GH Update Tuesday 3/31/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/31/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At their apartment, Lulu tells Maxie and Johnny that Clarice told her they never showed up at the club opening. Maxie says that they were there, it was just really crowded and accuses Lulu of being jealous. Spinelli asks Maxie if she can prove it.

Jason asks Sam over to his penthouse to thank her for helping Spinelli. Jason tells Sam he’s willing to help them start their PI business.

Carly saw Michael move his hand and tells Jax to call a doctor.

At Wyndimere Rebecca wakes up in Nikolas’ arms, thanking him for his support. She kisses him. She pulls away and apologizes for taking advantage of his kindness. She doesn’t want his hospitality if it’s because of her resemblance to Emily. Nikolas assures her he likes her and wants to help her.

On the Haunted Star Ethan meets Alexis and instantly starts charming her. Luke comes in and warns Ethan not to mess with her because she’s the district attorney.

Maxie explains that her and Johnny had to be in the back room because of the crowds. Lulu accuses her of lying but Johnny backs her up. Spinelli believes them.

Jason clearly wants this business to happen. And is more than willing to finance Spinelli’s share. Jason lays down some ground rules: Spinelli is not to touch a gun, Sam shouldn’t lend him her car, she should keep him out of stake-outs, and Spinelli gets sea-sick, pretty much keep him at the computer. Sam promises to help take care of Spinelli.

Patrick comes into Michael’s room. Carly knows she didn’t imagine it and knows this is a sign that Michael is fighting to come back.

Sam asks if Jason wants to supervise the opening of the agency, but he says its not necessary. Jason gets a call from Carly, telling him that Michael’s hand moved. She tried to call Sonny but he’s in a meeting. Jason tells Sam he doesn’t know if this is good news. Patrick tells Carly that there are no changes in Michael‘s tests. The movement was an involuntary spasm, but Carly doesn’t believe it.

Spinelli apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Johnny tells Lulu he wouldn’t be doing any of this if not for the money. He then leaves to go. Spinelli also decides to leave, but not before Maxie tells him she would have had more fun with him. When they both leave Lulu tells Maxie that if she’s moving in on Johnny she should have the guts to say it to her face.

Luke tells Alexis to check her wallet and she finds it missing. Ethan pretends to find it on the floor, but Alexis isn’t buying it. Luke is excited to have found a pupil. Alexis says she’s avoiding having to deal with Nikolas.

Rebecca says she should leave. Nikolas asks to escort her home and she compares him to a 1940’s movie. She accepts his offer.

Patrick tries to explain to Carly that Michael is not recovering. She wants a second opinion. Carly asks Jax if he thinks she’s grasping at straws and he says no. He fully supports her.

Sam asks Jason if he thinks Carly imagined it. Jason says Carly just wants it so badly. Sam reminisces about how much she hated when Carly would barge in and demand his full attention when he was with Sam. But now with the distance between them she thinks its actually nice to have someone like Jason and Carly have each other. Jason wants to believe, especially given his brain condition history.

Luke asks Ethan to return a scarf to Lulu. Alexis tells Luke she’s concerned about Nikolas’ obsession with Rebecca. Luke says he doesn’t trust her, and Alexis thinks it’s odd.

Nikolas tells Rebecca a story about being on a boat. They stand in front of her door and she thanks him for keeping her distracted. Nikolas assures her that he’s there to help her. Rebecca reiterates that he doesn’t need to take care of her, she knows he’s busy. He says he doesn’t mind. When she says she won’t be able to sleep he whips the Aenied by Virgil for her to read to put her to sleep.

Johnny and Spinelli run into each other on the docks. Spinelli knows they were lying and he wants Johnny to know he’s going to fight for Maxie.

Ethan shows up at Lulu’s to find Maxie. Maxie asks if he sees anything he likes, and he says quite a bit. He looks at Maxie admiringly and then Lulu comes in. Lulu takes her scarf and tells Ethan to go, but Maxie wants to know how they know each other. Ethan is glad Lulu has been talking about him and Ethan offers to show Maxie how to pick pockets. Maxie accuses Lulu of being hot for Ethan.

Johnny admits that he likes Maxie but he’s not interested in her. Spinelli wants to fight it out. Spinelli says it’s not fair for Johnny to say he loves Lulu while toying with Maxie. Johnny agrees that it’s unfair.

Alexis is waiting for Nikolas at Wyndimere. Nikolas tells her she doesn’t need to worry. Alexis reminds him of their family history of craziness and imprisoning women. Nikolas assures her he’s far from that and tells her about Rebecca’s possible breast cancer.

Jax watches Jerry’s DVD again.

Carly goes to Jason and tells him what Patrick said but accuses Patrick of being too wrapped up with Robin to know. Jason wonders if she fired Patrick because of what’s going on in his personal life or because he didn’t say what she wanted. Carly thinks Patrick is invested in being right since he said Michael would never wake up. She tells him that they are calling a specialist. Jason questions Carly’s decision.

Lulu says she has no interest in Ethan. Maxie thinks she left her scarf on purpose and will keep her crush a secret. Maxie calls Lulu insecure and Lulu accuses Maxie of throwing herself at Johnny. Maxie calls Johnny because she’s worried about Spinelli. Johnny assures her that everything is ok and Spinelli doesn’t know. Lulu overhears Maxie say, “Lulu will never find out what really happened.”

Jason says he wants to believe but he doesn’t know. He doesn’t think she’s making it up but it might not mean what she thinks it does. Maybe this can’t be fixed. Carly says she can believe enough for the both of them. She wants to give everything she has, she wants to be the best mom she can be.

Jax continues watching the DVD. Jax breaks the DVD in half.

Alexis questions this unique coincidence of Rebecca’s condition. Alexis questions his motives, and Nikolas defends his actions.

Rebecca receives a phone call. She tells the person, “I don’t think I can go through with this after all.”

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