax and let nature take its course. Claudia asks her if she should take fertility drugs. Carly sees them together and wonders what Claudia is up to.

Ethan is talking to someone and reminding them they cannot be seen together. At that moment, Lulu knocks on his door, wanting a rematch to their poker game. He pulls her in and demands to know how she found him.

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