GH Update Monday 4/6/09

General Hospital Update Monday 4/6/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Claudia and Sonny are in bed together. They are kissing.

Carly and Jason are at the warehouse where Michael was shot. Carly questions why Jason came there. Jason divulges that he isn’t sure if Ian Devlin acted alone in Michael’s shooting.

At the hospital, Nikolas asks Rebecca what she is trying to say. Rebecca is sedated, but manages to mumble something about telling Nikolas the truth. Rebecca refuses to explain herself.

On the docks, Patrick notices a body floating in the water. Frantically, he shouts out, thinking it is Robin.

At Mercy, Maxie tells Epiphany that she got an urgent call to come to the hospital. Maxie realizes that Matt left the message. Maxie is irritated and tells Matt that she is not interested in him. Matt wants to take Maxie out on a date. Maxie is silent. Matt implies that Maxie is more interested in him than she’d care to admit.

After having sex, Sonny brings up his mood swings. Claudia reassures him that he is nothing like her father. Claudia kisses Sonny on the cheek.

At the warehouse, Carly is still confused as to why Jason had to come there. Jason comments that he might find a piece of evidence he overlooked before. Jason wants to help Michael in some way. Jason feels guilty for what happened to Michael, so he is on a mission to bring the culprits to justice.

On the pier, Patrick is able to get Robin out of the water. Robin is awake and coughing. Patrick makes a call to 911. Robin yells out, wanting to know where Emma is.

In bed, Claudia admits to Sonny that she admires him. Sonny gets up and tells Claudia that she helped him. Alone, Claudia takes the pregnancy test out of her nightstand.

Back at the hospital, Epiphany sits down with Nikolas to talk about Rebecca’s biopsy. Epiphany explains the process.

Rebecca’s biopsy is performed. The doctor uses a needle to take out the tissue sample.

On the waterfront, Patrick reassures Robin that she’ll be okay. Paramedics arrive on the scene. One of the EMTs inquires about how Robin ended up in the water. Patrick is unable to give him an answer.

Back at the warehouse, Carly tells Jason that it isn’t his fault about Michael. Jason is adamant that he will find out who else was behind Michael’s shooting.

At Mercy, Matt suggests to Maxie that they should go on a date. Maxie still refuses to go out with Matt. All of a sudden, Robin is rushed in on a stretcher. Maxie asks what happened. Patrick explains that he found her in the water.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny makes a call. Claudia comes down the stairs and asks what is going on. Sonny comments that Kristina is doing well in school. Claudia makes a statement about Alexis. Sonny defends Alexis. Claudia reminds Sonny that he should be able to see Kristina when he wants to. Sonny gets angry. Sonny brings up that Michael is in a coma because of him.

Back at the warehouse, Carly says to Jason that she needs to talk to Sonny about the experimental procedure. Carly asks Jason for a favor. Carly wants Jason to talk to Sonny about opening the warehouse again. Carly leaves. Ric walks in, unbeknownst to Carly. Jason aims a gun directly at Ric.

Robin is admitted to the hospital. Patrick checks in on her. Robin feels embarrassed about what happened. Patrick asks why Robin was on the docks. Patrick explains that Robin never answered his calls. Robin apologizes. Patrick implies that Robin didn’t fall in the water by accident.

Rebecca wakes up after the biopsy. Nikolas is sitting by her hospital bed. Rebecca confides that she was nervous about the procedure, so she asked to be put out for the biopsy. Nikolas brings up that Rebecca had tried to say something earlier. Rebecca looks worried, but explains it away.

In the Mercy lobby, Maxie vents to Matt about Robin’s condition. Maxie is worried about Robin. Matt suggests that Robin tried to kill herself.

In her hospital room, Robin denies that she tried to kill herself. Patrick inquires about why Robin never returned his calls. Robin says that she went to the pier and talked to Carly for a while. Robin adds that she went to see Sonny and then returned to the docks. Robin says that she slipped and fell in the water. Patrick says that he found the ripped-up prescription. Robin insists that the whole thing was just an accident.

Back at home, Claudia and Sonny are talking about Michael’s condition when Carly walks in. Carly reveals that she found Claudia visiting Michael earlier in the day. Sonny is furious. Claudia admits that she wanted to pay her respects to Michael. Claudia leaves the room. Carly doesn’t believe Claudia’s story.

At the warehouse, Jason demands to know why Ric came there. Ric urges Jason to shoot him. Jason tells Ric not to say another word.

Maxie pays a visit to Robin in her hospital room. Robin says that she will be staying overnight at the hospital. Robin stresses that she didn’t try to end her life. Maxie says that she believes Robin. Robin wants Patrick to believe her, too. Maxie reassures Robin that she’ll be fine. Maxie adds that Robin needs to stick with her therapy. Robin feels like Maxie is taking Patrick’s side.

In the Mercy lobby, Patrick talks to Matt about Robin’s accident. Matt implies that Robin tried to end her life. Patrick is outraged. Matt believes that Robin’s post-partum depression is getting worse.

In the warehouse, Ric waits for Jason to shoot him. Jason puts away his gun. Jason maintains that he is going to find out who was behind Michael’s shooting. Jason warns that if he kills Ric, it will be with his bare hands.

Carly and Sonny talk in the Corinthos living room. Carly updates Sonny about the procedure for Michael. Sonny has a suggestion.

Rebecca and Nikolas return to her room at Kelly’s. Nikolas asks if she will be okay. Rebecca says that she won’t be working for a few days. Nikolas comments that he will check on her tomorrow.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Maxie shows up and fills him in on Robin’s accident. Jason doesn’t think that Robin would try to end her life. Maxie asks Jason to talk to Robin.

Epiphany checks Robin’s vitals. Patrick confides that he talked to Dr. Brown. Patrick admits that he told the doctor that Robin ripped up her prescription. Patrick says that Dr. Brown refilled Robin’s prescription. Patrick presents a bottle of anti-depressant pills and says that Robin should take one of them. Patrick says he wants Robin to get well. Patrick hands her one of the pills. Reluctantly, Robin takes the pill. Patrick looks hopeful.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny suggests that they shouldn’t do the procedure. Sonny thinks that they should try the procedure in a few years. Carly finally agrees with Sonny’s reasoning. Sonny says he won’t back down until he finds out who else was responsible in Michael’s shooting. Unbeknownst to them, Claudia is listening from another room.

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