GH Update Wednesday 4/8/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/8/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Rebecca meets up with Nikolas on the docks. She said she received a call from Monica, who wants to see her.

Patrick frustratingly asks Elizabeth for charts. He says he saw Robin "in Jason's arms" and thinks she might be sleeping with him too.

At the mansion Claudia walks into the living room to find Olivia on a chair reaching for something and Sonny's hand on her back supporting her. Claudia asks Olivia what the hell she's doing with her husband.

In his office, Jax sees and hears Carly on the phone with Jax. Jax grabs the phone before Jerry can tell Carly what he's apologizing for. Jerry seems to know Jax hasn't told Carly about his involvement in Michael's shooting and tells Jax the message is clear, he won't be contacting him again. Carly tells Jax he doesn't need to cut off his brother on her account. He tells her she deserves to know what's going on.

Sonny says Olivia's helping him fix a crooked picture and reminisces with Olivia about Sister Mary Margaret from grammar school. Claudia isn't amused. They banter back and forth about both of their organization methods and being a neat-freak. Claudia leaves and tells Sonny that maybe when she gets back he can find time for his wife. When she leaves Olivia tells him he's in trouble.

Tracey tells Edward that she doesn't think Luke suspects that Ethan may be his son. Ethan and Lulu arrive at the Haunted Star and Ethan calls her his date.

Robin accuses Patrick and Elizabeth of talking about her. Patrick tells Robin she should go home since she was just in the hospital and Robin accuses him of ordering her around. Robin says Elizabeth is super mom and that's what Patrick wants so it makes sense that he's always confiding in her. Elizabeth takes offense and tells Robin that what she says and does still counts even though she has an illness and that soon she's going to have to step-up and take responsibility and get help. When she leaves Robin admits to Patrick that he's the one she resents not Elizabeth. Robin doesn't think what she does is good enough, but Patrick doesn't think she's seeking enough help. Patrick says all she needs him for is to blame him and resent him and not for anything else.

Tracey tells Lulu she can't go on a date with Ethan. Ethan and Lulu explain the circumstances of their date. Tracey is clearly concerned. When Ethan and Lulu walk away, Edward tells Tracey that he thinks there are a couple options to what's going on with Ethan. A, it's just a coincidence and there's no connection to Luke, B, he thinks he might be Luke's son and is trying to find out, C, he does know and is trying to establish a relationship, D, he's Luke's son and is looking for revenge.

Rebecca visits Monica at the Quartermaine's. Monica tells Rebecca that she's been in a similar situation with her fight during breast cancer and Rebecca can discuss her cancer scare freely. Monica recounts her experience on putting off her mammogram and credits Alan for being her support system. Monica offers her help and support. Rebecca tells her how helpful Nikolas has been but that she doesn't think it's very fair to him because of Emily. Monica tells her not to worry about Nikolas and tells her to do something very fun everyday. She tells her not to worry because she doesn't know anything for sure yet.

Claudia is in the waiting room at Mercy and asks Kelly how long after sex can you tell if you're pregnant. Kelly says it takes 7-10 days, but Claudia says she can't afford to wait.

Olivia and Sonny discuss the pediatric head unit of General Hospital. Sonny accuses her of not being able to resist zinging him about the mob and says she'd be happier if he worked for her dad like she wanted him to back then. Olivia says that she thought honest money would help him get out of the mob, but she realized he was happy where he was.

Carly tells Jax she will listen to Jerry's newest escapade but she knows it will only end in disaster. Jax is surprised this didn't cause a fight and wants to know what she really thinks. She tells him not to give Jerry more power than he deserves and he shouldn't answer his calls.

In the park Kelly sees Robin and asks if she wants to go to a yoga class. Robin asks if this was Patrick's idea, and Kelly makes it clear he didn't. Robin tells Kelly that Patrick thinks she jumped off the pier and Kelly makes light of the situation. Robin thinks it's embarrassing that she can't take care of Emma and Kelly says it's time to get better.

Patrick apologizes to Elizabeth for Robin's behavior. Patrick also apologizes for not being more sensitive of her feelings when spilling about Jason and Robin. Elizabeth admits that she has to work on getting the picture of them out of her head and she's reminding herself that Jason and Robin are friends. Elizabeth reminds Patrick that he and Robin love each other, but he doesn't know if that's enough because she's so angry. Patrick is tired of talking about all of this and tired of being angry. Elizabeth thinks she can help him smile again.

Claudia goes to Jax's office to tell Olivia to stay away from Sonny or she'll be sorry. She doesn't want them reminiscing about old times because they have a family now. Olivia wants to know what family she's talking about.

Carly goes to see Sonny at the mansion. She gets light-headed and almost falls down.

Edward comes home to find Rebecca and insists she join them for dinner. He immediately bulldozes her about moving into the house. Nikolas arrives and says he and Rebecca are riding horses, but Edward says it's dangerous. Rebecca leaves with Nikolas but promises that she'll be in touch with Monica.

Tracey comes over and shoos Ethan away from Lulu. Lulu wants to know what the problem is.

Kelly tells Robin that she is not the exception to the rule when it comes to PPD and she needs help. Kelly thinks she should try to figure out why she doesn't want to take the pills. Robin explains that it makes her feel like she's losing control. Robin thinks she might lose Patrick. Kelly tells her to take the medication, to stop focusing on what she can't do and focus on what she can. She tells her to find ways to enjoy Patrick's company with out fighting or trying to solve any problems.

Claudia says she is Sonny's family and that Olivia is jealous because it's the life she wanted. Olivia says she better not threaten her because she knows things that could ruin her life with Sonny.

Sonny offers to make Carly something to eat since she's clearly not taking care of herself. She tells him about Dr. Henson's assessment of Michael. She tells him that the longer Michael is in a coma the more his brain will atrophy.

Tracey tells Lulu she thinks Ethan has an agenda and doesn't trust him. Lulu thinks she's exaggerating. Nikolas and Rebecca enter the Haunted Star for some black jack and champagne.

At her house, Robin thanks Mercedes for helping out and asks her to get Emma ready to go to the park and to call Patrick to meet them there. Mercedes says that Patrick picked up Emma and took her to the park. Robin seems pleased and goes to find them.

On a park bench Patrick talks to Emma and promises to be the best father he can. Elizabeth arrives with her boys.

Claudia comes home with brandy for Sonny. Sonny tells her not to yell at Olivia because she's always welcome in his home. Claudia thinks they need to redecorate since it’s not just “his” home anymore and then climbs on top of him for some kissing.

Olivia asks Jax if he made a copy of Jerry's DVD. She tells him about Claudia being there and how she wished she had it to tell Sonny. Olivia thinks it's only a matter of time and thinks Sonny needs to know. Jax doesn't care about Sonny but thinks he needs to go find Jerry. Carly comes in and asks what he's working on.

Lulu tells Nikolas she thinks it's a bad idea for him to spend time with Rebecca given his family history of being obsessed with women. Tracey makes a call and asks for information about Ethan, especially who his parents are.

Robin sees Patrick and Elizabeth laughing and playing with the three children and leaves before being seen.

Sonny leaves right after sleeping with Claudia and tells her she can do whatever she wants with the house. When he leaves Claudia lays on the floor with her feet up reading a book about optimizing your chances of getting pregnant. Sonny walks back in looking for his wallet and asks her what she' doing.

Jax tells Carly he's following up on some treatments for Michael so they can make a decision. He leaves and Carly passes out.

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