GH Update Friday 4/3/09

General Hospital Update Friday 4/3/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Mercy Hospital, Elizabeth announces to Patrick that Trisha, his patient, is suffering from post-partum depression. Patrick asks Jason how much he knows about Robin’s condition.

At the Corinthos home, Robin and Sonny discuss her post-partum depression. Sonny tells Robin that she needs help.

Carly confronts Claudia in Michael’s room. Carly wants to know why Claudia is visiting Michael.

At Mercy, Elizabeth tells Patrick that he shouldn’t argue with Jason about Robin. Jason says that Robin needs to get better for Emma. Elizabeth reminds Patrick that he has a patient to tend to. Patrick walks away. Elizabeth and Jason are left staring at each other.

Back at home, Sonny reveals that it is the one-year anniversary of Michael’s shooting. Sonny feels guilty that Michael is in a permanent coma. Sonny hopes that Robin never has to go through what he did. Sonny insists that Robin take the anti-depressants she was prescribed.

In Michael’s room, Carly and Claudia argue. Carly can’t understand why Claudia came to see Michael. Claudia says that Michael is family, since she is married to Sonny now. Carly insists that they continue talking outside of Michael’s room. Carly says that Claudia will never be important to Sonny. Claudia implies that Carly is naïve.

At Kelly’s, Rebecca is behind the counter when Nikolas shows up. Rebecca reminds Nik that she isn’t Emily. Rebecca thinks that she might have jumped to conclusions about her health scare.

Patrick checks in on Trisha. Epiphany comments about the patient’s car accident. Trisha wakes up. Trisha wants to know what happened. Patrick says that she needs surgery. Trisha says that she wants to die.

In Sonny’s living room, Robin divulges that she went to Rochester to get away from her responsibilities. Robin feels torn. Robin says that she loves Patrick and Emma very much, but she feels overwhelmed by it all. Robin starts to cry. Robin says that she is exhausted. Sonny stresses the point that getting help is not a weakness. Sonny reminds Robin that she has to get better for Emma.

Jason returns to his penthouse. Maxie shows up and starts talking about Spinelli. Jason asks Maxie to remember everything that happened the night he killed Ian Devlin. Jason admits that he isn’t sure if Devlin acted alone in Michael’s shooting.

Outside of Michael’s room, Claudia reminds Carly that she is clueless about Claudia’s relationship with Sonny.

In Mercy’s lobby, Rebecca waits to be called in for her appointment. The doctor comes out and says that they are ready for the biopsy. Rebecca admits to Nikolas that she is scared.

On the docks, Robin tears up her prescription.

In the penthouse, Maxie questions why Jason thinks that Ian Devlin did not act alone. Maxie implies that Jason is looking for some kind of closure.

At Kelly’s, Mike and Sonny talk about Kristina. Sonny still feels guilty about Michael. Sonny adds that if Michael hadn’t been shot, Michael would be spending time with Kristina and Morgan right now.

Nikolas waits for Rebecca in the hospital lobby. Epiphany asks him if he is okay. Nikolas says that Rebecca is worried about her biopsy.

Rebecca is upset that the doctor won’t be putting her out for the biopsy. Rebecca insists that she will be more at ease if she isn’t awake. The doctor agrees to Rebecca’s wishes.

Back at Jason’s home, Maxie understands what Jason is going through. Maxie compares her situation with Georgie to Jason’s situation with Michael. Jason says that he appreciates Maxie’s concern. Maxie remembers that Devlin took her by surprise that night. Maxie explains that before she knew it, Devlin was holding a scalpel to her neck. Maxie and Jason talk about the night of Ian Devlin’s murder. Maxie asks Jason what Devlin whispered to him before he died.

Claudia returns home. Claudia opens a pregnancy kit.

Back at Kelly’s, Sonny implies that Robin has post-partum depression. Mike asks if he can do anything to help. Sonny says no, but comments that Robin desperately needs treatment.

On the waterfront, it is becoming foggy. Robin is walking near the water’s edge. All of a sudden, a girl appears and tells Robin that she is too close to the water.

At home, Claudia puts the pregnancy test in her purse. Sonny walks in. Claudia inquires about Sonny’s day. Sonny suggests that they make a toast. Sonny states that he will never have any more kids. Claudia looks shocked.

Carly shows up at the warehouse where Michael was shot a year ago. She looks around the room. Carly starts to remember a memory of Michael. Carly begins to sob. Jason suddenly appears and hugs Carly. Carly admits that this is the first time she has been back to the warehouse since the shooting. Carly stands right where Michael was shot. Carly can’t believe a year has gone by since Michael’s shooting.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth comments that Patrick did a good job in the OR. Patrick admits that he is still concerned about Robin.

On the docks, Robin and the little girl talk. Robin says that she has a daughter named Emma. The girl discloses that she doesn’t have a mother.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia tells Sonny that she knows it is the one-year anniversary of Michael’s shooting. Sonny brings up his concern for Robin. Sonny doesn’t want to inflict any more of his pain on another child. Claudia starts to kiss Sonny. Claudia insists that her and Sonny go to the bedroom.

At the warehouse, Jason admits that he feels bad that Michael was an innocent casualty. Carly brings up what-if scenarios. Jason says that she shouldn’t blame herself. Carly starts to cry again. Carly feels frustrated about how to help Michael. Carly divulges that Michael’s experimental treatment could kill him. Carly realizes that she needs to make a decision about the treatment. Carly wants Jason’s input. Jason refuses. Jason believes that he let Michael down.

After the biopsy, Nikolas shows up in Rebecca’s room. The nurse reminds Nik that Rebecca is sedated. Rebecca wakes up and starts mumbling.

Patrick shows up on the docks, looking for Robin. Unbeknownst to Patrick, there appears to be a body floating in the water.

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