GH Update Thursday 3/26/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/26/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Drake home, Elizabeth tells Patrick that he needs to be supportive of Robin. Patrick is frustrated with the situation. As they are discussing what needs to be done, Robin walks through the front door, surprised to see Elizabeth.

Over at Mercy Hospital, a nurse tells Rebecca that she is ready to take her to her mammogram. Nikolas is eavesdropping.

At the Metro Court, Olivia asks Jax if he received the package. Jax says that a DVD was inside the package. Carly pipes in that she never got a chance to watch it.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia and Ric are talking about Jerry’s DVD when Sonny walks in. Claudia looks guilty.

Luke brings Ethan to the Quartermaine mansion. Ethan looks around in awe. Luke explains that they will distract Edward to obtain his phone. Edward walks in and asks why Ethan is there. Ethan works his charm. Ethan says that he wants Edward’s input on different liquors that Luke wants to provide at the Haunted Star. Before Luke can pocket the phone, Tracy walks in.

Nikolas asks a doctor for info on Rebecca, but the doctor refuses to say anything about Rebecca’s private medical files.

At the Drake home, Elizabeth gives Robin a hug. Robin wants to talk to Patrick, but Patrick hurries out in a rush. Robin sighs and says that she doesn’t know how to solve her problem.

Sonny is annoyed that Ric keeps showing up at his home. Ric says that he knows Claudia’s secret. Claudia waits for Ric to spill the beans about Michael. Instead, Ric says that Claudia took a bunch of money from Anthony.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is pleased to see Ethan. Edward continues to sample different liquors. Tracy and Ethan try to cause a diversion.

In the Drake living room, Robin asks Elizabeth how Emma is doing. Elizabeth explains that she put her down for a nap. Robin thinks that Elizabeth is a great mother. Elizabeth comments that Robin shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Elizabeth asks Robin if she is going to see a doctor about her post-partum depression.

Patrick shows up at the Metro Court. Patrick tells Carly that he needs some advice about post-partum depression. Patrick admits that Robin is suffering from it. Carly feels sorry for Robin. Patrick inquires about when Carly first realized she had post-partum depression. Carly explains that Michael had problems with his heart when he was born. Patrick asks how Carly recovered from her condition.

Back at Sonny’s home, Ric warns Sonny that Claudia will betray him sooner or later. Sonny doesn’t understand why Ric is on a mission to bad-mouth Claudia. Nevertheless, Sonny says he appreciates Ric’s warnings. Ric leaves the room. Claudia apologizes for not telling Sonny that she took money from Anthony. Claudia explains that she didn’t want to end up broke. Sonny appears to believe Claudia. They hug. Sonny makes a phone call to Bernie. Sonny tells him that he wants to speak to Johnny Zacchara. Claudia looks puzzled.

Over at the hotel lobby, Carly and Patrick talk about her past issue with post-partum depression. Carly divulges that she was able to get help because of Jason. Carly says that Jason was very supportive and gave her the time to heal. Carly reminds Patrick that he needs to be more compassionate towards Robin. Patrick says that he is worried about how this will affect Emma.

Claudia finds Ric in her bedroom. Claudia warns that Ric better stay away from Johnny. Ric brings up that Johnny could be a bargaining chip. Ric says that Claudia has to bring him information on Sonny or he’ll tell Sonny the truth.

Jax is watching Jerry’s DVD in his office. Olivia walks in without knocking. Olivia hears Jerry talking on the DVD. Jax quickly turns it off.

Nikolas runs into Lucky at Mercy. Nikolas thinks that Rebecca might be related to Emily. Rebecca walks into the lobby, surprised to see Lucky. Lucky’s pager beeps, so he has to leave. Nikolas tells Rebecca that he wants to talk. Rebecca says that she is scared about her test results. A technician comes out and says that Rebecca needs more pictures taken.

Jax asks Olivia how much she heard. Olivia maintains that she won’t say anything about the DVD. Jax asks Olivia for her opinion on the matter. Olivia is adamant that she will keep the DVD a secret. Jax says that he didn’t know that Jerry was behind Michael’s shooting until now. Jax fills Olivia in on the DVD’s contents. Olivia is upset. Olivia is resolute that Jax needs to get rid of the DVD right away.

Back in Claudia’s bedroom, Claudia tells Ric that he cannot trust Agent Rayner. Claudia remarks that they will all crash and burn once Ric starts talking. Claudia finally agrees to be compliant to Ric’s demands. Ric kisses Claudia. Claudia pulls back. Ric leaves the bedroom. Claudia makes a call to a doctor, asking for a prescription for sleeping pills.

Back at the Quartermaine house, Luke argues with Tracy. Luke wants to know why Tracy isn’t going along with the plan. Edward realizes that his phone is missing. Tracy says that they will look for it. Tracy asks Luke if he has seen it. Luke finds the phone and hands it to Edward. Edward leaves the room. Luke tells Tracy that he still plans on getting the phone away from Edward. Tracy orders Luke and Ethan to leave.

At the Drake home, Elizabeth stresses that Robin needs help. Patrick returns and Elizabeth leaves. Robin admits that she messed up and feels sorry for what she’s done. Robin maintains that she is going to get help. Patrick says that they need to have a heart-to-heart chat. Patrick adds that he loves her and will support her through this.

Ric and Sonny discuss business in the Corinthos living room. Sonny is growing suspicious of Ric.

Nikolas continues to wait for Rebecca in the hospital lobby. Rebecca tells Nikolas that he doesn’t have to wait around for her test results. Nikolas offers to stay. Rebecca thanks him for the support. The radiologist says that he found something on Rebecca’s x-ray.

At home, Patrick reassures Robin that they will work things out. There is a knock on the door. Mercedes says that Carly sent her over. Robin is irate that Patrick consulted with Carly about her post-partum depression issue.

Claudia interrupts Ric and Sonny’s conversation. Claudia apologizes for intruding and suddenly leaves the room. Sonny says that if Ric proves trust-worthy, he will reward him in some way.

In another room, Claudia makes a call to someone. Over the phone, she says that she plans on taking care of the problem. Claudia is holding a bottle of sleeping pills.

In his office, Jax is unsure if he should tell Carly the truth about Jerry. Olivia says that Jax should keep his mouth shut. Suddenly, Carly walks in.

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