GH Update Thursday 4/2/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/2/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Robin is at a session with Dr. Brown. Robin believes that she is a terrible mother. Dr. Brown asks her some questions. Robin is worried that she will never get better.

At Mercy, Patrick and Elizabeth are talking when someone is brought in on a stretcher. When Patrick sees the woman, he appears to be thinking about Robin.

On the waterfront, Olivia tells Sonny that he is a great father. Sonny has tears in his eyes.

At the Corinthos home, Claudia tries to get Johnny away from Ric. Jason walks in on Johnny about to strangle Ric. Jason just stands there and doesn’t help.

Carly goes to Jax’s office. Jax says that he just got off the phone with Dr. Henson, Michael’s doctor. Jax admits that Michael’s new treatment could kill him.

In Sonny’s living room, Claudia is able to break up the fight between Ric and Johnny. Claudia insists that Ric leave the premises. Ric finally agrees to do so. Jason wants to know what’s going on. Claudia gives him a puzzled look.

Back on the docks, Sonny admits that he hasn’t been the best father. Olivia brings up an old friend from Bensonhurst. Sonny says that the reason he met Kate was because Olivia kept giving him the run-around.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Elizabeth how to go about helping the woman brought in on the stretcher.

Robin continues to talk to Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown maintains that Robin needs to be completely honest with her feelings. Robin tries to convince Dr. Brown that she can sort things out herself. Robin says that she feels anger towards Patrick. Robin admits that she doesn’t feel any emotions when it comes to Emma. Robin confides that she has lost interest in sex and that her and Patrick have become distant.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu tells Luke that he cannot trust Ethan. Lulu is mad that she couldn’t retrieve the petty cash that Ethan stole from Crimson. Luke checks his cash box, which is empty. Lulu says she wants to get back to work, but Luke implies that he check her purse first.

Carly and Jax discuss Michael’s experimental treatment. Carly reminds Jax that when they brought Michael to the Institute, they were told that many things could have gone wrong, but they didn’t. Carly is adamant that the treatment is the way to go.

On the docks, Sonny and Olivia reminisce about old times. Olivia divulges that she backed off when she realized Sonny wanted to be with Kate. Sonny and Olivia discuss how things would have been if they had stayed together. Sonny makes a comment that he could have fathered Olivia’s son. Olivia looks horrified.

Back at the Corinthos home, Jason realizes that Ric is blackmailing Claudia. Jason demands to know what kind of dirt Ric has on Claudia.

At Mercy, Elizabeth shows Patrick the medical files of the female patient. Patrick thinks something is wrong.

Robin confides that she came to the session to please Patrick. Dr. Brown says that she is worried about Robin’s state-of-mind. Robin doesn’t want to take any pills. Dr. Brown gives her a prescription. Robin says that she will be back tomorrow. Robin leaves disappointed.

In his office, Jax tells Carly that the treatment for Michael is risky. Jax says that more tests need to be run to see if the treatment is worth it. Carly wants to go through with the treatment. Carly stresses the point that she has to fight for Michael.

At the Corinthos home, Claudia is evasive and won’t tell Jason the truth about Ric. Sonny walks in. Claudia says that Jason thinks that Ric is blackmailing her. Claudia divulges that it’s true.

At the casino, Ethan tells Luke that he didn’t see anyone near the cash box. Lulu accuses Ethan of taking the money. Lulu is mad that Luke is on Ethan’s side. Luke comments that Ethan and Lulu keep finding reasons to flirt with each other. Lulu leaves to go back to work. Luke tells Ethan that he needs to find the money that was stolen from the cash box.

At Mercy, Patrick talks to the female patient’s husband. Elizabeth says that the man’s wife was in a car accident. The man says that his wife hasn’t been the same since their baby was born. The man wants to go see his wife. Patrick asks Elizabeth to set up an MRI for the patient.

Jason leaves Claudia and Sonny alone to talk in the living room. Claudia says that her and Ric had a sexual relationship once. Claudia remarks that Ric is trying to use Sonny. Sonny laughs and says that he isn’t surprised by Ric’s behavior. Sonny thinks that Ric is obsessed with him. Claudia wants Ric to stay away. Sonny threatens that if Ric harms Claudia, he will take care of Ric. Sonny admits that he appreciates Claudia’s loyalty. Claudia, tears in her eyes, walks out of the room.

Jason shows up at Mercy Hospital. Patrick says that he is concerned about Robin. Jason concurs that he talked with Robin about her post-partum depression. Patrick divulges that he can’t get a hold of Robin.

Robin goes to see Sonny. Sonny asks her how the session went. Robin says that therapy didn’t go well. Robin says that she has a hard time expressing in words how she feels. Sonny reassures Robin that it is going to take time. Robin wants to be proactive in her recovery, but she refuses to take the anti-depressants that Dr. Brown prescribed.

Claudia pays a visit to Michael. Claudia confides that Ric knows about Jerry’s DVD. Claudia realizes that Ric won’t stop until her secret is exposed.

In his office, Jax makes a call to Dr. Henson. Olivia knocks on Jax’s door. Olivia is worried that Jax won’t be able to live with the secret. Jax refuses to tell Carly the truth.

At the hospital, Jason stresses that he hasn’t heard from Robin all day. Patrick wants to know what Robin discussed with Jason. Elizabeth interrupts them. Elizabeth says that the female patient is apparently suffering from post-partum depression.

Back at the Corinthos home, Sonny talks about how important it was for him to get treatment for his bipolar depression. Robin insists that she wants to try alternative treatments for her post-partum depression.

In his office, Jax and Olivia continue to talk about the secret. Jax is resolute that he made the right decision in not telling Carly the truth.

In Michael’s room, Claudia confesses to Michael that she is upset about what happened to him. Claudia mentions something about forgiveness, just as Carly walks in. Carly is shocked to find Claudia there.

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