GH Update Friday 3/27/09

General Hospital Update Friday 3/27/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Mercy Hospital, Nikolas asks the radiologist if Rebecca needs to be concerned. The radiologist insists that they wait for the test results before jumping to conclusions.

In Jax’s office, Carly notices that there is a picture of Jerry on Jax’s laptop. Carly comments on the picture. Jax appears guilty of something.

At home, Claudia makes a phone call. Claudia asks someone about the right dose to take for a sleeping pill. Claudia pours out a few pills into her hand.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Ric discuss business until Jason interrupts. Sonny says that Jason can speak freely in front of Ric. Jason is shocked. Sonny discloses that Ric saved his life today.

At the Drake house, Robin is infuriated that Patrick discussed their problems with Carly. Patrick says that Robin shouldn’t have run away to Rochester. Robin admits that she feels betrayed. Patrick insists that Carly wants to help Robin, but Robin doesn’t believe it. Patrick gets angry and says that Robin put him through hell.

At the hospital, Rebecca explains to Nikolas that she found a lump in her breast. Nikolas tries to reassure her that everything will be okay. Rebecca asks Nikolas to wait while she has the ultrasound.

Back at the Corinthos home, Jason suggests that Ric can’t be trusted. Sonny explains that Ric has been looking out for him lately. Ric leaves. Jason asks Sonny if he is going to trust Ric.

In her bedroom, Claudia puts the contents of the sleeping pills into a liquor flask.

In Jax’s office, Olivia announces that she is going to leave Carly and Jax alone to talk. Jax admits that Jerry sent an e-mail. Jax says that Jerry wanted him to know that he’s alive. Carly questions why Jerry would go to such lengths to let Jax know this. Jax tries to change the subject. Jax says that Carly was right about his brother, that he is a psychopath. Carly remarks that it’s a good thing that Jerry is alive. Jax says that all he cares about is that he and Carly are back together.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny insists that he is keeping an eye on Ric. Sonny thinks that Ric is going to take him down, so Sonny wants to be prepared from the beginning. Jason is worried that Sonny’s mind is elsewhere. Jason thinks that Ric will try to take advantage of Sonny. Sonny reassures Jason that he can take care of himself. Jason leaves. Claudia appears. Claudia suggests that they get rid of Ric. Sonny says that Ric won’t go away willingly.

At the hospital, Rebecca prepares to go in for her ultrasound. Rebecca looks worried. Nikolas is waiting in the lobby.

Back at the Drake home, Robin and Patrick continue to argue. Robin is mad that Patrick is sharing their problems with everyone. Patrick brings up that Carly would be able to shed some light on post-partum depression. Robin walks out on Patrick.

Back at Mercy, Monica runs into Nikolas. Nikolas explains that he is waiting for Rebecca. Nikolas fills Monica in on what’s going on with Rebecca. Nikolas wonders if Rebecca is Emily’s sister.

The radiologist does an ultrasound on Rebecca. Rebecca thinks that there is something wrong. The radiologist won’t comment.

Sonny shows up at the Drake home. Sonny wants to speak to Patrick about Michael. Patrick says that Michael’s condition hasn’t changed. Patrick admits that Robin has post-partum depression.

On the docks, Robin drops her purse and the contents fall out. Jason shows up and asks Robin if she is okay. Robin divulges that she is a failure as a mother and a wife. Robin questions why everything in her life is falling apart.

Claudia is sitting in the Corinthos living room when Ric appears. Ric asks Claudia why she called him to the house. Claudia says that she doesn’t have any info on Sonny. Ric tells Claudia that she needs to relax. Claudia looks uncomfortable. Ric suggests that he and Claudia sleep together. Claudia quickly agrees. As they walk up the staircase, Claudia is smiling, unbeknownst to Ric.

Back at Mercy, Monica talks about Paige, Emily’s birth mother. Monica says that Paige trusted her and Alan to raise Emily. Nikolas confides that he is worried about Rebecca.

Rebecca asks the radiologist for the test results, but he refuses.

Back on the docks, Robin admits that her life-long personality traits mirror those of post-partum depression symptoms. Jason says that Robin needs to be more sympathetic towards Patrick. Robin discloses that Patrick has been blabbing to everyone about her post-partum depression.

In the Drake living room, Patrick tells Sonny about Robin’s time in Rochester. Patrick adds that Robin finally admitted that she needed help. Sonny says that Robin is doing the right thing by admitting she has a problem. Patrick says that he confided in Carly about the situation. Patrick tells Sonny that Robin felt betrayed.

In her bedroom, Claudia pours a drink. Ric admits he wants everything Sonny has. Ric demands that Claudia pour a drink for him. Claudia hands him the drink. Ric orders Claudia to take her clothes off.

Jason and Robin continue to talk on the docks. Jason brings up Carly’s struggle with post-partum depression. Jason admits that there wasn’t much he could do to help Carly, other than be a supportive friend. Robin comments that she wishes Patrick were more like Jason. Jason tells Robin that she needs to give Patrick some credit for sticking by her.

In the Drake living room, Sonny remarks that Robin feels like her life is unstable. Sonny adds that Robin feels like her life is falling apart. Sonny tells Patrick that he needs to spend more time with Emma right now. Sonny comments that Patrick needs to find extra time to spend with Robin, too.

After having sex, Claudia can’t wait to get away from Ric. Ric continues to drink his liquor. Claudia gets dressed.

At Mercy, Rebecca tells Nikolas that she thinks that there is something wrong with her.

Patrick finds Robin on the docks. Robin doesn’t want to argue anymore. Robin remarks that she ran into Jason and was able to vent for a while. Patrick says that Robin should be confiding in him, her husband. Patrick admits that he knows more than what Robin has told him.

Jax pays a visit to Michael. Jax confesses that he knows the truth about Michael’s shooting. Jax says that he should tell Carly the truth. Jax admits that telling the truth would cost him his marriage to Carly, however. Carly opens the door to Michael’s room and is shocked to find Jax there.

Ric falls asleep in Claudia’s bed. Claudia wants to know where Ric put Jerry’s DVD. Suddenly, there is a knock on her door. It’s Sonny.

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