GH Update Wednesday 4/1/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/1/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Mercy Elizabeth and Robin discuss the move back to General Hospital. Robin says she hasn’t been sleeping and Elizabeth asks if Emma has been keeping her up. Robin defensively asks if everything has to be about her daughter, then apologizes. Patrick reminds Robin about her appointment with Dr. Brown.

Sonny meets Carly at the MetroCourt where she tells him that Michael moved his hand.

In his office Jax tells Olivia to postpone his meetings. Jax says that if Dr. Henson calls to put her through, he’s trying to get her to come take a look at Michael. Olivia asks him if he thinks this will help or if its from his guilt.

Claudia comes downstairs because she hears Ric playing Jerry’s DVD in the living room. Ric tells Claudia he knows she tried to kill him. Ric says he’s going to tell Sonny everything.

Jax tells Olivia that no one needs to know about Jerry and he destroyed the DVD. Jax wants to move Michael to General Hospital because Michael is recovering. He is as hopeful about Michael’s hand movement as Carly is. Jax says he’s the reason Jerry was in town and feels partly responsible for where Michael is right now.

Carly recounts seeing Michael’s hand move and that she wants a second opinion. Sonny doesn’t think it’s fair to cut Patrick out and doesn’t think the odds are with them. Kate overhears and asks if she heard that Michael is waking up.

At Crimson Maxie is on the phone with Clarice and gives Lulu a list of things to do. Johnny enters. Lulu says she has a solution to the PR dating thing as Ethan enters. Lulu says he’s a 41 regular, but Maxie counters that he’s a 41 long. And says Lulu must be out of her mind if she thinks she’s going to take Ethan to a PR event.

Robin says she’s supposed to consult on a case but Patrick says her treatment should be a priority. After accusing Patrick of trying to set her priorities, Robin agrees to go to the appointment. When Patrick offers to drive her she questions if he’s afraid she’ll end up in Rochester. Patrick tries to tell her she’s on her side and she agrees to the ride. He offers lunch also, but then gets called away. He says she’ll go to the session and he says he’ll talk to her consult to get it pushed back a couple hours.

Claudia tells Ric that Sonny won’t be grateful to him if he tells. She tries to play the angle that he won’t have anything left to bargain with the FBI if she dies, but he says he’ll have proof that Sonny killed her. She also says that Johnny will avenge her and go after Ric. Claudia admits to being scared and says she will stick to her end of the deal and get information against Sonny and Jason. Ric leaves.

Jax tells Olivia that Carly won’t give up. Jax will do everything he can to help Carly and doesn’t think she should be bothered with all of this Jerry stuff.

Carly tells Kate this conversation is private but Sonny tells Kate the news about Michael and then leaves. Sonny says he believes in Carly’s instincts and if she believes then he will believe too.

Kate tells Johnny that he has to be seen at these events. Kate calls Ethan a delivery boy and Lulu introduces Ethan to Kate. Kate says no to Ethan replacing Johnny. Maxie says she told her so. Ethan says good bye to the girls and leaves with Johnny. Maxie tells Lulu to get her jealousy under control then realizes that all of their petty cash is gone.

Luke finds Ethan on the Haunted Star counting money and asks where he got it. Luke wants a cut. Ethan asks Luke why Lulu is so cranky, he says it’s because she’s a Spencer and walks into the arms of every bad risk she sees. Ethan thinks that’s promising.

Sonny runs into Robin on the docks and she tells him she’s procrastinating about going to her shrink. She tells him she doesn’t understand what has happened to her and admits to not wanting to touch Emma. She feels like she is actively destroying her life. Sonny says that he didn’t want to get treatment either but he did for his kids.

Jax tells Carly that Dr. Henson has been contacted. Carly has hope that Michael hears every word they are saying and Jax says he hopes he doesn‘t. Carly said it would be good but Jax covers and says it must be hard to hear people you love and not be able to respond. Carly admits that if this doesn’t work she won’t be able to deal. Carly wants to be positive.

Sonny tells Robin that he didn’t know anything was wrong with him all those years and admits to missing the highs but not the crashes. That’s why he stays on his meds and still sees a shrink. Robin says she doesn’t have highs just the same criticisms every day. Robin mad when she finds out Patrick talked to Sonny about her. Sonny tells her that she owes it to Emma to be a good mom and that’s not anyone else’s fault. Sonny says she has to do what her doctor says.

Johnny comes to see Claudia. Johnny says she has to get out but Claudia wants Johnny’s help to get information about Sonny and Jason.

Lulu goes to get the money back from Ethan at the Haunted Star. Ethan says he earned that money for going all the way to the office only to be rejected by Kate. Ethan tells Lulu that Luke has some but Luke is resistant to returning it. Luke says that Lulu assumed the risk by inviting Ethan to Crimson, he says it’s up to her to get it back. She cant’ believe Luke is taking Ethan’s side. Lulu says she’ll call Lucky but Luke says no cops. Ethan says she can win it back. They decide on poker, with or without a twist. Luke leaves and they get ready for their game.

Claudia says it will be easier for Johnny to get closer to Sonny by taking a job. Johnny says it won’t work but Claudia asks for help. Ric enters again and says he now knows that Johnny knows about Michael.

Olivia sees Sonny on the docks. They talk about Sonny and he says when it comes to children he’s a coward. He said he made a lot of mistakes with Michael. He hopes he gets a second chance with Michael.

Robin meets Dr. Brown in her office. She admits that she doesn’t want to be there. When Robin says she wants to sleep the doctor asks if Emma is keeping her up and Robin gets defensive again like she did with Elizabeth before she says Emma is sleeping, she’s perfect. The doctor asks if Robin thinks she has PPD and Robin says everyone tells her she does. She admits to being unhappy because she’s a horrible mother. She admits to almost cheating on Robin.

Patrick asks Elizabeth if she’s heard from Robin. He mentions her one night stand and Elizabeth reminds him that all he saw was a kiss. Elizabeth says that Lucky’s affair was part of his addiction. Patrick says he gave a lot up for this marriage also and now he’s not sure who he’s married to. Patrick says that Robin’s choices still count even though she‘s sick. Elizabeth says maybe Patrick should get some help too. Patrick knows this is hard for Robin.

Robin tells Dr. Brown about her HIV and how she never thought she could have kids. She can’t go to Emma when she cries and feels like she’s losing herself. She says she’s starting to see that she doesn’t want to be a mother at all.

Claudia tells Ric that Johnny didn’t have anything to do with what happened to Michael. Ric tells Johnny that the only way Claudia can save her own life is to do what he wants when he wants it and then gets punched in the face by Johnny.

Olivia says she couldn’t have pictured him as a devoted father back then. Sonny admits that he never thought he’d be good at it but he loves his kids. He says Michael deserved a better father. Olivia begins to say Sonny deserves to know. He asks what she’s talking about.

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