GH Update Monday 3/30/09

General Hospital Update Monday 3/30/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Mercy Hospital, Nikolas asks Rebecca what the doctor said about her test results.

Jason returns home to find Spinelli moaning and groaning on the living room couch. Jason wants to know what is wrong with Spinelli. Spinelli explains that he wants Maxie to think he is sick. Maxie walks into the penthouse and appears to be mad at Spinelli.

Carly is surprised to find Jax visiting Michael.

Sonny knocks on Claudia’s bedroom door. Claudia rolls Ric onto the floor and covers his body with her comforter. She hides Ric’s clothes and shoes. Claudia opens the door. Sonny wants to know what Claudia is hiding.

Back at the hospital, Rebecca explains that she will be coming in for a biopsy in two weeks. Nikolas questions why Rebecca has to wait that long.

At their apartment, Johnny and Lulu discuss their relationship. Lulu insists that she doesn’t want to change Johnny. Lulu admits that all she wants is honesty from him.

At Jason’s penthouse, Maxie is disappointed that Spinelli would fake an illness so she wouldn’t have to attend an event with Johnny. Maxie stresses the point that Spinelli shouldn’t be jealous. Maxie says that she will call Spinelli later to say that she is alright. Maxie leaves. Jason pipes in that Maxie is playing Spinelli.

In Michael’s room, Carly and Jax talk about their future. Jax feels bad about what happened to Michael.

Sonny sits on Claudia’s bed. Claudia looks horrified. Claudia says that she is going to get dressed. Sonny approaches the liquor flasks and starts to pour himself a drink. Claudia appears worried.

Johnny and Lulu continue to talk at the apartment. Johnny says that he needs to help Claudia. Lulu insists that Johnny tell her what secret he is keeping for Claudia. Maxie returns home. Maxie says that her and Johnny have to get going to attend the event. Lulu gets defensive. Finally, Lulu tells Johnny and Maxie that they should leave.

Claudia tells Sonny that she doesn’t want him in her bedroom with her bed unmade and dirty glasses sitting out. Claudia manages to steer Sonny out of her room. Claudia calls Johnny on his cell. Claudia begs Johnny for his help.

Back in Michael’s room, Jax discloses that Jerry is alive, but his brother is dead to him. Carly thinks that Jax is being too harsh.

Nikolas talks to Rebecca’s doctor and asks for the biopsy to be performed immediately. The doctor says that Nikolas can’t buy his way through this. Nikolas says that Rebecca is already thinking the worst. The doctor is unable to calm Rebecca’s fears. The doctor relents and says that he will try to get an earlier appointment for the biopsy. Rebecca is thankful for Nikolas’ support.

Maxie and Johnny arrive at the Corinthos home. Claudia hurries them in. Claudia explains that Ric passed out after they had sex. Claudia wants Johnny to bring Ric to the hospital.

Claudia walks into the living room, where Sonny is pouring a drink. Sonny questions Claudia as to why it took her so long to get downstairs.

Johnny and Maxie bring Ric out of Claudia’s bedroom. Maxie won’t keep her mouth shut. Johnny tells her to be quiet.

At the hospital, Rebecca divulges that she is worried about the biopsy. Nikolas says that he is there for her without an ulterior motive. Nikolas asks Rebecca to come back to Wyndemere with him.

In the living room, Claudia turns on some music. Claudia tries to seduce Sonny. Sonny pushes her away and asks what Claudia is trying to hide. Claudia wants to change the subject.

Spinelli pays a visit to Lulu. Spinelli confides that he is worried about Maxie and Johnny going out. Lulu reminds him that Maxie and Johnny are only pretending to be a couple. Lulu adds that Johnny is only doing this to make some money. Lulu gets a call from Clarice. Clarice is frantic and wants to know why Maxie and Johnny haven’t shown up for the event.

Maxie, Johnny, and Ric are on their way to the hospital. Maxie thinks that this is all a bad idea. Johnny implies that he is hiding a terrible secret from Lulu. Maxie agrees to help Johnny with the Ric situation.

Claudia unbuttons Sonny’s shirt. Sonny thinks that Claudia is being evasive. Sonny wants to know what happened last night. Claudia reminds Sonny that she will do anything to make their marriage work. As Sonny and Claudia kiss, Jason walks in.

Nikolas and Rebecca return to Wyndemere. Rebecca comments that the atmosphere is still dreary. Nikolas gives Rebecca a cup of tea and puts a blanket around her. Nikolas admits that he wants to help Rebecca, but it is hard for him to disassociate her health scare from Emily’s.

Carly and Jax return to Michael’s room after a dinner reservation. Carly talks to Michael for a while. Carly realizes that Michael’s condition is probably never going to change.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia realizes that Jason is watching her and Sonny. Claudia leaves the two of them to talk about business. Sonny turns off the music. Jason updates Sonny about wearing the wire for Agent Rayner. Sonny is concerned about Jason’s loyalty. Jason reassures Sonny that he would never rat him out. Jason admits that wearing a wire was just a diversion until the evidence against Spinelli could be destroyed. Jason adds that the evidence is gone. Sonny thinks that Spinelli isn’t trustworthy. Jason says that he will keep an eye on Spinelli.

Maxie and Johnny carry Ric into Mercy Hospital. Maxie yells out that her and Johnny found Ric. Maxie and Johnny quickly run away from the hospital.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas confesses that he wants to help Rebecca in any way he can. Nikolas realizes that Rebecca isn’t Emily. Rebecca asks Nikolas to put his arms around her.

Maxie and Johnny return home. Maxie makes up a story about the event. Lulu admits that she knows that Maxie and Johnny never showed up at the event.

At Mercy, Ric wakes up in his hospital room. Claudia is by his side. Ric wants to know what happened. Claudia admits that Ric passed out after they had sex. Claudia adds that Sonny doesn’t know anything about it.

Back at the Corinthos home, Sonny tells Jason that he isn’t going to kick Claudia to the curb. Sonny realizes that he will never live a happy life again. Jason thinks that Sonny is staying with Claudia because of what happened to Michael. Sonny says that he and Kate never stood a chance. Sonny blames himself for Michael’s shooting. Sonny says that he will never get over what happened to Michael. Sonny says that he is going to find out who was behind Michael’s shooting. Sonny asks for Jason’s help.

Carly and Jax are talking in Michael’s room. Carly senses that Jax wants to confess something, but Jax changes the subject. Carly says goodnight to Michael. They leave. Carly realizes that she left the light on. Carly returns to the room and sees Michael moving his fingers.

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