GH Update Thursday 4/9/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/9/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.


At the casino, Lulu tells Nikolas that she is worried about him. He tells her he's fine. He knows Rebecca isn't Emily, but that he is worried about her, since she is going through a breast cancer scare. He says that he is going to stick with Rebecca and give her plenty of support while she goes through whatever happens. Lulu tells Ethan she has to get back to work. While Rebecca continues to win one game of black jack after another, Tracy watches her. After a few minutes, she starts to goad Rebecca. Rebecca tells her to can it, she's already made it clear how she feels about Rebecca. Tracy tells her that she knows Rebecca has an agenda. Nikolas defends her to Tracy and tells Tracy to back off and that she should apologize. They leave the casino.

Sonny finds Claudia lying down with her legs in the air. She says she's doing yoga and he says 'Like hell you are'. He says she's not the yoga type and she says 'Sure I am.  I'm looking for inner peace.'

Maxie is angry at Matt for ruining the party in Manhattan. she's afraid that Kate will fire her. Kate thinks they did great.  She thinks his social skills need work and knows that when Kate finds out what happened that she will fire either him or Maxie or both. Kate then comes out of her office and says she heard they hit it off with the press. Maxie tells her that Matt blew it, that he was an embarrassment. Matt says he'd love to do it again, to which Maxie protests vehemently. He says that he would refuse payment, that being in Maxie's company is payment enough. Maxie reminds him that his schedule at the hospital would not give him enough leeway to do both. He responds that he won't accept Kate's offer if she'll agree to go out with him on a real date. Maxie agrees. Kate tells her she doesn't care who she dates, but does ask Matt if he can do both. He tells her no, that he'll have to turn her down. This means Johnny will continue to be her date for future appearances for the company, a fact that makes Lulu none to happy.

Johnny is at the pier recalling an argument that he and Lulu had when Michael was shot. She challenged him to leave the family business. Claudia shows up and he wants to know what she is doing to keep Ric from telling Sonny that she is the one that hired the gunman that shot Michael on accident. She responds that it won't be a problem soon because she is going to get pregnant with Sonny's child. That will give her protection from anything that may happen. Johnny reminds her that she doesn't even like kids and that she hated the way they grew up. She tells him she'll probably love the child when it's born. He tells her he wished she'd left town months ago.

Sam goes to Jason's to tell him she won't be able to get her PI license since she doesn't have any experience. Bernie shows up and Spinelli comes downstairs excited because he learned online that Bernie is a private eye! Jason and Sam ask Bernie if this is true and he says yes, he can't understand why everyone is always so surprised when they find out. He used to work in white collar crimes. Sam and Spinelli ask if he'd start a new business with them that he wouldn't have to do any of the work, that they would do it all. Bernie says no, that with Spinelli on board it would be a disaster. Sam promises him that he wouldn't regret it if he would please just help. He says no again. Jason personally guarantees that he will watch over Spinelli and make sure he stays out of trouble. Bernie finally relents and says he'll do it. After Sam leaves and Spinelli goes back upstairs, Bernie tells Jason he originally came over to tell him that he has new information on Michael's shooting.

Rebecca invites Nikolas in and thanks him for standing up for her to Tracy. He tells her he admires her and thinks Tracy is wrong. She said she's just a coward and if it weren't for him, she'd never have had the nerve to get the biopsy. He tells her that she is great at playing black jack and she calls him on losing on purpose. They become closer and share a kiss.

Ric shows up at Sonny's and tells him that he is there to talk about Michael's shooting. Ric tells him not to trust Claudia. He tells Sonny that when he went to the warehouse on the anniversary of the shooting, that Jason was there, held a gun to his head and accused him of trying to cover his tracks. Ric is afraid he's going to frame him for Michael's shooting. Sonny asks him if he was and Ric swears on his daughter's life that he had nothing to do with it but is determined to find out who did. Sonny wants to know why he was there and Ric tells him that Michael is his nephew and suggests that Sonny figure it out himself.

Lulu goes home and finds Johnny there and they argue again about his family. He tells her that his sister is dealing with some things and when she asks what he refuses to tell her. She goes off on him and reminds him that they used to talk about everything and now he pushes her away. He tells her that they just aren't going to work out and she accuses him of using his secrets with his sister to break up with her so that he can be with Maxie.

Meanwhile, Spinelli goes to Crimson to see Maxie and share his good news. She's in a really foul mood, angry at Lulu for interfering with her press dates and tells Spinelli she is going to get revenge. Spinelli tells her about the PI agency and she tells him that's great but she needs to decide how to mess up Lulu.

Ric runs into Claudia at the waterfront and warns her that it's getting harder and harder to not tell Sonny that she is the one responsible. She reminds him that Johnny is about to start working for Sonny and that he'll be able to get the information that Ric wants. Ric tells her that he can either make sure that Jason finds out what really happened or that he, Ric, can go ahead and tell his brother and be the hero. Which should he choose? Claudia becomes upset.

Jason goes to Sonny and tells him that Bernie finally has information proving that Ian Devlin didn't work alone; that someone hired him. Claudia happens to be outside the door and listens, horrified.

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