GH Update Tuesday 4/7/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/7/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Tracy come to the Haunted Star as Ethan is cleaning up the bar. Tracy takes a photo out of Ethan’s wallet.

Maxie goes to see Jason at his penthouse and tells him that Robin needs him to convince her therapy is a good idea.

At Mercy Robin is preparing to leave when Dr. Brown arrives. Robin doesn’t like being ambushed.

Carly and Jax meet with Dr. Henson, the specialist for Michael. Carly tells her that despite the risks she would still like Michael to be considered. Carly tells the doctor about Michael’s hand moving but Dr. Henson agrees with the previous doctor’s that Michael will probably never awake on his own. Dr. Henson explains the statistics around the procedure.

Ethan yells at Tracy for snooping. Tracy wants Ethan to return anything he’s stolen recently from the bar.

At Crimson Matt comes to see Maxie, she’s not there but Lulu is. Matt tells Lulu that Maxie will give in to him eventually.

Maxie tells Jason that Robin needs his help but Jason says he’s not the person to do it because he hated the psychotherapy he went through after his accident. Maxie says that after everything he and Robin have been through she deserves more from him.

Robin shows Dr. Brown out of her room and asks Patrick why he doesn’t just have her committed. Patrick asks her to please go to her treatment sessions and she asks, “or what?”

Carly wants to discuss the risks and wonders if there could be greater medical advances in 3 or 5 years, but Dr. Henson says Michael may not have that long. Dr. Henson explains of a case where a patient woke up after 10 years and experienced a lot of atrophy. Jax thinks waiting may be worse for Michael and Carly says they need to wake him up as soon as possible.

Jason doesn’t think Robin needs anyone else telling her what to do. Maxie reminds Jason that he helped Robin decide to take her HIV meds and asks him to help Robin now.

Robin says Patrick doesn’t need to force her into anything and Patrick tells her to prove it to him. Dr. Brown comes in for their session and asks Robin why she was on the pier. Robin reiterates she was there to think and slipped and fell. She says she’s feeling better and took her meds. The doctor says this won’t go away by itself but Robin says she’s read the statistics and suggests Patrick also seek help. Dr. Brown offers to incorporate Patrick.

Tracy asks Ethan when he’s moving on to his new location but Ethan says he’s getting used to Port Charles. Tracy asks what it would take to get Ethan to leave, she wants to know why he’s so set on staying. Ethan says Luke has a lot to learn from. Lucky comes in and asks Ethan for his working visa. Ethan hands it over and Lucky can see why Ethan admires Luke so much, but Lucky sees that all of his papers are in order. Tracy tells Ethan to take some time off so she can count the money in the cash box. Ethan leaves and Tracy calls someone and asks them to come right away.

Matt makes a call and gives instructions for a patient. Lulu tells Matt that he’s clueless about Maxie and then Maxie arrives, wanting to know why Matt is there. Kate enters and tells Maxie that her and Johnny are needed for a show but Lulu says Johnny is unreachable. Lulu suggests Maxie take Matt.

Elizabeth consults with Patrick on a case and Patrick seems agitated. He tells her about Robin not wanting to talk to her therapist and wonders who she’s talking to.

Robin comes upon Jason on the pier. Robin tells Jason that what happened was an accident and Jason says he believes her. She is relieved and happy to know someone believes her. He says he wants to help her and Robin seems to be willing to accept his help.

Carly talks to Michael and pleads for him to wake up on his own soon. She also tells him of the risk. She wishes he could tell her what to do. She still doesn’t know what to do.

Olivia and Jax talk business in his office. He tells her things went OK with the specialist but Michael could wake up worse in time.

Maxie yells at Lulu and accuses her of not even calling Johnny but Kate is done with their fighting. Kate takes Matt up on his offer. Ethan walks in and Maxie suggests she take him instead. Kate thinks about both options. Lulu says she votes for the doctor. When asked why Lulu says Ethan can’t go out with Maxie because he’s there to take her out on their first date.

Elizabeth and Patrick discuss a patient and the Patrick asks her if she had a condition that impeded her taking care of her kids, wouldn’t she want to fix it. Elizabeth admits to having made bad choices, but Patrick is worried about the future.

Robin tells Jason that she hallucinated a little girl who said her dad was a doctor and had a mom that didn’t want her, her name was Emma. Jason tells her there is time to fix this. Robin thinks she’s not supposed to be a mom, maybe it’s not the PPD maybe it’s just her.

Elizabeth cautions Patrick but tells him he can’t let his feelings fester. Elizabeth asks him how he’s dealing with the other man in Rochester. Patrick says he wonders if she still talks to that man or if she’s talking to someone else. Patrick doesn’t want to talk to Robin about it and Elizabeth says he can always unload on her. Patrick wants his wife and family back.

Jason asks Robin what she needs to feel in control. She says she doesn’t want to take pills and Jason says they could help. When Robin asks him if he’d take them he says it’s not the same for him. Jason asks what scares her the most and she says what if this doesn’t work, what if she just doesn’t want to be a mother. Jason points out that Robin does love Emma and is worried about her, and that’s what mother’s do.

Jax tells Olivia he hasn’t told his mother that Jerry is alive, he‘s always shielded her from who Jerry really is. Jax says Carly will never forgive herself if Michael dies from the procedure.

Maxie doesn’t believe that Lulu and Ethan have a date but she assures him she does. Lulu steps up and says she has always put Crimson first but she has a date with Ethan tonight. Lulu doesn’t think it’s fair for everything to be at Lulu’s expense. Kate decides Maxie will take Matt. Kate tells Lulu to enjoy her date. Ethan gives Lulu back her money and then Lulu tells him they aren’t going on a date.

Edward arrives at the Haunted Star and thinks that he’s there to help Tracy dispose of Luke’s body. She says she didn’t kill Luke but she has a question for Edward about illegitimate children. She wants to know how Jimmy Lee Holt was his son, if he came out and said it or lurked about pretending to be a stranger. Tracy says she thinks Luke has one. Edward says he wouldn’t be surprised if Luke had a dozen illegitimate kids. Tracy says she thinks it’s Ethan and Edward think that makes sense. Tracy tells him about the photo of Luke and Robert she found. Tracy says she and Edward are doing some digging.

Lulu says she was just trying to get Maxie back and reminds him she has a boyfriend. Ethan threatens to tell Kate unless she goes out with him.

Jason tells Robin that if he were her he’d take the pills and keep going to therapy. She’s surprised by his advice but he thinks she needs it. He reminds her how good she was with Michael and she thanks him. They hug and Patrick sees from the top of the steps.

Carly answers the phone in Jax’s office and Jerry is on the other end of the phone. He apologizes to her for what happened and his part in it and she wants to know what he’s apologizing for.

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